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Cheeky Latin Love And Dating Phrases.


Here is a collection of the most cheeky, flirty and cute romantic Latin phrases you'll find on the web. A page of romantic Latin love and dating words and phrases translated into English.

If you're dating, flirting with or falling in love with a Latino, this page will help you write and speak loving and cheeky Latin phrases.

Romantic And Cheeky Latin Phrases

English To Latin Translations:

  • I love you! - Te amō!
  • Love conquers all - Amor vincit omnia
  • From the heart - ex animo
  • Nice to meet you! - Suāve tē cognōscere est!
  • Hello - Salve
  • What's your name? - Quid est teum nōmen?
  • My name is ... - Meum nōmen ... est.
  • Where are you from? - Quid dēfluis?
  • You're welcome! - Salūtātiō!
  • I'm fine,thanks! - Valeō!
  • I'm outta here! - Absum!
  • Farewell forever - Aeternum vale
  • Love is blind - Amor caecus est
  • Give me a thousand kisses - da mi basia mille
  • Make my day - Fabricati diem
  • Get a life - Fac ut vivas
  • Hand in hand - Manus in mano
  • Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love - Omnia vincit amor; et nos cedamus amori
  • What a bimbo! - Qualem muleirculam!
  • What's New? - Quid Novi
  • If you wish to be loved, love - Si vis amari, ama
  • To be loved, love! - Ut ameris, ama!
  • I hope we'll still be friends - Spero nos familiares mansuros
  • Love conquers all - Vincit omnia amor
  • How are you? - Quid agis?
  • Sorry - Mē miseret!
  • Thank you - Gratias
  • You're welcome! - Salūtātiō!
  • Goodbye! - Valē!
  • I Don't Know! - Ignōrō!
  • I Don't Understand - Nōn intellegō
  • Have a nice day - Habetis bona deum
  • Time heals all things - Haec olim meminisse ivvabit

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