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Latest Pentagon Report on China's Plans for People Liberation Army and World Domination, Implications for India

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China is a matter of big concern for the United States. Much of the problem is an American creation as almost 6 decades back America missed the bus when it failed to stop the nuclearisation of China when President Johnson was at the helm. To make matters worse the Americans pumped in billions of dollars of investment and technology in the hope that it will benefit America. For decades the Americans only viewed Russia as a danger and somehow had reached a conclusion that China would be grateful to America with the billions of dollars and technology pumped in and share the world stage.

These rosy aspirations about China have been dashed as China has made it clear that it will not be the second power but surpass the United States in all fields; not only that, it would like to strategically dominate the world and replace the Dollar with the Yuan as the world currency.

Now the Americans are having no illusions about China. Section 1202 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000, Public Law 106-65, as amended, provides that the Secretary of Defense shall submit a report “in both classified and unclassified form, on military and security developments involving the People’s Republic of China.

This report is now out last Tuesday. It is a 192-page booklet with a wealth of details and gives an interesting insight into the military strategy of China and how they attempt to dominate the world. It is a clinical presentation but very realistic and one can conclude that the United States is not going to have it easy against China. On the contrary, the United States is on the back foot and there is no way they can control China without India. Therefore India becomes the pivot around which America can face China.

The Pentagon report states that the Chinese plan to dominate the world completely by 2049. Why 2049? this is because by then China would've completed 100 years of communist rule. The Chinese plan by then to replace the dollar with the Yuan and form a system of alliances against America and have a settlement with India and break the Indian strategic partnership with the USA; reduce Japan to impotence and occupy Taiwan. The Chinese have written off the EU powers as of no consequence.


American assessment

The American assessment is based on the fact that after Mao Tse Tung, president Xi Jinping is now omnipotent in China. He is the chief of the communist party, as well as the president of the Chinese state. In addition, he is the chairman of the Central Military Commission. He thus holds three pivotal positions in the Chinese power structure like Joseph Stalin in Russia. He has also been anointed as president in practical terms for life and the Americans will not be rid of this ambitious man.

In the Chinese power structure, the Central Military Commission has the most important role. President Xi is not only the chairman of this commission but also the only civilian member. In effect, this makes the Chinese military, a tool of the communist party. The repercussions of this are ominous and no dissent, even a whiff of it is tolerated. It does not matter how important the man or woman may be. We have just seen the disappearance of the famous tennis star Peng Shuai after she accused a senior communist member of the politburo off sexually abusing her. Jack Maw the topmost corporate face of China has not been heard off for many weeks after he had the temerity to criticize the Chinese banking system. This is just an example and thousands of dissenters have either been killed, not heard of, or even executed. China is the deep state which was picturized by George Orwell in his novel.

The Chinese are now going into hi -Tech warfare that centers around artificial intelligence. They are also feverishly building up their capability both on the Land and Sea. At the moment the Chinese have the biggest Navy in the world in terms of the number of ships and dominate the eastern Pacific. They have the technical capability to hit the American aircraft carriers as well as the command centers of the Taiwan armed forces. In his recent virtual meeting with President Xi, US president Biden was aware of the American weakness and agreed to most of the Chinese terms to avoid a conflagration in the Pacific. He accepted the one-China policy and promised not to encourage any demand by Taiwan for independence. President Xi also wanted America to lay off Tibet which they consider their backyard and are extremely worried about it.

The key takeaways of the American report are

► missile programs that are comparable to international top-tier producers; perfecting missile technology along with artificial intelligence to pinpoint American targets.

► China is the world's top ship-producing nation and has the capability to produce advanced warships as well as shipboard weapons and electronic systems, Also constructing at least 12 carriers to match the American fleet and even outpace it.

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► In 2020, they tested a missile with a hypersonic glide capability and advanced its development of hypersonic cruise missiles.

Men who matter in China

Men who matter in China

A critique

Before the virtual meeting between Joe Biden and President Xi, it is worth noting that at least on half a dozen occasions the Americans had requested a meeting of the American secretary of defense with the counterpart in China. This was cold-shouldered by the Chinese. This itself is a sign of American weakness and the recent virtual meeting has confirmed it, as Biden agreed to most of the things which China demanded.

The Chinese lay great stress on the belt and road connectivity scheme in which they have pumped in billions of dollars. This is the vehicle that the Chinese feel will propel China as the number one economic power in the world. The stark fact is that the Americans do not have any comparable scheme of economic connectivity.

The fly in the ointment is India which is opposing this belt and road scheme because it passes through territory which is claimed by India. China has also opposed the strategic partnership between USA and India because even the Central Military Commission knows that fighting India on the northern border and at the same time trying to invade Taiwan and dominate the eastern Pacific is not going to work out. China is keeping the northern border alive with India to pressurize the Indian leadership to accommodate China and forget about the alliance with the USA.

The problem however is not so simple because Jawaharlal Nehru in his 'discovery of India' has written that a strong China is always an expansionist China. To make matters worse the Chinese have passed a law that states that all areas of China that at one time historically were part of China must be handed back to the Peoples Republic. The Chinese empire at one stage had parts of Russian Siberia, Mongolia, Central Asia, as well areas claimed by India which they inherited from the British rule. There is no meeting ground and almost 400,000 troops from both sides are now facing each other on the Himalayan mountains.

Joe Biden will be gone in another two years' time and hopefully, a stronger man will emerge but the Pentagon is very clear that China has to be faced. They are following the policy laid down by John Foster Dulles of the 50s. Dulles had formulated a policy in which Russia was to be contained by layers of offensive and defensive rings.

The Pentagon is thinking on the lines of John Foster Dallas and containing China with layers of rings. The first ring is the nuclear submarines pact with Australia and the UK, the second ring with Japan and other Southeast Asian Powers and the American seventh fleet and a pivotal ring to be made with the QUAD the alliance between the United States, India, Australia, and Japan. The Americans hope they will be able to counter China with this like they countered the Soviet Union.

The only silver lining to the cloud is that totalitarian states whether Stalin or Hitler or Mussolini all collapsed in the end and there is, in my opinion, no specific reason why the Chinese totalitarian state will survive. The Chinese have an Achilles' heel in Tibet and Sinkiang and that must be exploited.

Last word

There is however another example from history and that is the battle between Sparta and Athens. Sparta was the military citadel while Athens was the center of art and culture. What happened? Athens was forced to surrender, and Sparta won the Peloponnesian War in 404 BC. What if China wins?

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