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LandLocked Countries

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The easy summary of this article is that I am going to tell my audience about landlock countries and their advantages and disadvantages



As you read in the previous capsule that a country does not have a sea touching its borders is called a landlocked state

For example:

Afghanistan, Ethopia

Advantages for a landlocked state

  1. There is not a single possibility for a sea invasion
  2. The landlocked country is completely safe from the bad weather effects caused by seas
  3. The landlocked country does not need to spend their money on their navy because they are landlocked and they dont have a navy
  4. As a you read that a landlocked state does not have a navy force so it is easier for the state to monitor all of their borders

Disadvantages for a landlocked State

A landlocked country has some advantages but on the other side they have to face some huge disadvantages

  1. They have to spend their huge amount of money for trading because they can't trade by the sea so it is compulsory for them to Import and export by air
  2. People living in the landlocked country have to spend a lot of money for moving from one country to another because there is no possibility to travel by sea.
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List of the most populated landlocked countries

In this globe there are more than 150 countries and some of these are landlocked. Almost 49 countries are landlocked and the list of most populated landlocked countries are as under

Ethopia :

Ethiopia is the most populated landlocked country in this world which consists of more than 100 million people

Uganda :

It is the second most populated landlocked country and its population is more than 40 million


Afghanistan takes the third position for being the third most populated landlocked country and it consists of 33 million people



Huzaifa (author) from Pakistan on September 07, 2021:

I hope you learned something by my article

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