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Land of the Free - Betrayed From Within During Great War and Ww2 by American Nazi Traitors

A retired pharmaceutical and industrial chemist, author and historian specialising in military events.

Nazi poster - The New Europe cannot be defeated.” The rest of the text explains that the plans of British plutocrats and their American allies, as well as the Jews behind them, have failed.

Nazi poster - The New Europe cannot be defeated.” The rest of the text explains that the plans of British plutocrats and their American allies, as well as the Jews behind them, have failed.

Book The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower

Book The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower

Book Nazi Hydra in America

Book Nazi Hydra in America

The vast majority of honest Americans had and have absolutely no idea of the duplicitous, conniving and treasonous betrayal by many politicians, captains of industry and members of the legal profession, during WW1/2 and later.

In these days of “new-speak”, I make no apology for attempting to rectify the attempts of America, Japan, Russia and the UK to re-write history. Suppression of information, censorship and propaganda in war is one thing, but later cynical whitewashing of treason and atrocities is not acceptable civilised behaviour.

I will however, warn those of delicate sensibilities that any additional research you may make of Japanese-Units 731, 100 and 516 will contain descriptions of such unspeakable cruelty you may find it disturbing.

German influence and disruption in America became apparent during WW1 when its dependence on Chile for the supply of nitrates (used in TNT, picric acid and other explosives) was at risk from German submarine attacks but also many of the Chilean companies were under German control. Germany itself did not need Chilean nitrates as they had perfected the Haber process, which allowed then to extract nitrates from atmospheric nitrogen. In 1916 Congress appropriated money to build 4 large synthetic nitrate plants based on the 250 patents for production (all German owned). All of the plants were useless as the Germans suppressed details of the composition and preparation of the catalyst. Similar disruption was caused in WW2 with regard to synthetic rubber. The activities extended to the very top of American industry, for instance – Dr Hugo Schweitzer was an American citizen and the head of the Bayer Corporation. Clandestinely, he was also head of German espionage in America and was known in Berlin by the numerical code of 963,192,637. Although he was interned after America’s entry into the war in 1942, he conducted a very effective espionage campaign up until then.

The lawyer, John Foster Dulles, having conducted a campaign to protect German interests during and following WW1, was instrumental in the German bribery of the corrupt Harding administration’s crooked Attorney General, Harry Daughery. In the lead-up to WW2, Dulles and his brother helped conceal Nazi ownership and involvement of American companies from the US Government. Also in Harding’s administration was Andrew Mellon and prior to becoming Secretary of the Treasury, he had a controlling interest in Alcoa and cartel agreements with I.G. Farben. In addition to Mellon and Daughery there were many more that became Nazi sympathisers. Mellon’s influence continued throughout the Coolidge administration and most of Hoover. During the years leading up to WW2, Dulles arranged huge loans to Krupps and became a director of Consolidated Silesian Steel Company, together with his friend Schacht, the Nazi economic minister. One of most significant acts of treachery was Dulles successful action to cripple America’s war effort by denying them the ability to build efficient diesel engines. Despite the American Government knowing of Dulles involvement in the manipulation of American Bosch (diesel engine manufacturers) by German influences, he nevertheless continued in various administrations, becoming Secretary of State in Eisenhower’s.

What should be understood is that John Foster Dulles, a Nazi activist, American traitor, had effectively selected the President of the United States and appointed himself Secretary of State !

The legal firm of Sullivan and Cromwell had established itself back at the turn of the century as the lawyers to the crooks. Their involvement with the Nazis was legion and by 1954 the Eisenhower administration was packed with Sullivan and Cromwell employees. Using their legal expertise, Dulles supported Everett Dirksen in the return of all property held by the Alien Property Custodian to its previous owners, despite outstanding war reparations. Following WW2, John Foster Dulles had risen to become a director of I.G. Farben and his brother became head of the CIA and continued the cover-up of American Corporations involvement with the Nazis and helped many Nazi war criminals escape justice.

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Over 300 American companies were illegally arming the Nazis, many after America’s entry into the European theatre. These included:

Standard Oil of New Jersey

General Electric

IBM (supplied Hollerith machines to locate Jewish victims for the concentration camps. All machines serviced by Dehomag representatives at the camps with IBM New York office appraisal.)

Ford (Henry Ford published an anti-Semitic newspaper and financially supported Hitler in the early days of the Nazi party.)

DuPont (Owned ammunition maker Remington – deliberately supplied British ammunition orders with inferior cartridges)

Many of these companies took extraordinary steps to conceal their involvement with the Nazis, and as willing accomplices should have suffered the same fate as other traitors, however none were ever charged.

Whilst I accept the vast majority of the American people know nothing of this and, indeed, much of the American Government was unaware of the extent of the corruption, events that followed the war reflect disgrace on those, in power, who were responsible.

We are all aware of the Nazi Holocaust, but few know of the vile, live, human vivisection carried out at units 731 and 100 by the Japanese, using Chinese, Koreans, Russians and American and Allied POWs. Also the live chemical warfare trials carried out using similar victims in unit 516. I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say it sickened even hardened Nazi observers, who refused further involvement. The disgusting thing was that all Japanese doctors and “technicians” were given immunity by the American Government in return for details of their “findings”. Indeed many of these barbarous monsters rose to become highly respected members of Japanese medical society.

How many American and Allied ex – soldiers will feel the same way about some of their countrymen after understanding their treachery.

War of Independance won with the help of Europe

Just how close did New York come to the Nazis dropping a nuclear bomb ?

American companies that supplied Nazi Germany

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Peter Geekie (author) from Sittingbourne on April 28, 2012:

Dear Aethelthryth,

I have written a long investigation into units 100, 516 and 731 but on reflection I have decided to keep it on my files for reference only as it describes such horrific acts of unspeakable cruelty and inhumanity that I don't consider it to be suitable for publication. You can if you wish get a feel just by putting the unit name and number into a search engine - but be warned !

Tammy from North Carolina on April 27, 2012:

It is always disheartening to learn about the true accounts of history that can't be found in textbooks. This is a very eye opening account. It saddens me to think that the United States funded the Nazis and may have been a contributer to the Holocaust. Important things to know.

aethelthryth from American Southwest on April 26, 2012:

Would like to know more about the 731 and other stuff, though I could see how it might be difficult to make a HubPage about. I just recently heard of them while doing research for a book about an Iwo Jima veteran I know, as I was trying to understand his statement that they had to win WWII because of the terrible things going on around the world.

ahorseback on April 26, 2012:

This is interesting stuff my friend , and as in all wars , the joined circles between profiteers , politicians and perpetrators like hitler and his goons are always somewhat related. Civil wars , world wars , caretbaggers and carrer politicians . Where does it end . And yet my father a simple patriot vet , died knowing he did the "right" thing!.....and didn't he ?....Voted up.

Theresa Ast from Atlanta, Georgia on April 26, 2012:

Good Hub, fascinating details about politics, business and World Wars I and II. I especially appreciate your list of involved corporations - not too many Americans seem to know much about that. You write very well.

May I suggest you add a short list of reference works to the bottom of your articles, so that those of us who would like to read more would know which resources to pursue. Thank you. Welcome to HubPages and SHARING with followers. :)

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