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Laboratory Equipment and Their Functions

Muhammad kyari aji he is a chemist who obtained his bs.c in chemistry from University of maiduguri.


Equipment and their Functions

  • Balance: Used for obtaining the masses of solid and liquid samples.
  • Beaker: A flat-bottomed, cylindrical piece of glassware used for mixing and heating compounds.
A beaker

A beaker

  • Bunsen burner: Attached to a gas line and lit to provide heat for your experiments.
Bunsen burner

Bunsen burner

  • Burette: An extremely accurate device with a stopcock at the bottom used to measure volumes of reagents.


  • Ceramic square: Used to avoid burning the surface of your lab bench.
  • Clamps: Used to hold a variety of things in place, particularly test tubes.
  • Clay triangle: Used to hold a crucible while it is being heated.
  • Condenser: Used to collect vapors by condensing them into liquid as they contract the liquid cooled inner surface of the condenser.
A condenser

A condenser

  • Crucible: A cup-shape container capable of sustaining high temperature. It is used to heat chemicals.


  • Erlenmeyer (Conical) flask: Used to hold liquids. The small upper opening slows evaporation, so for some volatile liquids, a ask is a better choice than a beaker. The shape also makes it suitable for mixing and swirling liquids during a titration.
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Conical flask

Conical flask

  • Florence (Volumetric) flask: A type of ask, generally round-bottomed, usually suspended and heated from below.It's shape makes it easy to swirl and mix liquids inside of it .
  • Funnel: Used together with filter paper to filter precipitates out of solution.
  • Graduated cylinder: Used to precisely measure volumes.
  • Mortar and pestle: Used to grind sesame seeds for cooking and chemical compounds for chemistry experiments, though we recommend using a different set for each.
  • Pipette bulb: used to transfer accurately measured amounts of liquid from one container to another.
  • Rubber stoppers: Used to close asks or test tubes to prevent evaporation of liquids or escape of gases.
  • Scoopula: Another instrument used to transfer solids from one place to another.
  • Test tube: Cylindrical open-topped piece of glassware that comes in varying sizes.
Test tube

Test tube

  • Hermometer: Used to measure temperatures. Thermometers generally contain liquid Mercury.
  • Watch glass: A piece of glassware in the shape of a large contact lens used for evaporating liquids.
  • Wire gauze: generally used as a surface for a beaker or ask to rest when being heated by a Bunsen burner.

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