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Kumon Worksheets


Where to find Kumon Math Worksheets

Before starting my daughter on the Kumon math program I looked for a cost free alternative that would be as good. My first search was for online Kumon worksheets. As the actual Kumon worksheets are not available online I discovered other ways of getting hold of Kumon worksheets without having to enrol in the full Kumon program.

Kumon is a self learning alternative to math tutoring that is extremely effective in increasing young people's math ability. It works through a series of graded worksheets which gradually introduce new topics.

The key to this method of learning math is repetition. Students work without calculators and work through a series of worksheets repeating them over and over again where necessary until they have fully mastered a new concept. Only then can they move on to the next level.

To successfully emulate the Kumon program any alternative should have the same volume of worksheets and also the same ability to take a child through from the most basic mathematics to much more complicated math.

Below I discuss all of the alternatives to the full Kumon program and their advantages and disadvantages as well as give links to full Kumon reviews

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Kumon Worksheets

Kumon Worksheets

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Kumon Workbooks & Worksheets

Workbooks within the Kumon program are small, 20 page long booklets of questions with examples. However, what I discovered is that Kumon themselves do also offer a number of at home alternatives. These are sold through Amazon and other booksellers. They consist of much longer books filled with the type of questions that are provided in the full program. Whilst they are not as comprehensive as the full program themselves they are a very cost effective alternative as they cost less than $10 a book compared to approximately $100 a month for the full Kumon program. Each book might last for a period of a few weeks depending on the amount of work that your child does each day.

The workbooks are divided into grade levels and by subject which is helpful if your child is operating at their grade level but may be more difficult if your child is above or below their grade level. One of the strengths of the full Kumon program is that it allows each child to work at their own ability level rather than their grade level. However, it starts each child off at a level that will be easy for them. It may be worth bearing this in mind if you are purchasing the Kumon workbooks independently.

For myself, I began with these workbooks and then ultimately switched to the full program. I found that my children needed the discipline of going and seeing an instructor regularly to actually complete the work. Having said that the workbooks were by far the most effective alternative to the full Kumon program and a great introduction to the Kumon program. For people considering trying Kumon they are a great way to discover whether your child responds positively to the Kumon style of teaching

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Kumon Alternatives : Online math worksheets

My first Kumon alternative that I considered was online math worksheets. Firstly I looked at mathletics which is a fantastic online math course. I enrolled my children in this and they loved it. However, although it definitely helped them improve their math skills and learn new concepts it did not provide the repetition of key arithmetic concepts that I felt that they needed in order to fully master their times tables or other key skills.

I also tried a website called Beat the clock which tests a child's times tables, but unfortunately after an initial thrill when first trying it my daughter quickly became bored. Sadly, long before she had learnt her tables.

Rather than a solution that was totally online I then tried to find websites that offered printable math worksheets that I could use to create my own Kumon style workbooks. I found a few options at:




I had some success with these but ultimately the problem was the I was not able to create the volume of worksheets that made my program anything comparable to kumon. In the Kumon program students complete workbooks of 20 (small) pages of questions each day designed to take 10-20 minutes of work. I had trouble finding this volume of worksheets and also found that it was hard to structure them in such a systematic way as Kumon does.

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Have you tried Kumon?

Cheryl morton on August 22, 2012:

My daughter has been doing kumon English for three years and Maths for two,she is over two years ahead of her class mates in general,kumon is a long term programme with excellent results for those who follow it in the correct way!!

mackoy26 on July 25, 2012:

well, we can't say that kumon is boring coz it will mold students to have a better study habits...

Olivia on July 16, 2012:

i love kumon it rocks

Mnalrp on September 22, 2011:

Kumon helped me a lot. I learned a lot of things that i don't know... :)

rashmi on July 10, 2011:

I think kumon is so boring and repeatation is so much that u almost learn the answers without doing it. these kumon classes are so expensive n fancy. you can learn abacus rather then kumon. abacus is more fun and fast n u love doing it with ur fingers. it helps in concentration too.

Ab Kr on December 15, 2010:

Online resources are great help for students who require assistance for solving assignments or worksheets.

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