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Kriste Mambo High School

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I remember the first day I spent at Mambo I was in dorm 4 then and it all felt very strange, being an introvert I found myself all of a sudden sharing a room with 9 other people which meant they all would sooner or later know almost everything about me, It was uncomfortable and very weird. Uncomfortable as it was these strangers soon became like family, Mambo became my second home and my four years at Mambo became a very interesting roller coaster.

When I think about the school days the first thing that enters my mind is the Winters. My God was it cold?! The winters were very cruel and unforgiving and seriously did you all have to finish all the hot water in the middle of the night?

Going to an all girls school was a great thing for me, it gave me a chance to grow and discover myself and to also discover that there are really some crazy people in this world,(I am just kidding).



I always looked forward to the functions because it always meant one thing, we got to see the boys!(well that is if they had fuel). But those were good times. BMC was pretty hot and then there was Marist for some time my sister told me that Fisco guys are in at the moment (How did that happen are they no longer Gos papas?) But anyway we definitely loved the boys, but just a quick question in what scenario is it okay to meet a random guy and then start kissing him on the same day just thinking out loud maybe at a bar or a club, but YOLO right?

The people

Its amazing the things you can remember about people, I remember watching Joyce who was a senior waltzing into the church from the form one section with her very peculiar way of walking, a very beautiful young lady. She walked like someone who was self assured sending a message that she did not give a hoots about what you thought of her( yes you could tell that from her step). I remember Caroline from my stream oh she had the most beautiful smile her smile was wide and bubbling with joy that you would imagine that she was truly smiling with her heart too, she definitely could bring out sunshine on a gloomy day our Caroline. I remember Emma a woman on a mission, she was always very studious I am quite certain she has gotten very far in life.


To the prefects

I would like to know what kind of a punishment title is urinating in the gallery? First of all how could one possibly tell that someone was urinating in the gallery? Did you get like litmus paper or some sort of indicator that would change color to tell that indeed a person had urinated in the gallery? Help me understand I am really confused, and for the sake of decency or preservation of one's self esteem could you not have come up with a title like public indecency or something else instead of labeling it urinating in the gallery. And one of you guys would have the courage to stand in front of the whole school proudly reading out the list in front of the teachers announcing people who had urinated in the gallery! Like seriously!?Did you not feel even the slightest bit of shame?

Being given that punishment would definitely tarnish a persons image, one would forever be labelled as the person that urinated in the gallery who knows maybe someone who knows someone who knows them might want to business with them and the other person would be like no friend she is not to be trusted she urinated in the gallery! Seriously there should be a law against that. In the words of the fabulous Kudzai Gurure I would like to say "maprefects maida kutijairirah dai manga muri good better zero dah." (lol just kidding you all were awesome)

Final word

School for me was a time to discover myself and other people. I can safely say that school days were some of the best days in my life and I always imagine what it would feel like to go back there for one week, maybe that is why I dream of it often......I hope that each of you ladies have done Mambo proud and that you have found what you search for.


Plaxcedes Chiwire on September 07, 2017:

Scroll to Continue made my day...Yes i for one am proud to be a product of kriste helped me become the woman i am....and yes i have made the school you

Prim Tineyi on December 08, 2016:

Oh gosh i totally enjoyed this piece.Yah Urinating the gallery

shupie on December 07, 2016:

1994 stream guys zvandifungisa majunk books. I still have one written in 1992 padeparture.

jane (author) from perth on December 05, 2013:

Hi Tafadzwa thank you for reading, I am glad you enjoyed.

jane (author) from perth on December 05, 2013:

Hi Carol. Ndokunonzi kujaira nhamo sense rugare kwamaiita,lol. Eish that's what I call improvising,lol did the toast taste good or did it burn? I agree with you about the memories we should def have something like that where we can write our crazy experiences. I am glad you enjoyed the article thank you for reading.

Tafadzwa on December 05, 2013:

Thanks Rue you brot back some nice memories!

Carol on December 04, 2013:

That's a nice piece. Was at Mambo 1990-1993, i can relate though during our time we only had 2dorms and it was just 2people per room. Talk of the winters they were pretty bad and you are lucky you had hot water coz we had nothing and to make matters worse you were not allowed to bring in your kettle in the name of fairness!!!

Moment of madness: One day i toasted bread under my bed using a candle. That spring was the grill!!!!

Aaaaaah.....memories! sweet memories!

Need to come up with a Mambo diaries and people write their special memories!!!

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