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King Midas Had the Golden Touch but America Brings Death, Devastation and Destruction

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The genesis of this article lies in a drink that we had in the Cloud 55 bar in Abu Dhabi. One of our friends mentioned King Midas. He went on the add that King Midas had been given a gift by the God Dionysus that whatever he touched would be turned into gold. Incidentally, the person who made this comment is an officer of the Royal Air Force and a close friend of mine. He went on to add that though Midas was not happy with the gift yet the fact remains that Midas could convert everything he touched into gold.

In contrast, the United States after 1945 touches anything, the result is death, devastation, and ruin. He was of the view that this has been the history of the United States for the last 75 years after the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan. He also mentioned that Ukraine was unlucky to have come into the embrace of the United States and would now face death, destruction, and devastation.

I have been thinking about this comment by the Royal Air Force officer and I feel what he says is true. The United States has a penchant for interfering in places thousands of miles from home; maybe the intentions are good but the net result is that the places where the USA has intervened have been completely devastated and destroyed and the United States had to beat an ignoble retreat.



A study of the history of the last 75 years will show that Americans need to think about what has happened. In my view, the downslide of America started when they dropped the atomic bombs on defenseless people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Over 200,000 were killed and in a famous dissenting judgment at the Tokyo Tribunal Justice Vinod Pal articulated in print that the American leaders and generals who had approved the dropping of the atomic bombs needed to be sitting in the dock along with the Japanese and be tried as war criminals.

I would not discuss this further because the American leadership generally believes that the laws are meant for other nations and they are exempt from any laws against humanity.

The next American intervention was in the Korean war which lasted for three years(1950-53). The United States at that time did contemplate dropping the atomic bomb on China but Clement Attlee the British Prime Minister would have none of it and ultimately the protagonist of this plan General MacArthur was sacked. The United States failed to win the war and even now 69 years down the line Korea remains a hotbed of tension. A small button can ignite a world war.

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Despite their failure in Korea the American leadership jumped in to fight the communists in Vietnam, in a war that lasted almost a decade. The war is discussed and analyzed by many but I can state that thousands of Americans died fighting this war and the entire country was ravaged. There was a lobby at that time wanting to drop an atomic bomb but thankfully they were in the minority. However, I need to highlight that the Americans dropped more bombs in terms of tonnage over North Vietnam than they did over Germany during WW II. The severe bombing lead to death and destruction, so much so that even the ecology of the region was affected. The Americans however retreated from Vietnam but like the proverbial God Loki was looking for some other place to make their presence felt.

The USA entered the fray in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. In all the three places Americans won a pyrrhic victory and in Afghanistan, despite having overthrown the Taliban regime their hold was at best tenuous and though they fought for 20 years they had to make an ignoble retreat. There have been so many atrocities associated with Americans in Afghanistan which are not worth repeating here but the net result is that Afghanistan is a destroyed nation after two decades of American intervention.

The situation in Iraq and Libya is no better. The Americans have a dubious distinction of having got two leaders Gaddafi and Saddam executed after farcical trials. Both the leaders were opposed to Al Qaeda and ISI and Donald Trump mentioned this. America is persona non grata in both these countries where they have lost influence completely. Both nations are facing internal chaos and terrorism as well as a civil war.

The Americans also intervened in Syria and destabilized the country. There are many other examples like Iran and Cuba where the Americans have burned their bridges. The above examples are enough to show that whenever America intervened, the result has always been death and destruction.



There is a tale in the Mahabharta, where after the end of the battle of Kurukshetra the father of the Kauravas, king Dhritarashtra wishes to embrace the warrior Bhima and congratulate him but Lord Krishna had realized the intention of the king and he substituted Bhima with a stone statue which the king crushed when he embraced.

Something similar is happening in Ukraine. The Ukrainian president Yelenskii has gone into the embrace of Uncle Sam and like the warrior king, Dhritarashtra crushed the stone statue of Bhima the Ukrainian president has led his people into a similar embrace. Ukraine is destroyed and I hope I am wrong and what is happening is not a trailer of more devastation to come.

I do not think the Americans are really worried about Ukraine at all despite all the lip service by Joe Biden. Yellenskii has destroyed Ukraine by leading Ukraine into an embrace with Uncle Sam, just as the stone figure of Bhima was crushed so will Ukraine. That is the American record. History will not forgive Yellenskii for this.

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