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Kindergarten Lessons: Fun and Interesting Activities for Teaching Letter A

I am a certified teacher and have been tutoring young children for more than 30 years. I am sharing my experience in the tutorial business.


How to Teach Letter A to Young Kids:

This is the start of my tutorial hubs which will include all lessons for preschoolers. This will sum up all my teaching experiences for thirty years with the young and very young kids.

To start the lesson or tutorial, I will start with the vowels, which is the first letters to teach to the young kids.

Teaching the letters is more effective when you use different styles and strategies that include the sound of each letter.


First thing first.

Introduce the letter to the kids by showing them a flash card. Remember to use a flash card with clear letter and without decorative edges. This is to avoid distraction. the children's eyes are very perceptive since they are visual people so any colorful addition to the flash card will distract the attention of the kids from the lesson. The best color for the letter is black and the best background is plain white or any plain color.

Your visual aids or materials play great role in your teaching; especially to very young kids. As much as possible, the children should have fun while learning and using different visual aids help a lot.


Say aaaah for A.

Say aaaah for A.

The Sound of A

Sound off letter A by saying, “the sound of letter A is aaaaah.” The kids will then follow you and say the sound of A.

After introducing the sound of A, you can now ask each child, “What letter is this?” and each child will tell the letter. It is important to emphasize the sound of letter A so that the kids will register the sound in their mind. If the kids know the sound, it is easier for them to read words in the future.

Take note that the purpose of teaching the sound of the letters of the alphabet is for the children to be able to read the words by in the future sounding off.


Provide Different Activities for Letter A

Tracing the letter is one of the important activities that must be taught to young kids. This needs time and needs a lot of guidance from the teacher. It does not matter whether the child is tracing with a straight line but it matters much that the kids be guided on the proper stroke of writing the letter.

While tracing the letter emphasize on the strokes by saying loudly, "one slanting line going down, another slanting line going down and line in the middle." If the kids can memorize this they will know how to write letter A.

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Here’s a sample sheet of tracing.



Using real objects in this activity is better than using pictures only. The kids will have more fun touching and holding real objects and telling their names. To make the lesson more interesting, the kids can pick any object that they like, show it to the class then tell its name. Child participation is very important and this activity will let each child participate in the activity.


Another interesting activity that you can have with the kids when teaching A is, eating time which you can have during the break time or recess time. Apple begins with A so you can slice apples and share them with the kids to enjoy. You are not only teaching the kids letter A but you are also providing them with nutritious food.

Teaching letter A can be a very interesting activity to the young ids given the right steps and the right activities that they can enjoy while learning.

There are so many activities that you and the kids can enjoy together while learning about the letter. And what’s good about allowing the kids to have fun while learning is that they will better assimilate what is taught to them when they are having fun.

According to experts; the kids learn more if they enjoy what they are learning and the responsibility of the teacher is to provide the kids lots of fun activities so that they can learn better.


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Coloring Pictures that Begin with Letter A

You can let the kids color pictures that begin with A. Make sure that the images are big and clear to the kids. It is important that the kids will know the names of the objects they are coloring and associate them with letter A.

You can also use activity sheets where the kids can color only the pictures that begin with letter A.

Say for example in a whole sheet of paper you draw 8 objects and 5 objects begin with letter A.

Coloring Letter A

Letting the kids color A in a group of different letters will help them identify letter A better and faster. Give them this activity at least everyday for a week.


Match A to Pictures

This activity is fun for the kids. You need ready-made activity sheets for the kids to do. You can make your own hand-written activity sheets or you can use printed activity sheets.

The pictures must be clearly recognized by the kids and the letter A must be bold and in uppercase. Young kids start learning the uppercase letters first before the lowercase.

Match the Same Letters

Using this matching letters activity will help the young kids recognize letter A faster. You can let the kids draw lines from letter A to another letter A using activity sheets.

Another way is to let the kids pick a picture that begins with A and stick it on the board.


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