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Kindergarten Worksheets |Activity Worksheets for children | Printable workbooks

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Kindergarten worksheets

Kindergarten worksheets

Teaching kindergarten can be fun. But as any good kindergarten teacher would tell you, it is a very active experience. You need to get fully involved and involve children with lots of interesting kindergarten activities, kindergarten worksheets and exercises to hold their attention and make it an enjoyable experience for them.

There are two important points to keep in mind here.

  • The learning should be fun. It should feel like play, not work. Else children will quickly get bored. Hence it would be good to use a lot of interesting activities, games, colouring sheets, illustrated kindergarten worksheets etc. You should be well prepared with these teaching aids, which can be made very easily.
  • The learning should be real-worldly. You should use every opportunity to teach and regularly re-inforce basic concepts taught, in real-life. For example, during snack-time, if a child is eating a biscuit, you can say – ‘B’ for ‘biscuit’. While waiting for a school van, you can say – ‘V’ for ‘Van’ and so on.

Look at this sample kindergarten worksheet

Kindergarten worksheet

Kindergarten worksheet

Kindergarten Worksheets

Well designed kindergarten worksheets can be very interesting for children to do and can be very useful in re-inforcing basic concepts. Completing the activity can give children an immense sense of accomplishment. See the worksheet shown here for example.

However it is important to supplement the worksheets with other activities. There are many interesting activities that can be done by children at home and at school (in a group). You can see  some tips on helping children learn the alphabet and numbers in the Printable kindergarten worksheets page. 

Kindergarten worksheets are widely available. You can buy them as workbooks from bookstores that keep books for children. You can order them online. You can also download printable worksheets from the internet and print them out for your children. 

You can also design and make your own worksheets. It is not difficult and it can be fun!

How to make kindergarten worksheets more interesting

Children have a short attention span. If you want them to do worksheets, you have to make the worksheets fun and interesting to do. Here are a few tips on how the kindergarten worksheets may be a little more interesting:

1. Use interesting situations: For example if you just ask a child to color in the As, it might not be much fun, but if you say that by coloring in the As she is helping make a path for kitty to reach the milk, it might seem more interesting.

2. Use beautiful illustrations: This can make the activity more interesting.

3. Use cartoon characters: Children usually love cartoons. Use them and make the worksheets more fun.

4. Use familiar examples/situations: For example if you ask the child to count the number of apples with the fruit seller in the market, she can relate to it more easily than some very abstract sheet or situation she is not so familiar with.

See Chalky, the magic chalk doing a sample kindergarten worksheet.

See this video of kindergarten number recognition worksheets

Kindergarten number recognition worksheets video

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Download printable kindergarten worksheets

Click on the link below to download some printable worksheets:

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Printable Kindergarten Worksheets

These worksheets cover the following content:

Mathematics: Identification of numbers (1-20), Missing numbers (1-20), Counting(1 - 20), Identification of numbers (21 - 100), Missing numbers (21-100), Counting (21-100), Numbers and number names, Before-after-between, More & less, Comparison of numbers & Identification of common shapes

General Knowledge: Animals, Birds, Fruits & Vegetables, Parts of the body, Vehicles, Things we eat, Days of the week, People at work & Things we do

Colouring: Colouring pages

The advantage of using this set of printable worksheets over a printed workbook is that you can print out the sheets as many times as you need. If you wish to use a worksheet several times you can just print it out that many times.

Tips on teaching the alphabet

Here are a few suggestions you may consider in teaching children to identify the letters of the alphabet:

  • The alphabet song: Perhaps the most basic, but very useful. Sing it slowly/distinctly and sing it often. Have a large alphabet chart and point out to each letter while you sing. If you can give all children letter cards in order (alphabet flashcards) they can even hold up each letter as it is sung.
  • Write a letter on the board and have children say it out in chorus. Write it out slowly each time it is said.
  • Bring models of the letter (you can make cut-outs of the letter in card-board) and pass around to all children. If you can make sufficient numbers you can give one to each child. They can slowly build up a collection of the entire alphabet

For more such activities view the printable kindergarten worksheets page.

Tips for learning counting and numbers

Here are a few suggestions you may consider in helping children learn to count and identify numbers:

1. Children must learn the sounds of the numbers ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’ etc first. Sing number rhymes like, ‘One, two, three, four, five; once I caught a fish alive,’ aloud to them often. Soon they will begin to recognize the sounds of the numbers.

2. Read out stories from picture books and emphasize counting. For example, read aloud stories like ‘The three little pigs’ and ‘Snow-white and the seven dwarfs’. Make it a point to count out the characters in the picture book. This will enable them to understand the concept that the numbers relate to specific amounts.

View the printable kindergarten worksheets page for more such activities.

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