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The participants in a regional training take time to have photo opportunity.

The participants in a regional training take time to have photo opportunity.

It is been more than a decade since Mr. Icy Can decided to pursue his education. He just feel like he is out of date with the current trends in education. But now he takes the gamble of a new venture into the field of graduates studies at a Level IV accredited university. It is an exciting venture, because he is going to have the chance to experience online classes and, at the same time, to be with different professionals not just within the country, but around the world.

In this fast-changing world where modernization takes place, he needs to take a leap in order to follow the trends in education. One way to do this is to attend post-graduates studies. Via these courses, he has the ability to learn from the stories and perspectives of others in different contexts of work. Likewise, since the country is still in the midst of a pandemic, it is an opportunity for him to be part of online distance learning. Truly, experience is the best teacher ever. By having experience with this new educational approach in teaching and learning, he can quickly recognize the problem and find a solution to it.

The need to pursue post-graduate studies is now a necessity, because it is better to be ready at the early stage of the career than to be ready when a certain role is already required. This is the lesson that he has learned from his mentor back then. His mentor helps him to finish school. Equally, completing a degree is a weapon in the workplace. It gives him the edge to take higher positions in the organization. It also trains him for how to deal with different circumstances in the workplace. By learning from the personal experience of life, he has the ability to reflect and set the course that he wants to follow. It is really important that he has a clear view of the way he is going through, so that he can define the aim he wants to accomplish in his life.

There are also other means to keep him up-to-date with developments in education. This can be achieved by engaging in higher-level training, such as at national level or even at international level. Over the past years, attending international training has been included in his bucket list every year. He even encourages his group of friends to attend a number of training sessions in various locations. Training is typically performed in other regions of the country where he has the opportunity to meet with foreign speakers who share their insights, perspectives and life-long learning. Sharing thoughts and experiences is what he likes the most, because he learns a lot from them. It is very important for him to understand the substance of the training so that he has something to share once he gets back to the organization where he belongs.

At school level, he has plans for a school learning action cell where it normally happens at least once a month. The primary objective of this school level training is to educate teachers in their weakest areas and, at the same time, to share new knowledge on the ground. Having this activity in school, teachers are given the chance to develop their knowledge and skills in a certain field. The exchange of knowledge is part of an exercise in which they share their best practices. Positive ideas exchanged by others are being captured by the participants in order for them to have new ideas to think about. These ideas give them the ability to introduce creative works in their class. Always note that this kind of practice in school is always aimed at enhancing the learning output of the learners.

It is very necessary that everyone be updated from time to time so that they can cope with the fast-changing education system. This is the only way they can keep up with emerging developments in education. In doing so, they need to have a positive mind in embracing what the speakers are introducing to them. Acceptance really allows them to ease the burden that is already in their shoulders. This is the key to be guided towards one goal, and that is to be innovative in the way they deliver the lessons to the learners. As a result, the learners will perform better in the field.

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