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World's Hidden Fortune And Natural Resources Kawah Putih, Indonesia


Kawah Putih Bandung - White Crater Lake in Ciwidey, Indonesia

Kawah Putih is a one-of-a-kind crater lake in Ciwidey, a tiny town near Bandung in Indonesia. It's a magnificent volcanic lake formed in the 11th century by an eruption on Mount Patuha.

Kawah Putih, World's Hidden Fortune And Natural Resources In Indonesia, Documentary - Part 1

The name means 'White Crater' in Bahasa, however I'd say the tone is more turquoise, and reportedly the color may change to green, blue, or brown largely depending on the sulfur concentration.

In any event, this crater lake is one of the most unusual and wonderful things to see in West Java, and it's an easy day trip from Bandung.

This article depicts what it is like to get to Kawah Putih, along with current arrivals and departures, and anything else you should know before you go!

Getting There

  • Kawah Putih is a highland settlement in West Java, Indonesia, around 50 kilometers from Bandung.
  • Because Bandung is one of Indonesia's major cities, the Bandung airport receives a considerable number of foreign and domestic aircraft (BDO). Traveling there from Bali is also an option.
  • Traveling from Bandung to Kawah Putih takes around two hours due to traffic and hilly roads. You may drive alone, take a tour, or hire a private driver to get there (more info on that later).

Choosing Between a Car, a Shuttle, and a Hike!

  • Upon reaching Kawah Putih, you'll be transferred by shuttle bus for 5 more kilometers. Buses operate every few minutes, and cost 27k Rupiah per passenger roundtrip. It goes along a damaged road, but it gets you there quickly.
  • If you like to drive all the way to the last parking area, you can do so for an additional 150k Rupiah ($10 USD) each vehicle. It's rather costly.
  • Although you can hike, it is a difficult five-kilometer trek with only dreary pine trees to look at on the road.
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What to Expect at Kawah Putih Bandung?

  • Kawah Putih is a fascinating sulfur lake, and it's simple to understand why the locals have long suspected it's haunted.
  • The wretched yellow sand, twisted dead trees, and smoky lake surface all contribute to the place's odd and surreal atmosphere.
  • This crater was mined for sulfur by the Dutch and subsequently by the Japanese (during WWII), and remnants of the abandoned tunnels may still be seen around the lake.
  • We would have stayed longer if it hadn't been for the noxious sulfur smell and hazardous gasses.
  • This site can get busy with domestic visitors, but you can easily go around the lake's edge to find some room for photography.
  • If you're feeling courageous, there's even a pontoon where you can go out on the lake for an additional 10,000 Rupiah.
  • This lake reminded me of Iceland's 'Blue Lagoon' sulfur lake, however unlike that one, I don't think Kawah Putih is suitable for swimming because it's so acidic.
  • Overall, it's one of the most breathtaking sites to visit in West Java!

How About Its Safety?

  • Kawah Putih is secure and safe. Despite the fact that it is a volcanic lake, there has been no substantial activity since the 17th century.
  • Because of the sulfur emissions, they recommend just remaining at the lake for 15-30 minutes, which is definitely a sensible guideline to observe.
  • People with respiratory or heart difficulties, pregnant women, or newborns should avoid Kawah Putih. Don't worry if you don't fall into one of those groups.
  • Shortness of breath and coughing are typical reactions to this air.

What To Wear?

  • Despite its elevation of 2,430 meters (7,970 feet) above sea level, the lake has a relatively cool climate.
  • Pack a jacket and jeans if you intend to arrive before sunrise since temperatures can reach 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • One of the highlights of our trip to Bandung, Indonesia, was seeing this white crater volcano in Ciwidey.

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