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Creative and Empowered in Cimuja Village

A Kaleidoscope of Thematic Student Study Service from Indonesia University of Education Based on SDGs (Village Without Poverty)


A point in the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely "Community Service," is an important thing that students in Indonesia must fulfill. One of the ways to implement it is through KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) activities or Student Study Service in English. Like what the university students in Indonesia have done for about a month, KKN activities are carried out massively in hundreds or even thousands of different target villages. Based on the 18 SDGs points about villages, students are encouraged to be able to create creative innovations in an effort to build a good and prosperous village.

As of this writing, we are from Group 122 KKN UPI, guided by our lecturer Mrs. Mirna Purnama Ningsih, M.Pd. will share memorable experiences and tell about the various creative work programs we have carried out for Cimuja Village. With the theme "Village Without Poverty", we strive to create programs that will benefit long-term through socialization and education.

This KKN activity was held from July 10, 2022, to August 11, 2022. In the first week, the activities focused on program planning, consultation, and field surveys. After going through such a discussion process, finally, six types of online, offline, and hybrid work programs were formed to be implemented in Cimuja Village, namely:

  1. SJSN Data Collection.
  2. Poverty Level, Modern Basic Assets, and Social Assistance Data Collection.
  3. Digital Marketing Education.
  4. Financial Planning Socialization.
  5. Uninhabitable House and Sanitation Socialization.
  6. Healthy Aerobics.

A brief description and background of each project are presented as follows:

1. SJSN Data Collection


For approximately 4 (four) decades, Indonesia has implemented several social security programs but only covers a small part of the community. Most people have not received adequate protection. In addition, the implementation of the various social security programs has not been able to provide fair and proper protection to the participants per the benefits of the program to which the participants are entitled.
On July 18, 2022, a data collection on ownership/participation of Social Security was carried out for residents of Cimuja Village in Sumedang Regency, both BPJS APBN, BPJS APBD, and Private BPJS. The number of BPJS APBN participants in Cimuja Village is 673 people consisting of three areas; There were 191 people in the Badama area, 206 people in the Cimuja area, and 276 participants in the Pasanggrahan area. In addition, the number of BPJS APBD participants is 483; 175 people from Badama, 199 from Cimuja, and 109 from Pasanggrahan. Meanwhile, Private BPJS participants totaled 259 people, namely, in the Badama area, there were 99 people, Cimuja area 66 people, and Pasanggrahan area 94 people.
This data was collected to determine how many participants had registered to participate in the SJSN. In the context of realizing equitable and fair development, national development for the past 20 years has been directed, among other things, on the availability of equal access for the community to social services.

2. Poverty Level, Modern Basic Assets, and Social Assistance Data Collection


With the advancement of science in the modern era, we cannot deny that the human need for technology will also increase to facilitate daily activities. Like an addiction, technology is needed by humans for almost all kinds of activities, starting from work, entertainment, and even simple activities at home. Besides, many benefits come with it. But, not all people in Indonesia can enjoy the sophistication of technology. With several factors, such as the economic capacity to uneven distribution of development, a few people are forced to carry out conventional activities without the help of technology.
Because of this, we carried out a work program to collect Modern Basic Assets in Cimuja Village to determine how evenly the surrounding community owns the technology. From 15 RTs and a total of 2679 residents, we took a sample of 619 households to record modern assets owned in the form of radios, televisions, cell phones, bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. Our results show that 151 households (24.4%) own a radio, 456 households (73.7%) own a television, 206 households (33.7%) own a cell phone, 82 households (13.2%) own a bicycle, 374 households (60.4%) own a motorbike, and 60 (9.7%) households own a car.

3. Digital Marketing Education


In terms of livelihood, although Cimuja Village has most of its land allocation used for agricultural land, the agricultural sector is not the primary source of livelihood. To develop their potential, the residents of Cimuja Village do not only rely on agriculture but also create several potential types of businesses in various business sectors. We found the types of MSMEs in Cimuja Village were mostly culinary businesses. Culinary business is one type of MSME business that is much loved, and this is because residents can innovate in the food sector at a not too high cost. This business can be called fairly promising, considering everyone needs food daily.
In one of the areas in Cimuja Village, precisely in the Cimuja area, there is a resident named Erat, commonly called Mak Erat, who owns a Bacang business. He used to sell Bacang at Cimalaka Market in the morning at 04.00 WIB. In her business, it is very unfortunate because Mak Erat can only produce 100 pieces of Bacang in one day. She doesn't have employees who can help her. Mak Erat makes and sells her Bacangs. Therefore, she can't produce large amounts of Bacangs. Knowing this, we tried to help Mrs. Erat by making a banner that we placed in front of her house. We do this so that Mrs. Erat can receive orders directly at her home and does not need to go to the market too often to sell.
Besides Bacang, one resident in another area, namely the Pasanggrahan area, has an MSME selling lumpia. Lumpia is quite a famous snack in the Sumedang area. The MSME is named Lumpia Imas after the owner Mrs. Imas, Mrs. Imas as the owner of this product also develops innovations by making spring rolls into chips that have a variety of flavors and is named Sumpia Imas. This sumpia has good taste at an affordable price. However, the labels used in this product require innovations to make them more attractive and more varied. Therefore the KKN team helps Mrs. Imas to create brand logos or food labels to be much more attractive and make examples directly into stickers. In addition, we also help Mrs. Imas to market her sumpia through social media, Instagram, in the hope that more people will know and buy Sumpia Imas.

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4. Financial Planning Socialization


It is undeniable that financial planning is so important for our life. We as humans cannot be separated from money to turn the wheel of life. If we cannot manage money properly, our finances cannot be controlled, which can create many problems in the future. With financial planning, people can better understand what to do with their money. Financial planning prevents people from debt that can be difficult to be paid. Therefore, The KKN team in Cimuja Village provides socialization about the importance of financial planning. This socialization will hopefully prevent people from the entanglements of moneylenders and online loans.
In the socialization of financial planning, one us gave the formula to regulate expenditure items, namely the 40-30-20-10 formula. 40% of income is used for expenses for basic needs, 30% is used for paying the loans if they have them, 20% for savings and investment, and 10% for other expenses. In addition, we also socialized the importance of saving money to have an emergency fund and demanded that the residents of the Cimuja village not get involved in online loans where the danger of online loans is the high-interest rates per day. Fortunately, all the information can be well received by the village community.

5. Uninhabitable House and Sanitation Socialization.


One of the topics of activity chosen by our KKN team is health services, education, clean water, and decent housing. Based on the situation in Cimuja village, our team focuses on clean water and decent housing. This activity consisted of socializing about uninhabitable houses, distributing Zodia plants (mosquito repellent), and making simple water filtration. This series of activities began with the socialization of uninhabitable houses and sanitation, which was attended by village officials and the Cimuja village community. The presentation on socialization was delivered by Mr. Dian Mochamad Basir, S.Sos. from the Department of Housing for Settlement and Land Areas (DKPP) of Sumedang Regency.
The next event, namely, the distribution of Zodia Plants (mosquito repellent), this activity was carried out after the socialization given by the Sumedang Regency DKPP, the utilization of the planting or distribution of zodia plants, namely, judging from the usefulness of the zodia plant itself which can emit a distinctive aroma when the leaves rub against each other. The smell that comes out due to the friction of the zodia leaves is disliked by the mosquitos and can repel mosquitoes. At the end of the event, we symbolically handed over the plants to Cimuja village, which were then distributed in several areas and placed in previously targeted places, such as schools, mosques, etc.

6. Healthy Aerobics


Talking about being empowered and prosperous, of course, is limited to things that are not only material or materialistic but also physically and psychologically. This work program is aimed at students as well as elementary school residents as an effort to get used to maintaining physical health.
This activity is held every Friday for two weeks at SD Negeri Cimuja. Together with two aerobics instructors, we carried out this activity joyfully, thanks to the enthusiasm of the students who participated. The instructors also carried out various kinds of games to increase student activity. In addition to practical activities, this work program also theoretically emphasizes the urgency and benefits of doing sports regularly.

Other Programs

In addition to the six work programs above, we also carry out other activities with the Village, such as helping with local events to being a judge in the competition to welcome Indonesian independence day. The field activities in Cimuja Village ended with a closing ceremony held at the Cimuja State Elementary School and the Cimuja Village Office with the Village Chairperson, Mrs. Euis Naryati. The closing ceremony was marked by the symbolic handing over of souvenirs and giving seven painted dustbins to be distributed to 6 RWs and the village office.



"Serving the community and learning from an invaluable experience." For us, the KKN activities that have been carried out are an extensive forum to implement and share the knowledge we gained while sitting on the lecture bench back at the university. Our sweat and fatigue are nothing compared to the noble and sincere intention to take part in the welfare of the homeland. We are pleased with all the valuable lessons and opportunities that all the people in Cimuja village have given us. Hopefully, this KKN activity will be the first step to spreading the benefits to a wider audience.

This article was created by the Group 122 KKN UPI (Cimuja Group) members, which consists of:

  1. Adhiani Nur Arifah 1908208
  2. Adi Wildan Abdillah 1908768
  3. Alamsyah Aditria 1905943
  4. ‘Athoillah Rohatul ‘Asyiiry 1908824
  5. Azkia Raihani 1909103
  6. Bayu Dwi Ramadhan 1905088
  7. Delliyana Sri Rahmawati 1906308
  8. Denatha Suci Noverinaldy 1909699
  9. Fikri Muhammad Haikal 1902699
  10. Haikal Athariq 1903237
  11. Ifan Ramadhan 1904892
  12. Intan Purnamasari Triningsih 1900096
  13. Karin Noer Khairina 1903350
  14. Lisna Yulianti 2008306
  15. Nadia Putri Kharismawati 1901417
  16. Naila Inas Zhafirah 1902702
  17. Nenden Sri Aprianti 1908340
  18. Nita Gunanti 1901937
  19. Qoyyumi Fabiani 1908389
  20. Sabani Lingga Saputra 1903571
  21. Sarah Sampepadang 1903329

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