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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS: Fun Activities and Worksheets for Letter Rr

I am a certified teacher and have been tutoring young children for more than 30 years. I am sharing my experience in the tutorial business.


R is for Rainbow

Teaching the alphabet has also its problems just like the other lessons for young kids. There are some young kids who have no R yet but do not force them to say the letter correctly. Instead guide them to pronounce it until such time that they can pronounce letter R properly.

When it comes to teaching young kids, especially the very young kids; the teacher needs to be very idealistic and flexible. Do not expect the young kids to learn what you teach them quickly. Go slowly but surely and you will find out that you will be a more effective teacher.

It's now your 16th week teaching the letters of the alphabet and I'm sure a lot of changes have occurred. The kids are now more versed with the letters and they are all coping with the lessons.

The next letter that I am going to discuss today is Rr. Letter Rr sounds rrrrr. You can tell the kids that the sound of Rr is like a motorcycle starting. Kids love the sound of Rr and they will have fun saying the sound with you.

After playing with the sound of Rr; you can now introduce the things that begin with Rr.

Here they are:

  • ram
  • rat
  • rag
  • rack
  • rabbit
  • rain
  • rainbow
  • red
  • rest
  • reindeer
  • rig
  • rip
  • ring
  • rob
  • rot
  • robin
  • rooster
  • rug
  • run
  • rust
  • rum

More Activities

Art Project:

Teach the kids about the rainbow and its 7 colors (ROYGVIB), meaning red, orange, yellow, green, violet, indigo, and blue. Provide the kids with the paper with the lines then let the kids color the rainbow according to the correct color arrangement.

The very young kids cannot color properly so just let them do what they can. Just let them use the 7 colors.

The older kids can draw their own line with your assistance. Then they can color on their own.

Rainbow is an interesting and fun topic for the kids. You can use rainbow to create some ideas to teach the children. You can have story telling about the rainbow or you can also recite a poem about rainbow.


For a more enhanced interesting and fun learning, you can use the same games that you have used in the previous lessons. Say for example, let the kids find the objects that begin with Rr in a box of different things then let them bring the things in a different box that you have marked Rr.

This should be done one child at a time to maintain order in the classroom.

You can use these types of worksheets for the kids:


Syllables Game:

This game trains the kids to recognize the syllables.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose 5 kids to hold the 5 jars in front. Let them stand and hold the jars with the letters a, e, i, o and u
  2. The other kids will pick any syllable in the box and put the syllable in the corresponding jar that the kids are holding.
  3. Let the kids keep picking until all the syllables in the box are gone.

When the kids have finished the game, pick one jar and let the kids read it. You can have this type of game over and over in the next lessons for enhancement.

When the game is over; give the kids work to do:

Sample worksheet for Syllables:


Recommended Reading


You can also give dictation to the kids to further enhance reading skills. Dictation is hard for the kids but it will hone them to read syllables and develop their reading and spelling skills. Once the kids know the sound of each letter very well, it is more likely that they can soon read three letter words. Mastering the sound of each letter of the alphabet leads to a more effective reading skill.

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