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One Acre in England - Jackie Kennedy Connecting Europe and America|Sapphire Wedding Ring and Cross

Jacqueline Kennedy's life (wife of former US President John F. Kennedy commonly referred to as JFK) was fairy-tale and is often referred to as Camelot in visual parallel to the "American royalty" life that she lead. Jackie Kennedy continues even today to fascinated us. Her life and her jewelry holds a great deal of history including the beautiful sapphire cross depicted above that forever connects the continents from Europe to North America.

One of the more beautiful pieces in Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy's jewelry collection, is a very piece with allot of great history of sharing between nations, a gift of true royalty, a gift from the Queen Mother of England!

"A Gift From a Queen" - A Beautiful Cross and A Piece of Land Within Britain

Replica Cross - Photo courtesy of  A Gift form Queen Mother of England to Jackie Kennedy in memory of JFK

Replica Cross - Photo courtesy of A Gift form Queen Mother of England to Jackie Kennedy in memory of JFK

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Queen Mother - Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Queen Mother photos throughout her life - courtesy of

Queen Mother photos throughout her life - courtesy of

1906 Princess Elizabeth - Queen Mother

1906 Princess Elizabeth - Queen Mother

1928 Princess Elizabeth - Queen Mother

1928 Princess Elizabeth - Queen Mother

1982 Queen Mother

1982 Queen Mother

Queen Mother and family

Queen Mother and family

Queen Mother photo courtesy of

Queen Mother photo courtesy of

Queen Mother  photo courtesy of

Queen Mother photo courtesy of

Queen Mother, Princess Elizabeth (future Queen), and Princes Margaret courtesy of

Queen Mother, Princess Elizabeth (future Queen), and Princes Margaret courtesy of

"A Gift From a Queen" - A Beautiful Cross and A Piece of Land Within Britain

It was the Queen Mother who gave Jackie this beautiful cross. And this cross is one of the most stunning in a large and expansive collection of Jackie Kennedy's. While within her lifetime, Jackie was given countless gifts of jewelry, the gift of this cross (from the Queen Mother) was accompanied by the gift of the land, a very historical piece of land, a gift to the American people from people of England. While only one acre, the historical significance to the freedom that our forefathers and our soldiers even today have fought for is important. The one acre is at Runnymede, residing next to the very same location as the signing of the Magna Carta.

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This little piece of land was given as a dedication to the memory of John F. Kennedy follwing his assassination. The land is in the middle of Britain! And amazingly, it is actually United States soil - right in the middle of England! Land gift to the American people in memory of a great leader, a great pilgrim of peace, John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America, the husband of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

The gift of the land was accompanied by and celebrated by the Queen Mother herself with a gift to Jackie Kennedy - the stunning sapphire and gold cross depicted in the replica above.

About the Queen Mother

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Elizabeth Angela Marguerite born August 4, 1900, died March 30, 2002 - yes she lived for 102 years! And was said to be active up until age 101! Best known to us as Queen Mother (technically Queen Elizabeth I) in order to avoid confusion with her daughter Queen Elizabeth II who lives and reigns over England today.

Kudos to Philip Katz of Camrose and Kross Bringing Us the History and the Replica Jewelry

Philip Katz is the historian who brings us both the amazing historical personal stories of Jackie Kennedy. His reproduction jewelry is exactly identical in weight and proportion. But the historical stories of love and romance is only equaled by his stories of the gifts from various nations. Philip Katz is the owner of Camrose and Kross, he is the innovator who replicas Jackie's jewelry, he is the caretaker of history who brings us great stories of romance and history.

This piece was given to Jackie Kennedy in 1965 by the Queen Mother of England. The Queen Mother who passed away at 102 in year 2002! As Philip Katz relays to us, Queen Elizabeth the II, did a wonderful thing for the people of United States. She gave 1 acre of land in England. It is located in Runneymede where the Magna Carta was signed. Jackie went to London to accept this piece.

Celebration of American History

History is an acquired taste. I first learned to love history when I had a Teacher's Assistant at Marquette University lecture the entire class on the tip of his toes. I have never before and never since that time since such enthusiasm on one subject. History is fun IF you can connect the dots. And connecting the dots is exactly what Philip Katz does. He relates not just the love story of the jewelry but the cultural significance behind the jewelry. The majority of the pieces were given to Jackie from John F. Kennedy for celebration of anniversaries or birthdays or from political allies such as this exquisite piece from the Queen Mother of England.

JBK & Celebration of Women - "My Job Goes Unseen"

This history of these jewelry pieces is not just important to our country, it is also important to the celebration of women. I was privy to view an email from a women who is married to a small business owner who employs hundreds of people in the United States. To quote this brilliant woman, she stated:

"My job goes unseen I'm afraid. And that job is make sure that ____ has a secure and loving home to come home to each night which I know has kept him going through all the hard times that we have had with the business. I know him so well that just by the way he turns the doorknob I know what kind of day he has had and what kind of damage control I need to do that night."

Jackie was always at JFK's side. She traveled overseas, she greeted the royalty and other dignitaries of other countries. She was not allowed to wear her crosses because she was deemed an elected official. As I later detail in this article, she protested with her husband and mandated that her daughter wear a cross with the reasoning that her daughter was not an elected official.

Jackie represents American royalty but more important than that, she represents the millions of women who on a daily basis do the daily "damage control". Families are a team. A great leader is supported by their team, the key player is the wife. Ironically in sports we recognize all the team players, in families, especially in families that have 24/7 jobs such as public officials and business owners, the wife is all too often counted absent present. Present in body but not present in mind and soul. This cannot possibly be true for great leaders. Great leaders need a strong support network and that begins with the spouse.

The history of the jewelry is remarkable, the woman, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy is the most remarkable piece. Philip Katz is cognizant of this fact and every piece of jewelry is appropriately marked "JBK" for Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

Jackie's Affinity for Crosses

Religion was a part of Jackie's lifestyle. While she was an elected official, Jackie could not wear a cross, her daughter, Caroline however, she required her daughter, Caroline to wear a cross every day. JFK did not want the photo of the cross because of his respect for the the conflict of religion and the state. Caroline is said to continue to wear a cross daily.

Jackie collected crosses. One of the most wonderful across the continents stories is associated with this beautiful blue sapphire cross. The Queen Mother gave this to Jackie immediately following JFK's death. The Queen of England Mother gave Jackie this cross in 1965. Queen Elizabeth the second gave to the people of the Untied Stated 1 acre of land - one piece of land that is American soil! In memory of John F. Kennedy.

About the Cross Itself & The Connection to Princess Diana's Wedding Ring

This cross was crafted from a sapphire that was originally owned by Queen Victoria. The sapphires in the cross were from a wedding gift that Queen Victoria received which needed to be reworked.

Amazingly, the same original piece from Queen Victoria's wedding gift also provided the center stone for Princess Diana's wedding ring - 18 carats of sapphire!

The sapphire is a special type. If anyone knows the type I would love to research the origin of this special sapphire. The blue is a true deep blue not a navy blue. I believe the photo of the cross highlights the life in the color blue. I cannot imagine the life of the blue in the 18 carat ring - I don't believe the photos of Princess Diana's wedding ring do it justice.

About the Replica Jewelry - The Jacqueline Kennedy Collection

The Jacqueline Kennedy Collection of jewelry is brought to us by Philip Katz of Camross and Kross. It is important to note that each and every piece that is replicated is thoroughly researched. In the United States of America, we don't have royalty. The Kennedy family is the closest thing and Jackie's jewelry is jewelry of the First Lady, an elected dignitary of the United States of America.

According to Philip Katz, Camrose and Kross is allowed a 1.4% variance in the weight. Therefore, allot of the pieces are quite weighty - they have to weigh the same as the original piece! Which Mr. Katz states is sometimes difficult given many pieces were heavy platinum and gold. And each piece is clearly marked JBK.

The attention to detail and the quality of the replicas are outstanding. I have several pieces and cannot be more pleased with the quality. 99% of the time a compliment is made about the piece. I must confess that do feel like royalty when I wear the pieces.

A Special Thank You is Owed to Jackie Kennedy's Family

The history of these pieces, the ability to actually wear and enjoy and retell the history of love, romance and political connections is only made possible by the authorization of the family of Jackie Kennedy. These pieces are truly treasures and not just in the sense of jewelry. More importantly, these pieces of jewelry represent the history that has made American proud. These pieces celebrate the love story of JFK and Jackie, celebrate the contributions made by Jackie and celebrate the impact JFK and Jackie had not just upon America but also on the world.

Princess Diana's 18 Carat Sapphire Wedding Ring

Princess Diana's famous sapphire ring

Princess Diana's famous sapphire ring

Diana's 18 Carat Sapphire - Same Sapphires that Are in Jackie's Cross

"According to Philip Katz, the sapphires that are in Jackie's cross depicted above and Princess Diana's wedding ring are from the very same piece from a wedding gift bestowed upon Queen Victoria."

Diana's Ring Crafted by Garrad

The engagement ring of Princess Diana caused quite a stir for several reasons. It was chosen by Diana, it was not created specially for her and it was not a traditional diamond engagement ring.

The jeweler who designed the ring, is Garrad, whose pedigree dates to 1722, who has been the jeweler of the royal family.

In 1843,Queen Victoria bestowed the honor of Crown Jeweler on the company, Garrard has served six successive monarchs. Their website is

Diana's 18 Carat Sapphire - Same Sapphires that Are in Jackie's Cross

According to Philip Katz, the sapphires that are in Jackie's cross depicted above and Princess Diana's wedding ring are from the very same piece from a wedding gift bestowed upon Queen Victoria.

Origin of the Sapphires - Dates Back to the Wedding of Queen Victoria

Originally the sapphires were from a wedding gift given to Queen Victoria. The wedding gift was reworked by renown jeweler Garrad, who is the appointed jeweler of the British royal family.

Kennedy Family at Runnymede - Memorial Services May 1965

photo used for educational purposes from The John F. Kennedy Family in Runneymede (JFK Jr, Jackie, Carolyn and Robert Kennedy - JFK's younger brother), greeting Queen Elizabeth (the daughter of the Queen Mother who gave the cross to Jackie)

photo used for educational purposes from The John F. Kennedy Family in Runneymede (JFK Jr, Jackie, Carolyn and Robert Kennedy - JFK's younger brother), greeting Queen Elizabeth (the daughter of the Queen Mother who gave the cross to Jackie)

Map of Runnymede Detailing the Memorial Locations

photo courtesy of The National Trust detailing the John F. Kennedy Memorial location in regards to the Magna Carta Memorial

photo courtesy of The National Trust detailing the John F. Kennedy Memorial location in regards to the Magna Carta Memorial

The National Trust - Protects Open Space

It is the National Trust that brings us the land and preservation at Runneymede. The one acre dedicated as a memorial to John F. Kennedy resides within the boundaries of Runneymede. The one acre as mentioned before has been donated to the people of the United States and is actually United States ground! Here is some more information about the National Trust in Britain:

"The National Trust is a charity and is completely independent of Government. We rely for income on membership fees, donations and legacies, and revenue raised from our commercial operations.

We have over 3.6 million members and 55,000 volunteers. More than 14 million people visit our pay for entry properties, while an estimated 50 million visit our open air properties.

We protect and open to the public over 350 historic houses, gardens and ancient monuments.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also look after forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, downs, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, castles, nature reserves, villages - for ever, for everyone."

source: The National Trust

Memorial Overlooks Runnymede - Donated in Memory of John F. Kennedy

1965: John F. Kennedy Memorial
This memorial stands halfway up the Cooper's Hill Slopes and overlooks Runnymede, on ground previously belonging to the Crown and now the property of the United States of America. It is made of Portland stone to the design of G.A. Jellicoe and was unveiled by HM Queen Elizabeth II on 14 May 1965 in the presence of President Kennedy's widow and children. Visitors reach the memorial by treading a steep path of irregular granite steps, one for each year of Kennedy's life.

The inscription reads: 'This acre of English ground was given to the United States of America by the people of Britain in memory of John F. Kennedy, born 19th May, 1917: President of the United States 1961-63: died by an assassin’s hand 22nd November,1963.

"Let every National know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend or oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and success of liberty":

from the inaugural address of President Kennedy, January 1961.'

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The Kennedy Memorial in England

"Nearby, the Kennedy Memorial stands in its own acre of land, given by the people of Britian to the USA, honouring the memory of the assassinated President. A little piece of America by the Thames."

For more information about the JFK memorial, visit the historic town of Egham in Surrey, England

Runnymede - Magna Carta King John

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

1215 Magna Carta - The Great Charter of Freedoms

In 1215, King John of England proclaimed certain rights given to the people protected by law. This was the very first document that dealt with human rights, the Magna Carta was building block for the founding fathers of the United States of America Bill of Rights. The document included the writ of habeas corpus, the first lawful allowance for an appeal against false imprisonment. The Magna Carta was the first document to protect the rights of citizens and imposed rules and regulations upon the barons and other ruling dignitaries in England and its territories. The prior document called the Charter of Liberties, enacted by King Henry in 1100, dealt with the treatment of church official and nobles.

England's Gift - A Gift of Unity

The wisdom of Queen Mother to celebrate the life of JFK with a cross, a personal preference of Jackie is only dwarfed by the donation of a historic memorial - a piece of land in Runnymede near the very spot that the freedoms for Americans were built upon (the Magna Carta).

We often forget that JFK was a pilgrim of peace and fought for and enacted new legislation to bring unity to the United States and truly ended desegregation. He was a President who presided during a very tumultuous time in the United States, a time when African-Americans sat in a different location on buses and in restaurants, a time when equal rights was on paper not in practice. It is was JFK who brought about a cultural change in the United States. It was John F. Kennedy who brought to us freedoms in practice.  It was JFK who was truly a pilgrim of peace.

England's gift denoted the unity and closeness between two countries while highlighting the important progress we have made throughout the centuries to overcome prejudice, to enact legislation for equal rights, to live in peace with one another.

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Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on November 14, 2015:

Hi Herstory,

I greatly appreciate your clarification on this topic. Learning history and learning it correctly, I feel is very important. Your expertise is most helpful. Thank you!

Herstory on June 15, 2015:

Queen Elizabeth I was not the Queen Mother. Queen Elizabeth I was the never-married daughter of Henry VIII. The Queen Mother was simply "Queen Elizabeth." As a consort, she did not receive a Roman numeral designation.

Ken Kline from USA on November 18, 2013:

HP Roychoudhury,

Your description of the JFK's assassination as "the most heinous act of an individual" is the best description I have heard. I have watched hours of the documentaries this week and the CBS Sunday Morning and the C-SPAN report of the First Ladies are the two very best but none describe the act so well as you have summed it up.

One reporter noted that the world had lost its innocence when this shooting occurred but the word "heinous" that you have chosen I believe needs to be included in this history.

I learned recently that the blood stained pink suit that Jackie wore will be allowed for public display in 2103. I will not be alive at that point in time and I am glad - I don't wish to see it but I believe the world does need to see it and that timing I believe is wise.

Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on February 15, 2010:

Dear KKO,

Thank you very much for your help! I updated the caption to make the corrections. I greatly appreciate it! Please feel free to stop by again!

KKO on February 15, 2010:

The man holding Caroline's hand is not JFK. It is his younger brother, Senator Robert F. Kennedy. And the picture was taken in May of 1965, a year and a half after the president's assassination, at a dedication ceremony in his memory.

H P Roychoudhury from Guwahati, India on December 09, 2009:

JFK’s Assassination was the most heinous act of an individual. The past memory, the gift of land and the love and affection of UK – the vivid description of all had made the hub very touchy and praise worthy. My thanks and love with all in regards to share this nice hub.

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