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Issues and problems of 2020 to 2021

Until the arrival of the two thousand and nineteen, in the joy of the arrival of the new year, mass celebrations were being held all over the world and the dazzling lamp with electric light bulbs kept welcoming the new year while the two thousand and twenty were also happy to some extent. There has been, but it is difficult for the two thousand and twenty-one to receive such a reception, and the two thousand and twenty will be very quietly present among us. ۔ In the same way, countries attribute each new year to someone, in recognition of someone's valuable services, or to raise awareness of a particular purpose, or to pay tribute to a promising figure. Is. From the end of two thousand and nineteen, Corona came together in two thousand and twenty and it came to pass that he did not even mention going. Corona did not come only to Pakistan but the whole world is in its grip and is severely wounded by the blows.

In the light of the background, we unwittingly attribute the year 2020 to Corona because even if we don't, Corona has done it himself. The important thing is that the year is attributed to Corona for the whole world and not to any particular country or For the region. It is noteworthy that the Corona catastrophe has not been seen or heard in Third World and Fourth World countries as it is still being heard in developed and developing countries with thunder (due to which it is also expected). That the Third and Fourth Worlds do not have the means by which they can inform the rest of the world about their situation), there is still a long way to go to find out why Corona is in the Third Fourth World. Didn't work. Perhaps seeing that they are already suffering from hunger and poverty, I must have left them alone, and the anger of injustice in the division of human beings has stopped to show those who are sunk in the swamp of luxuries.

Kashmiris, irrespective of gender and age, are still fighting for their right to self-determination and are risking their lives every day to create a new problem for the occupiers in their paradise-like valley. They have been fighting for almost seventy-five (75) years. They are staying in the same year and inshallah they will soon celebrate the new year with their freedom. Palestinian Muslims are fighting for the survival of Islamic history. They have nothing to do with the pages of history hanging on the walls. They are burying their corpses in the dust for the security of the Holy Land. On the one hand, the power-hungry class in Syria is throwing Syrian children, old women and young men into fire and blood. On the other hand, the Mujahideen in Afghanistan are secretly attacking the enemy in their valleys, depriving them of the lives of the homeless. I don't care and have no acquaintance with the word progress. It seems that if a separate word progress is written in their books, then it may mean something. The enemy has signaled his exhaustion, and almost licking his wounds, the bus is now close to fleeing. The tyrant is pushing the world into various crises by telling stories of his tyranny. The people of these countries have been embroiled in a long list of problems even before the arrival of Corona.

Accidents that started with Abel Cain are going away, every year some tragic accident is becoming the cause of the accident. Some years earthquakes keep coming, some years epidemics keep spreading, some years tsunamis show people the scene of doomsday before doomsday, sometimes there is an uncontrollable fire in the forests of a country and sometimes there are storms and hurricanes. Showed a glimpse of the power of nature so that every year some tragedy or accident has been happening. In the same way, inventions continue to happen, but accidents cause damage and that too is a loss of human life, so inventions provide comfort to the living. Death is real and it has to be carried by every living soul that has opened its eyes to the world, but in 2000 alone more than 300,000 people have died in the United States alone (except for those who die of physical and other diseases). And this is the United States that calls itself the ruler of the world. In simple words, there is no one more powerful in the world than them. Now judge for yourself their power.

Take the UK, it is also in the top ten list of countries affected by Corona and where Corona has now intensified its operations due to which almost the world has cut off its air, bad and deaf links with the UK. So that the new look of Corona could not come out of the UK (while just writing this article, news started circulating on social media that the Corona from the UK has reached Pakistan, which has been confirmed among three Pakistanis from the UK). The vaccine against coronavirus is almost complete and is undergoing testing. There is a strong possibility that there could be no greater New Year's gift than this vaccine.

On the other hand, the negative effects of the vaccine are sometimes being publicized on social media, which has not yet come to light and researchers seem unable to confirm or deny it. Man belongs to any belief, religion or any lineage, he was born to die. Since the creation of the world, countless human beings have lived their lives on this earth, but a complete list that can certainly be long will consist of the people who left the reason for their coming and going in the world. Such were the inhabitants who, in the post of Corona, saw some Corona and some their natural death. In the same year, there is also a call for such rare gems which have left this mortal orphaned and left the world in mourning. Of course, humanity is afraid of Corona. Even after more than a year, we are still not acknowledging this fact.

For us Pakistanis, the year 2020 was very important because it was to host the World Twenty20, the Twenty20 World Cup and the Twenty20 World Cup. If we talk about the world, it has not been possible to hold innumerable events and various sports competitions which were scheduled to be held in the year 2000. From the playground to the school rooms, there was a monopoly of fear and panic.

Apparently, the whole year was spent in mourning and relief, but the road builders, with the help of Allah, paved the way and perhaps for the first time the true purpose of technological inventions was seen. With the exception of one house, the series of physical meetings almost ceased, life began to feel paralyzed, then gradually the series of online meetings began, and the series was strengthened to such an extent that even for the most important meetings. The same priority was given, as we have seen, and many other meetings were arranged in the same way for the United Nations. This is a series that has given a lot of impetus to the scholars. Even the literary conferences that have started online after some pause have not been looked at again, ie perhaps not as many programs could have been arranged as physically. Now being held online.

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Thanks to online, the cost of programs has almost disappeared, while the literary white-clad people who used to live on poetry have suffered a lot. The only downside to online corona is the positive. Corona, which began in late 1919, is now encircling the world. All those who ran blindly in the race of wealth, those who further ignited the flame of knowledge, kept on watching the fading flame in the year 2000. Of course, the world slowed down its journey significantly, but this journey did not stop. Something happened somewhere. For a while, human beings feared, feared, and were close to the Creator of their universe. But then, thanks to the knowledge bestowed by the same Creator, he changed his lifestyle and as soon as he saw it, everything went online. The change in the counting of numbers is coming again. The calendars hanging on the walls and in the niches on the tables are about to change and it is not known whether it has changed in the last several years.

This article may not be able to achieve the desired goals, but it is as much as it is. Hopefully in the new year we will get rid of Corona and the new year will not bring any test for the world. There was still a lot left but it has been saved for next year. If it was available then next year we will meet with new enthusiasm and new possibilities. God willing

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