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Is opening up a good idea?

The author is waiting for some clear idea on the pandemic, something which can be said firmly and something which is not an assumption.


Opening up can be a perk for many individuals, especially those whose livelihood depends on the offline service of customers and consumers. A simple example is a small businessman who owns an industry needs to reach his factory, the UBER driver who will drop him to his destination may find employment and will earn from the need of the people to travel rather than being locked up, the factory employers who will be able to continue their work offline once again will be happy with the decision of opening up as rather than depending on machines manual work will generate employment.


I think people might have differing opinions on the situation but to me, I tend to think of the opening up decision as a danger. I assume it to be fatal for the individuals who don't follow the social distancing norms and those who refuse to wear masks. I refuse to believe that each and every individual will be responsible for his/her/other's safety, there is always that one individual in the group who loves to break rules and who feels free to do anything that is not legal. The third wave is yet to come, not that anyone is awaiting its arrival but it is better to be careful and take precautions by assuming that it can cause damage and can be harmful .

I feel like there is a huge disadvantage to students who were not provided with necessary study equipment and online services and if the schools start offline education these kids might study well and excel in life. But talking about the students who had to study for their important entrance examinations online was equally beneficial yet disadvantageous.

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Factory worker

Online freelancer



Small businesses

Rickshaw driver

I think the activities and work that can be done online should proceed in the same mode, and other offline jobs should be resumed step-wise.

Overall what I wish is just the safety of all individuals.


Moon from New York on July 16, 2021:


ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on July 15, 2021:

Wrote something after quite some time tell me your thoughts on the situation. I feel like being an Indian, I understand that there is a fear in peopl's heart for the third wave to be very destructive and opening up completely may not be the best choice.

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