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Is There Any Relationship Between Our Body and Mind?

Ian has a bachelor's degree in education and social sciences. How our bodies and brains are linked.



Relationship between sex, gender and selection employees

The three major reactions that the paper tends to discuss is; sex and gender, and selection employees. The reaction paper is essential as it tries to link how the three elements in human beings relate. The paper also intends to bring harmony among the three topics revealing the connective aspect and how each plays a role to connect or relate with the other one. In the experience, I have shown the connection and the relationship between sex and crime. For example, the male sex has been much linked to criminal activities more than the female sex.

a) Sex

Sex is defined as a biological aspect of an individual as it has been determined by the anatomy, which is produced by the interaction of the chromosome and the hormones. Sex is categorized as either female or male, which is generally assigned during the time of birth. The topic of sex is relevant to me as it plays an eye-opener to the different things and elements attached to either of the sex that is male or female (Stoller, 2020).

The topic enables me to understand the different roles bestowed to different sex in society and at the family level. The sex topic also acts as a way of informative and educative role in determining the different facts attached to every sex.

The issue of how sex is identified has been controversial, thus a need for clarification to differentiate with the gender. This is a new understanding that the paper has enabled me to comprehend. Also, the topic has enlightened that sex is much differentiated with reference to the reproductive functions.

I agree with the author that the sex is differentiated based on the reproductive function and not the masculinity or feminist. This is because, in most cases, sex is determined after birth and identified as either female or male. I agree that almost all people are born with physical features referred to as female or male or intersex. This is because the intersex is the individuals born with their hormones and anatomy or other features that are neither male nor female.

In this case, such individuals are assigned sex through the intervention of the doctor or the family members. This shows that individuals may have varying sex characteristics as female, male, or intersex or sometimes a non-binary identity.

In the past experience, I happened to meet an individual who had been in a self-conflict trying to determine the right sex that was fit. This is because the person's reproductive functionality occurred to contain both the female and male reproductive organs. In this case, it took the family members' intervention and the doctor as an adviser to the family on the right identity to fit in.

The victim grew in the knowledge of being a male, but the year later, he started to experience some breast developments that captured his attention. This makes it hard for him to determine his sex. This experience relates to the topic of discussion as it shows the various characteristic of sex.

b) Gender

Gender is defined as the social construction that relates to the attributes and behaviors based on the labels of femininity and masculinity. The identity of gender is viewed as an internal perception of oneself. Therefore, gender categorizes someone's identity, which may not match the sex assigned to an individual after birth.

The topic of gender is relevant to me as it shows how men and women's characteristics are socially constructed. The topic shows how the men and women differ in aspects of roles played in society and in families, the norms, and how the different groups of men and women relate. The topic also reveals the different explanations of the meaning of the gender from one society to another that seems to be distinct.

Besides, the topic informs me of the different identities of gender, such as female, male, transgender, or the non-binary gender.

There are some things that are new to me about the topic, such as the existence of the transgender. The topic informs me of the term used to identify people whose gender varies from the sex assigned at the time of birth.

Also, according to the Equality Act 2010, allows someone not to have a legally changed their gender and thus be included in the protected characteristic definition, it is also new that most of the transgender people go through transition hence changing how other people see them and the manner in which they look to be categorized in the same gender identity.

I agree with the author about the gender that is much established on the basis of the roles norms in society. The constructed definition of the gender depends on the society in which the gender occurs, context. The gender characteristics include the gender identity, biological sex, and the social structure social structures.

I agree with the author since most cultures apply gender binary, such as either men or women and either boys or girls. This is because it is evident with how society refers to the individual gender on the basis of their age and the stages in life.

I have experienced a situation where the gender identity was differentiated based on the roles that we were assigned to carry out. During the assigning of roles in the home and in the society, the hard responsibilities such as farming, providing security were given to men and the boys while the easy duties such as cooking, cleaning were assigned to the women and the girls. In my case, the norm only allowed me to have the men and the boys' duties. The experience relates to the topic as gender is determined on the basis of the socially constructed characteristics.

Selection employees

This is a process of identifying job applicants and putting them on the right job. This is mostly done on the basis of the qualifications such as competency or academic credentials to fill in a vacancy in the job. Selecting employees is relevant as it informs on the things and qualities that one should consider while selecting an employee to fit in a job.

Also, the topic educates on the circumstances that the process of employee selection may be done, as well as the steps that should be followed to acquire the right results in selection.

Some things were new about the topic, such as the due steps in selecting the best employees in an organization or any other private or public institution. I have come to learn of the steps such as advertisement of the job, screening the application documents by the relevant job offers, interviews to the candidates either through physical appearance or through the internet, verifying of the legitimacy of the credentials and referencing, making the final selection and offering the job (Farr, 2019).

Besides I learned that the employees' selection process varies from one institution to another or even departments in the same company.

I agree with the author that the process of selection is the shortlisting of the appropriate candidate with the right qualifications and the skill to fill in the vacancies in an institution. This is because the selecting board scrutinizes the applications through the expected and required standards to identify the right employee to be shortlisted. In some case, the applicants are subjected to harsh and demanding standards that would require them to struggle before attaining an opportunity or be selected as an employee.

The employees to be selected are also required to have come across the standards and the threshold or the particular job vacancies that they seek to fill.

I have experience having been subjected to the process of selecting an employee in a company department of accounting. The job was advertised through the company's website and the media channel. This captured my attention and decided to apply for the job, and after ten days of submission of the application documents, I was called through a phone call to attend an interview.

It was conducted in the premises of the company under the surveillance of the panel.

I was subjected to answering some critical questions regarding the position I was seeking, which was then followed by the verification of the credentials that I had attached. The experience example is relevant and related to the topic as it shows the process that was followed to select an employee.


In the text above we have seen how our physical appearance can be affected by our psychological makeups. This means there is a relationship between our minds and bodies and that our bodies are not entirely independent.


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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Ian Muiruri

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