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Is the United States Still A Free Country? Does The United States Have A Tyrannical Government?

What happened to the United States?

Words hold little meaning if actions prove much different than the spoken or written word. It can still be heard, America, the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave, but do these words properly describe the nation of the United States of America as it is today?

While our Rights are being dwindled down to non-existent status, can Americans still speak of living in a free country? Calling the sky purple does not make it so, declaring a nation to be free does not equate with reality!

It appears that the American public is satisfied with living in a constant state of denial. A complete refusal to accept the facts of reality. The fact that America has been transformed, a once magnificent republic is becoming more authoritative and tyrannical in what seems to be a daily basis. The United States of America is not the bastion of freedom that it once was, truly heartbreaking!

Is the United States of America still the Land of the Free?

Has the United States become a tyrannical dictatorship?

Has the United States become a tyrannical dictatorship?

The government is abusing its citizens....over there!

Oh yes, we are quick to judge others while never making the attempt at introspection of the current events within our own nation. The U.S. government issues various reports on violations of human rights abroad. Our government happily informs us when foreign government abuse their citizens, while avoiding any mention of Right violations happening in the United States. It is commonplace for the American public to be told how much better it is to live in the United States, and using examples attempts to prove this fact to the American Public.

We, the American public do so enjoy pointing the finger outward to other nations for the purpose of passing judgement on the infractions they do upon their own people. Yet for some unknown reason we refrain from looking at our own state of affairs. We are so sure of the guarantees of freedom in the United States, that it is rare for the finger of judgement to point inward on our own country.

The End of Freedom in America ► Patriot Act ● NDAA ● Trespass bill ● Drones ● Obamacare

What happened to the United States?

Politicians do not agree on much, but taking away Constitutional Rights from the people, is truly a bipartisan effort. Both sides agree without argument!

Since the atrocities that occurred in September of 2001, the United States has passed multiple laws that force the American people to sacrifice freedom for the feeling of higher security. America is moving so quickly down the path of Authoritarianism that it is difficult to remain informed of the latest tyrannical law being passed. Congress passes these laws without taking the time to read or discuss the legislation. The laws are passed with an overwhelming majority. It should be public knowledge that the Left and the Right do not agree on much, but any law taking away Rights of the individual holds massive bipartisan support.

No one in our government even makes the illusion of opposition. At what point does the erosion of our Rights wake us up to the Tyrannical government being erected right before our eyes? When will the veil of denial be lifted so the American people become aware of their Police State? When the people do realize their oppression, will it be too late?

The government fears a unified population!

Tools of division are used to keep the people separate from each other!

Tools of division are used to keep the people separate from each other!

Why Don't the people pay attention, it is their Freedom?

Yes, there are rumblings of disenfranchisement each time one of these Police State laws are being discussed, yet once our government rushes through the passage of the law, our attention is diverted. The so-called unbiased media does not do its job in informing the public of the content of these legislative decisions. Our government does not publicly discuss the legislation, and if they do discuss it, it is done outside of the scrutiny of the public.

Each of these security laws builds upon the others, once complete, the United States of America will become no different from the multiple other tyrannical forms of government that the world has been exposed too. We will still be told how unfair and unjust the people of other nations are being treated by their government. We will still be told that our nation is a free country. It will just be that truth is different then what is being reported. Yes, there will be atrocities committed in other countries, the difference will be that our country also engages in the same type of activities, the differences will be that nobody will notify us of the transgression committed by our own government against US!

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US Falls into Tyranny: What's Next?

Will it be too late for the people to realize their government is transformed in to an Authoritative and Oppressive entity?

We will still be able to point to our Constitution for the false feeling that our nation is still the symbol for Liberty, Freedom, and Independence for the world to admire. The only problem will be that the Constitution will be irrelevant due to the security laws being passed today! The government is instituting laws that will allow it to deny citizens the Rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Once the agenda of oppression is concluded, there is no power on the planet that will allow the American people to revert back to the nation that they once knew. By keeping the population distracted through acts of division, the government is working towards erecting what could become the most Authoritative government in recorded history. The Federal government of the United States divides the people along wealth, race, sexual orientation, religious, lines and the media is complacent with this plot. Our media has become an extension of the Federal Government, instead of an unbiased media, we have a government propaganda tool!

The President of the United States is now the Chief Assassin!

Using a "kill list", the President designates individuals to be killed! Without trial or any documented evidence!

Using a "kill list", the President designates individuals to be killed! Without trial or any documented evidence!

The government can now legally kill you, without a trial, without presenting evidence, and with no need to explain themselves to anyone!

"Your a terrorist" or "You are supporting terrorism" is all that needs to be said, either of these labels imposed on the individual by the government, once labelled, anytime, anywhere, you can be killed!

We now have a Chief Executive who proudly admits giving his authorization to murder citizens of the United States. Maybe this sort of practice has happened in the past, but acknowledgement by the Chief Executive of his part in killings has never happened. Every President has maintained the availability of "plausible deniability" when dealing with such sensitive issues.

No longer is this the case, with no fear of repercussions, our President now boasts of his ability to order "hits" on individuals, including citizens of America. With no hesitation of being brought up on charges, the President is now accuser, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner, all of this done, not in some third world nation, not in a nation with a dictatorial system of government, this is happening in the United States of America, it is wrong, it is criminal, yet for some reason it is allowed!

Indefinite detention Act voids US Constitution

Government agents can place you in custody for life, never allowing you to speak to a lawyer, see a judge, or even file charges against you.

The law has been passed, it has already happened. You can now be picked up by government agents, your family may not even be notified of your location. You can be held for an indefinite amount of time without the opportunity top speak to an attorney to aid in your defense.

You do not need a defense, the government does not have a requirement to file criminal or civil charges against you. You will never see a judge, the Habeus Corpus Right in the American Constitution means nothing! All of this because either you have been suspected of assisting individuals in terrorist activity or it is believed you have the potential to engage in terrorist activity yourself. Yes, you can now be detained for life for a crime you MIGHT commit. The pinnacle word there is Might, it is now possible to be punished for things you have not done yet.

The nation of China has passed legislation limiting the amount of time one of their citizens can be detained. Yes, that was done in China, in the United States this means nothing, in the United States, the time limit does not exist, you can be detained for the rest of your life without any evidence presented to a Court, implicating you in any criminal activity whatsoever. The burden of Dictatorship currently weighs heavy on the population of America!

A defendant may or may not get their day in Court? All depends on the mood of the President!

The American Justice system now arbitrarily dispenses Justice at the behest of the American President!

The American Justice system now arbitrarily dispenses Justice at the behest of the American President!

The cogs of Justice revolve differently for different people! The idea of a fair and equal under law rule being applied uniformly does not exist!

The United States is currently in a situation that allows the President of the United States to determine what kind of jurisdiction a defendant will receive. That is, if they ever receive the gift of being allowed some kind of Judicial procedure!

The President gets to choose if a particular defendant receives a trial within the Federal Court system or if they will be forced in to a military tribunal. This sort of behavior is mocked worldwide, as the United States is the first country to point out the Justice system abuses of other nations against their citizens. Yet the violation of Due Process procedures are being pretty much ignored in the United States. This is due to a media that is under the control of the same entities desiring a Fascist government! The American media might be ignoring the subject, but foreign press agencies are more than happy to point out even more hypocrisy issued by the government of the United States.

Hamdan vs. Rumsfield: Fighting Military Tribunals and Other Government Intrusion

The past two American Presidential Administrations has seen to it that the laws needed to bring down a tyrannical Police State are passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. Almost the entire Federal government is complacent in these actions. They have violated their "Oath of Office" and should be punished by the American people.

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

How much more can the American people take, although not directly feeling the wrath of the tyrannical legislation, as of yet, the future may alter the conditions inside the United States. It may very well be the Federal Government itself that creates the "National Emergency" needed to fully implement their agenda of control!

The American Revolution was fought because British soldiers were conducting illegal searches.

The current situation in America allows more grievous instances of abuses of the search capabilities of Law enforcement!

The current situation in America allows more grievous instances of abuses of the search capabilities of Law enforcement!

Although one of the major reasons for the colonists of America to fight a revolution against Britain was the British conducting immoral searches!

The United States has seen the passage of several laws eliminating the need for law enforcement agents requirement to receive a warrant from an unbiased Judge before conducting a search.

Our President now has the authority to force all companies and organizations to hand over information on American citizens without a search warrant, the company or organization would be committing a crime if they notified you that they received requests from the government to receive information on you.

National Security Letters Violate Our Privacy

All of your financial records, medical records, all communications (phone calls, emails), and even information on who you associate with can be discovered by government without your knowledge! Law Enforcement agents now have the authority to write their own search warrants, a power that is easily abused and the central reason that the American War of Independence was waged!

Beginning with George Bush and enhanced by Barack Obama, the use of "National Security Letters" is an obvious violation of the United States Constitution, but what do dictators care what a Nations Constitution reads, they believe themselves to be above the law. Which due to the wording of the various legislation, in many instances they are above the scrutiny of Congress or the Judicial branch of the American government! These "National Security Letters" even disregard the need for reasonable suspicion, before a search is conducted.

There is no Right to seek a redress of your grievances.

The American Court system will dismiss any case against the government if the government makes the claim of "state secrets"! The government acts outside the rule of law!

The American Court system will dismiss any case against the government if the government makes the claim of "state secrets"! The government acts outside the rule of law!

You can be prosecuted based on evidence that you will never see. You cannot file grievances against the American government. "State Secrets" how ridiculous!

It is now possible to be detained based on evidence that you have no Right to be informed of the existence of said evidence. Secret evidence has become an integral part of the American governments arsenal of tools used to eliminate the ability of a defendant to be aware of evidence against them. This evidence is being utilized in both the Federal court system and the military tribunal scenarios.

State secrets is also used to force a Judge to dismiss any claims brought against the government. All that is needed to have a case dismissed is for lawyers of the government to allude to the chance that going forward with the case may reveal the dreaded "state secrets". With no oversight possible, checking to see if the governments claims are true, is also not allowed. The American Federal judges will dismiss a lawsuit or criminal charges without question at the mere mention of state secrets.

Court Supports State Secrets

This brings the actions of the American government outside of the rule of law. Regardless of the atrocities committed by the American government. No remedy is available for the victims of the governments criminal actions! Even the source of law used by the government to commit their atrocities is classified. They will not even reveal under what U.S. law they claim the Right to take the actions that they do!

So the government now possesses the ability to conduct secret court proceedings using secret evidence. The really frustrating part of this scenario is that the majority of cases are never even discussed in a Court of law. Another tool used by the government to avoid litigation is the issue of "standing", they successfully coerce Judges to dismiss cases because the individual bringing the claims to the Court does not have the proper "standing" to have the case heard.

The truly sad part is that if a defendant is being detained without the ability to use their Habeus Corpus right to stand before a Judge to question their detention, no other individual would have the "standing" to bring the case to Court for the detained individual. A Catch-22 that the government uses to deny an individual an opportunity to be presented to a court proceeding!

The American government freely entered treaties giving the Nuremberg Tribunal jurisdiction over war crimes throughout the world!

Yet the American government disregards this Judicial body when it is American officials implicated in war crimes!

Yet the American government disregards this Judicial body when it is American officials implicated in war crimes!

American leaders are quick to request trials for foreigners that have committed "war crimes', yet American leaders engage in the same activities!

When it came to light that the American government was using torture techniques on those being detained due to terrorist suspicions, the American public was appalled. Barack Obama made claims that he would end this sort of criminal behaviors engaged in by agents of the American government. Out of the other side of his mouth he instructed his Justice department from pursuing any government agents for the crimes that they admittedly committed.

From the Huffington Post:

Red Cross investigators concluded last year in a secret report that the Central Intelligence Agency's interrogation methods for high-level Qaeda prisoners constituted torture and could make the Bush administration officials who approved them guilty of war crimes, according to a new book on counterterrorism efforts since 2001.

Bush Convicted of War Crimes at Tribunal

The United States freely endorses global treaties, but on a whim they will disregard the agreements they entered in to upon endorsing the treaty. The international law precedents set up by the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal is completely disregarded when it comes to international crimes committed by the American government.

Spain had attempted to conduct an investigation concerning officials in the Bush administration for their involvement in war crimes. Barack Obama used his influence as President of the United States to coerce Spain to refrain from initiating the investigation. Of course American officials have no problem in calling for leaders of other nations to be brought before the tribunal for similar actions. Hypocrisy at its finest!

The United States has now entrenched itself with nations such as Iran, China, and Syria in its failure to submit to the rule of international law. It may very well be fact that American actions are even more grievous then these other nations!

Once the American government declares an issue to be National Security, its power has no boundaries!

The American government will conduct secret Court proceedings, even if it involves American citizens!

The American government will conduct secret Court proceedings, even if it involves American citizens!

FISA: US under total surveillance

The Executive Branch of the American government enables secret court proceedings against its own citizens!

In 1978, the government of the United States established the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the purpose of this Court was to review applications for warrants concerning matters of National Security.

Recently the use of this Court has been used on a more regular basis. The secret warrants issued by this Judicial body has been expanded to include the monitoring of individuals suspected of providing support to governments of hostile nations and organizations.

The powers held by this Judicial body was extended in 2011 by Barack Obama. This Court's authority was altered to include secret searches of individuals regardless of any ties to a hostile organization or government.

Oversight by Congress has been eliminated due to the administration simply ignoring the powers held by the American Congress. For some wild reason not explained by the administration, they feel they have a right to completely disregard the authority held by our elected representatives in Congress. Another aspect of the American Constitution that no longer holds any merit!

Nothing will stop the government of the United States if the people do not resist!

WAKE UP before it is too late, this is not a Left/Right problem, it is an American problem!

WAKE UP before it is too late, this is not a Left/Right problem, it is an American problem!

You cannot seek remedy in a Court, The Executive Branch of the American government says so!

If an individual feels that something has been done to them illegally, they have the Right to seek remedy within a Courtroom. This is the way the American System of Justice was designed to operate, yet now the Office of the President has changed the Justice system to eliminate this Right from the citizens of America.

When a citizen feels that their privacy has been violated by a company handing over information to the government without a proper search warrant they should retain the ability to present their grievances to a Judge in a Court. Yet the past two Presidential Administrations has seen to it that these companies receive immunity from Judicial review. So no matter how heinous the actions of the government working in collusion with these companies, the American public has no choice but to accept their privacy violations.

The United States of America while still referred to as a Constitutional Representative Republic, the title of Tyrannical Dictatorship is much more appropriate!

Senate Advances Expanded, "Orwellian" Government Surveillance With FISA Amendments, CISPA

The American government claims the Right to conduct surveillance on American citizens, whether or not they are suspected in criminal activity!

Using Global Positioning Systems, the American government has made claims of its authority to maintain surveillance on American citizens without any requirement to seek approval from any Court, or to submit to any review of its actions. Almost every citizen carries a GPS device on their person, each cell phone can be used as a Global Positioning piece of equipment.

The Supreme Court of the United States has not accepted any cases to determine if these action taken by our government is in fact Constitutional. Another government body that the Executive Branch would prefer to ignore. All dictators attempt to bring every governmental power under their control. The Dictators of the United States are no different.

The President Of the United States can send an individual to a foreign nation to be tortured!

This is just one of the new Tyrannical powers that the American government has given to the Chief Executive!

This is just one of the new Tyrannical powers that the American government has given to the Chief Executive!

Not only does the United States export our jobs, now we export prisoners to be tortured!

The Federal government has another controversial tool to be used against both citizens and non citizens. This tool is called an "extraordinary rendition". This tool is used by the government to have detainees, both American and not, sent to a foreign nation for the purpose of interrogations. By sending the detainees to a foreign country they can avoid American laws concerning the torture of prisoners.

Even though the Obama administration states that it no longer allows detainees to be tortured, it does nothing to end the governments ability to perform such actions. If this administration has no desire to use these activities, why not end them as promised during the 2008 campaign.

Extraordinary Rendition

With these laws came the increase of funding to enlarge the security systems on both the national and state level. There is now an increase in surveillance cameras, there are thousands of new security personal, and the bureaucracy in charge of monitoring terrorist activity has expanded exponentially!

Using the "War on Terror" as an excuse to eradicate the basic rights embedded in the American Constitution, the actions taken in recent years by our government can only be described as an abuse of power and treasonous, as their activities clearly violate the Oath taken prior to accepting the government position.

Although many Democrats were critical of these activities when done by the Bush administration, since Barack Obama took office, the criticism of the left has become nonexistent.

The new American Dictator

There is no such thing as "acting like a dictator", once a leader engages in dictatorial activities, that leader is a dictator!

There is no such thing as "acting like a dictator", once a leader engages in dictatorial activities, that leader is a dictator!

Congress and the Judicial branch of the American government is designed to act as a check and balance on the powers residing in the office of the President. Not to be mere figureheads allowing our Chief Executive to become the first American Dictator!

To add insult to injury,while Barack Obama was signing the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), he stated that he would not use the legislation against citizens of America. He also stated that he would veto the legislation, so the honesty of Barack Obama is highly questionable. If he did not agree with the legislation why did he sign it. Because Barack Obama has determined himself to be above the law, and pretty much an American Dictator, with no qualms about using Tyrannical laws against citizens of his own nation!

American Tyranny Step By Step: Saving Our Republic

The United States of America, is it still the same nation it once was?

To describe a nation as Tyrannical does not mean that the government is engaging in tyrannical actions. Simply by possessing these powers, whether currently being used or not, designates a nation as tyrannical. If the President of the United States has the authority to have you detained without due process or, if the President has the authority to order your death. Any semblance of Rights is an illusion and should more aptly be called government allowed privileges.

The nation of the United States was created by individuals that were very aware of what it was like to live under tyrannical rule. That is why the War of Independence was waged, James Madison stated:

“ The very definition of tyranny is when all powers are gathered under one place."


Ever since the horrendous tragedies that occurred in September of 2001, the government of the United States has headed down the path of Tyranny. Although the government of the United States was created using three separate branches of government to be used as checks and balances on each other. The American government has created the ability for the President to disregard the other two branches of government.

By entrusting our politicians with the ability to author legislation to allow the nation to continue to operate on behalf of the American people. We never imagined that they would use this power to place themselves above the law. Then to violate every law they are trusted to enforce, this is an insult to the people of America.

It is common knowledge that for the most part politicians are corrupt and prone to telling falsehoods, no one could have imagined the extent that the American government would be willing to go while betraying the people that placed their trust in them!

It may be very soon that publishing an article of this nature could place the author in danger from the American government. Until that day I will be shouting at the top of my lungs that the people of the United States needs to:



Tiger from the UK on January 02, 2013:

You are just starting to believe that US citizens are actually free to determin their own fate. What a mug, your whole protection agency's will cripple your individual efforts to stay alive and free. Just ask the CIA.

Reality Bytes (author) from Freeman On The Land United States of America. on August 09, 2012:

KT Banks, I do believe their is danger on posting articles such as this on the internet. I will not allow myself to be controlled by fear. The Federal government of the united States has reached the point that if something is not done soon, the nation as we know it will cease to exist. If this is not already the case.

Thank you for the comment, it is truly appreciated. I am willing to suffer the consequences for my actions, whatever that turns out to be!

KT Banks from Texas on August 09, 2012:

Wow. No one has commented yet. Maybe it's due to what is said in the second to last paragraph. People are already scared to publicly voice their real feelings. The patriot act has caused me to have second thoughts about saying a lot of what I really think.

Maybe as writers that could someday be condemned (in various ways) for expressing our views, we should have a check list in order to see if some of us suddenly go missing. And a list of places that people are sent to, so that we would know where to look for each other.

It's hard to know how bad things may get, without being labeled paranoid - or worse. However, it doesn't do any good to stick your head in the sand and refuse to seriously look into what is really going on. There is no doubt that our rights are being taken away, and I agree that both political parties think it's in their best interest.

What does seem strange to me, is that they used to at least Try to hide devious acts and deeds. Not so much anymore. Maybe they realize that no one wants to pay too much attention, because they feel like there is nothing they can do about it anyway.

I'm really glad that we all have access to the internet and cell phones with cameras and video capability. Some of what the media doesn't want to tell us is being captured by the public and exposed anyway.

I am half asleep while I'm writing this, but I wanted to let you know that your hub is being read and it is creating some deep thoughts.