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Is Squidward's Suicide Real or Fake?

I've been interested in researching the supernatural and paranormal for many years.

Back in 2006, a guy who had interned for Nickelodeon Studios related that he had some strange and possibly paranormal experiences while helping to edit a particular episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. The happenings in the editing room left viewers of the particular episode in question sick and horrified. Something seemed to have gone terribly wrong.

Here we look at this former intern's story, and what exactly happened, and what he witnessed when watching this lost episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


Fear of a Krabby Patty Turns to Horror

He was in the editing room with other interns and lead animators and sound editors. The episode they were to look at was "Fear of a Krabby Patty". It was customary for animators to put a "joke" title card up for laughs. So when the title card read "Squidward's Suicide", the young intern assumed it was just a joke.

The episode started fairly normally, with the usual music. Squidward started his imperfect clarinet playing, SpongeBob is outside of Squidward's home laughing and SpongeBob is chastised by Squidward because he is trying to practice for a concert.

The usual bubble splash comes up on the screen, and the end of the concert is seen.

As Squidward plays, frames begin to repeat but the sound doesn't stop and just goes on as if there's no glitch. The crowd grumbles and boos viciously. Squidward is shown looking extremely terrified.

The crowd is shown with SpongeBob in center frame booing Squidward, which is uncharacteristic of SpongeBob.

The eyes of those in the audience are described by the intern as very realistic, not cartoonish. In addition, their pupils are red. People in the editing room at this point become more shocked at what they are viewing.

Squidward is shown on his bed with a look of extreme dread, and there is no sound. There is no sound, not even from the speakers, no feedback at all. Squidward starts crying softly and there is then the sound of a breeze through a forest.

Then there is a close-up of his face and he weeps louder and more fervently. The screen blips and contorts and then goes back to normal.

The wind sound gets louder, slowly, and more severe like a storm is approaching. The sound is realistic as if not coming from the speakers but the actual sound coming through the speakers. Underneath the noise there is a faint laughter sporadically about a second at a time.

After 30 seconds, the screen blurs and begins to twitch violently. There is a flash across the screen like a single frame is replaced.

At this point, the lead animator paused the tape and rewound it.

They are able to see a photo in a frame of a murdered child. He is brutally mutilated with an eye dangling from the socket. He is cut open and his insides are laying beside him. Also seen is the shadow of the photographer.

Squidward continues to weep louder and only half his body is seen in the frame. Blood is coming out of his eyes and onto his face. The blood is very realistic, the intern relates.

At the same time the wind is getting louder and the sound of branches breaking can be heard; the laughing becomes deeper, happens more often and lasts longer.

Again the screen twists and a single photo can be seen again. The editor goes back to catch the photo. This time it is of a little girl, on her stomach and in a pool of blood, her eye also is popped out of the socket and her guts are on her back and there is a cut on her back too. Again, the photographer's shadow can be seen.

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The intern said he almost puked at that point and another intern left the room.

Squidward is silent, there's no sound, his eyes look very realistic and they are bleeding, bloodshot and pulsating. He stares at the screen as if watching the viewer. Then he begins to sob again. This time the crying is blood-curdling, mixed with screams. Tears and blood are flowing heavily from his eyes and the sound of the wind comes back along with the deep laughing; a photo comes up on screen and lasts 5 frames.

It is of a boy whose guts are being pulled out of his body, his eye is dangling from the socket and bleeding.

At this point the intern says he vomited and everyone was obviously shocked at what they had seen. The next 5 frames played like a video showing the child's insides being pulled out and his eye focused on it.

The lead sound editor stops the tape and calls in the creator. They watch the rest of the video. Squidward is staring at the viewer. The shot pans out quickly and a deep voice is heard saying, "DO IT!"

Next, Squidward is seen with a shotgun. He puts it in his mouth and shoots. Realistic blood and brains are shot all over the wall behind him and he flies back with the force of the blast.

His body is shown on the bed, he's on his side, one eye is dangling from his head toward the floor.


The Aftermath

The creator, Hillenburg, was furious. He demanded to know what happened, but no one knew.

The intern said he had nightmares about the whole incident.

He also says that though the file showed that the tape had been edited over with new material, that the time stamp on it revealed that the editing only occurred 24 seconds before they'd started watching the episode. There has never been an explanation as to what happened with this bizarre episode of SpongeBob.

And though there was an investigation into the possible murder of the children on the tape, nothing was turned up.

Is this story for real? Did someone on the SpongeBob staff pull off one of the most elaborate pranks in animation history? Was something paranormal about the incident? After all, the intern claims that the episode was edited practically as soon as they received it in the editing room, as if done by some unseen force.

Or is this just a story made up for our entertainment, to be shared on the Internet for years spurring the kinds of questions that I'm asking here?

It's been said that the story is the creation of a 4Chan user for the fun of it.

Or is it?

© 2015 Marquis Mayhem

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