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Is Nibiru aka Planet X Heading Our Way?

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Is Nibiru lurking somewhere at the edges of our solar system? Is it doomsday panic as usual? Or does Nibiru actually exist but won't pass by the coming decades?

Is Nibiru lurking somewhere at the edges of our solar system? Is it doomsday panic as usual? Or does Nibiru actually exist but won't pass by the coming decades?

What Do You Think

Is Nibiru News Worthy?

Let's imagine it is true that a yet unknown planet, or even a complete solar system, crosses our solar system once in many thousands of years.

That will definitely stir things up down here, because a massive object(s) orbiting the Sun would introduce a yet unknown pull.

Would an approaching massive object be covered by a news agency like Reuters? I am not so sure about that. What would be the purpose of such a broadcast? How would that sound on radio and TV that the world is about to end as we know it in just a few years? That wouldn't serve the public interest, or would it? So it won't be broadcasted. If there is really something going on, we have to find it out ourselves.

This article will not predict doomsday. I think that is already done unsuccessfully too many times, by too many people of different backgrounds. This article will make an attempt to ascertain the veracity of the existence of Planet Nine, aka Nibiru, aka Planet X and/or the likelihood that this planet might pass soon.

The information on the internet around Nibiru is utterly confusing and full of contradictions. Contradiction is a sign of a failing logic. Let's try to peal off this issue, like an onion, layer by layer.

I will try to enumerate the probability of the existence of this rogue planet and/or even the possibility that we are part of a binary system.

First Indications of a Missing "Partner"

Angular Momentum to Mass ratios. You can see all the bodies in our solar system have ratios in line with their mass AND rotations except for the Sun. The Sun is ipso facto rotating around something else. What?

Angular Momentum to Mass ratios. You can see all the bodies in our solar system have ratios in line with their mass AND rotations except for the Sun. The Sun is ipso facto rotating around something else. What?

Why Haven't They Found Anything Yet?

The most common heard remark regarding this is that if they can find a tiny, distant object like Pluto, they would easily detect a massive object like Nibiru.

That might be one of the largest mistakes in dismissing a large object, because Pluto is orbiting in the same plane as the other planets, and that made it relatively easy to discover.

Our currently known solar system is, to speak in simple terms, orbiting in 2D. And in one direction. The unknown object would be orbiting somewhere in 3D in a completely unknown orbit. On top of that its orbit is vastly larger than any currently known planet, and thus could be very, very hard to find. Unless, it is nearby.

Mathematics is nowadays the ultimate way to find new celestial objects. Just pointing your telescope to somewhere, in the hope you will see something, is futile. It now appears that mathematics predicts the presence of a massive unknown object in our solar system. But it might even be so that we are speaking of multiple objects.

Telescopes large enough to find a very distant object are expensive. Who is willing to finance that, and who's job is it to find the object? There are hardly any people around to fulfill that job for just a song. That's why there isn't found anything yet.

Next you will find a list of reasons why there is a massive object out there.

The Sun's Missing Partner Balances Our Solar System

When the Sun is presumed to orbit around "something else" every 24,000 years, its angular momentum is somewhat in line with the other celestial bodies. Balance is a strict condition.

When the Sun is presumed to orbit around "something else" every 24,000 years, its angular momentum is somewhat in line with the other celestial bodies. Balance is a strict condition.

#1 - The Angular Momentum of the Sun

Since the time of Kepler, it is already suggested that the Sun is missing angular momentum. The planets (and their moons) rotate all in the same direction, and even in the same plane of rotation. When we add all these forces (torques) together, the Sun is missing a significant torque.

To explain this in simple terms - when we put 1 pound on the left side of the scale, we have to put 1 pound on the right side as well to keep the scale in balance. This is basically the same in our solar system. There must be a counterweight, but we haven't found it yet. Maybe it is a small black hole, a neutron star, a brown dwarf, or a massive planet. Maybe it is even a combination, or a complete solar system.

The Sun is therefore ipso facto rotating around a virtual point in space. We have currently no way of measuring this virtual point, other than suggesting a missing torque. Another, yet unobserved, celestial body explains that vitally. Maybe it is observed, but it might not be recognized as a celestial body which is part of our solar system.

  • The missing angular momentum is the first indication that the Sun is part of a binary system.

#2 - Distribution of Comets

It is often suggested that a single sun solar system would have a more random distribution of comets than we witness in our solar system. In a single sun solar system, the comets would come virtually from all directions, but that is not the case. About ⅓ of the long range comets come from a narrow belt.

The whole Planet Nine hypothesis was initially developed to explain one simple phenomenon - the narrow alignment of the six most distant objects in the Kuiper belt. There would be just 0.007% for these six objects to follow that narrow path coincidentally. That is compelling for the existence of something massive.

We can add, on top of that, the relative large amount of long range comets coming from a narrow belt. Suggesting that a large, massive object at the outer edges of our solar system could be responsible for these phenomena.

There must be "something" that guides small objects in a certain path before they enter the currently known edges of our solar system.

#3 - Binary System Prevalence

About ⅔ of the currently known solar systems in the universe are confirmed to be in double, triple, or even quadruple relationships. The alleged plane of orbit of this unknown massive object, for the sake of simplicity here called Nibiru, is at a different angle than the usual planets like Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and so on.

Such an oblique orbit wouldn't completely solve the missing torque problem mentioned at #1. For the solar system's torque to be in harmony the necessity arises for even a third massive object that orbits at another, possible opposite plane of orbit.

...and the Sun, with its planets and their moons takes some star for its dual and revolves round it in about 24,000 years of our earth - a celestial phenomenon which causes the backward movement of the equinoctial points around the zodiac.

— Yukteswar in 'The Holy Science'

#4 - Precession of the Equinoxes

Why is the earth spinning like a top every 24,000 years (average), called the precession of the equinox? The binary system offers a more elegant and logical solution than the conventional solution.

In the binary model the ecliptic and celestial equator remain fixed moving against the background stars simply because the solar system moves.

The binary model is much more simple, and therefore more likely (Occam's Razor). The precession of the equinox is not an apparent motion of the Sun. It is a real motion of the Sun. The solar system moves, and rotates around something else.

The Indian yogi and astronomer, Sri Yukteswar, already suggested in 1894 that the Sun is in a binary relation with another sun. On top of that added Yukteswar even more motions to his theory. I provided a link below where you can download this difficult but interesting book.

The point is, all the knowledge which is passed on from ancient times from lost civilizations is probably true. We only have to accept them as true. We have insurmountable troubles to accept them as true without sensorial evidence. While the years are passing by, we will learn every time again that ancient knowledge is true. We reinvent the wheel again and again.

Five Reasons For the Existence of a Nibiru-like Object



Missing angular momentum of the Sun


Many comets come from a small band


Six most distant objects in Kuiper belt are most likely aligned by an unknown massive object


Most solar systems are in a binary relationship or more


Precession of the Equinoxes is a real motion of our solar system, caused by another massive object

Yukteswar's Holy Science

  • The Holy Science of Sri Yukteswar
    The Holy Science is a deep work that makes connections between Eastern and Western religions. It takes quite some study to understand its full meaning.

Where is This Unknown Massive Object?

The big question that so many people around the world seem to be occupied with is: is Nibiru heading our way? No one knows for 100% sure.

On earth, in our solar system, in the universe, is everything connected to eachother by invisible universal mathematical laws. Some of the readers might have read my former article about the very tight relations between orientations of pyramids, ice ages and the Milankovitch cycles.

Ice ages and the Milankovitch cycles (exclusively eccentricity fits perfectly) fit to eachother one on one. That the fit would be coincidental equals to almost zero. I won't repeat all the details of the theory I linked to above, but it boils down to a very tight relationship between crustal shifts, Milankovitch cycles and ice ages.

Milankovitch developed his theory on the basis of the then known planets (except for Pluto, but it plays no role at all in the whole ballgame) in our solar system, and they match, like already said, surprisingly accurate to the ice ages. If Milankovitch would be dealing with an unknown factor, like Nibiru or Planet Nine, there wouldn't be such an amazing fit between the Milankovitch cycles and ice ages. You would definitely find a significant disturbance in the patterns, but it isn't there.

There are (yet) not any indications there is massive body out there that will disturb the Earth's orbit.

But There is Most Likely Something Massive Out There

The conclusion we can draw from this is that this alleged massive object does not influence the patterns as we know it today. It plays no role at all. Isn't that surprising? We can be almost sure we are part of a binary system, but it didn't influence the patterns significantly over the last 800,000 years.

My conclusion is this:

  • Is our solar system part of a larger, binary system? Yes
  • Were civilizations lost due to a close passage of Nibiru? No
  • Are Earth crust shifts real? Yes, but it's not caused by Nibiru.

Is Nibiru close? No, it isn't. If it even exists it will never come close enough to be a threat of any kind. Not even close enough to influence the weather patterns just a tiny bit. Nibiru as a threat to life on Earth is an illusion. But there will be always a risk of some kind, although it is infinitesimal small.

Life on earth is very likely to be safe for the next millennia for rogue planets, crustal shifts and deep impacts. Our fate depends entirely on ourselves. The chances on an all out nuclear war is rising each day, and will probably peak around 2020. That is what I am seriously worrying about. Not about Nibiru. I don't even dare to look at the probability calculations for an all out nuclear war. They are historically high, and still growing each day.

It's all in our own hands, folks!

Why All Footage of Nibiru is Nonsense

Why ALL Footage of the alleged Nibiru is NONSENSE. If it would be real all alleged Nibirus would be at the same place relative to the Sun.

Why ALL Footage of the alleged Nibiru is NONSENSE. If it would be real all alleged Nibirus would be at the same place relative to the Sun.

What Nibiru worshippers don't seem to grasp is that if the footage would be genuine, all alleged Nibirus would be at the same place relative to the Sun.


Because if the stories about Nibiru would be true like they claim it is, Nibiru would be in a long range orbit, a steady course, and therefore at a steady spot in relation to the Sun. No matter where you are on the earth. No matter at which time of the day you take the images. It would be there already decades ago, and hardly changing. Grasping this is crucial. If you don't, you might believe these images and these video's could be genuine. This is not how large celestial objects behave. This is how some volatile human psyches behave. Scaring the hell out of people is a crime... sort of.

  • All footage is or fake, or manipulated, or caused by lens aberrations.

Mass extinctions are very tightly connected to meteorite impacts. The next large impact isn't very likely in the coming 10 million years.

Mass extinctions are very tightly connected to meteorite impacts. The next large impact isn't very likely in the coming 10 million years.

What About Mass Extinctions Then?

It is said there are clear patterns in mass extinctions, about every 26 to 28 million years. If our binary system revolves around an even larger, yet also unknown, large gravitational center(s), it is likely that these gravity fields bring in (very) large meteorites with them.

Maybe revolves our binary system every 28 million years around another much greater center, we don't know. But it seems to be very likely.

If I see something floating in the sky, an alleged brown dwarf or rogue planet, I will catch it on camera, together with my conclusions. But I think most footage is made by nutters, fear mongers, and sensationalists.

An Indication of an Unknown Object?

About This Youtube Video

I know you cannot play this Youtube video on HubPages, or any other website than Youtube. It is the choice of the author. But it's worth watching:

It must be said that this video has nothing to do with our solar system being a binary system. The alleged object shown in the video is much too small to compensate the missing torque, and is orbiting in the wrong direction.

This Youtube video suggests an accidental broadcast of KCRA3 was made at Jan 14, 2014 of an unknown object eclipsing one of our planets. The video seems to explain quite well that an alleged unknown celestial object could be present out there.

The patterns seem to be consistent at first hand, especially for a layman. What is interesting is the analysis of the KCRA astronomer - he doesn't know which object is eclipsing which object.

The astronomer is right, because at that date, there was in that direction nothing to eclipse, as far as we know. But since the footage seems to be real, it is worth investigating.

Direction of KCRA Object

The only possible planet that could be shone upon is Jupiter. At Jan 14, 2014 there was nothing known that could eclipse Jupiter. It could be a  new object. Based upon the angle of eclipsing the object must move perpendicular to the current plane.

The only possible planet that could be shone upon is Jupiter. At Jan 14, 2014 there was nothing known that could eclipse Jupiter. It could be a new object. Based upon the angle of eclipsing the object must move perpendicular to the current plane.

An Unknown 'Planet' between Earth and Jupiter?

The only known planet that qualifies for the position on that date is Jupiter. I verified it. The only known object that could possibly in between Jupiter and Earth on that date is the Moon. But the moon is too large for that (it's better to say too close). The moons of Jupiter can also be excluded, they are too small. If the planet would be Venus, we would be looking into the sun at that time, and that wasn't the case.

There seemed to have moved something massive in between Jupiter and Earth at Jan 14, 2014. And if the footage is genuine and reliable, it was nothing that we know. The object that seemed to have eclipsed Jupiter could be well orbiting in a perpendicular plane around the Sun, and it seems to be very large. The confusing thing is that this object doesn't influence the patterns, since the mathematical models show no sign of any wobble involving such an orbit. And the other confusing thing is that it didn't seem to reflect sunlight. That could be the reason why it hasn't been found yet. Only during the odd incident of the eclipse it disclosed itself.

Resume (this could be true):

  • it doesn't reflect sunlight, hence no one can find it;
  • it orbits perpendicular to the solar system's plane;
  • it is probably about ¾ the size of Jupiter;
  • it is not heavy enough to influence the gravitational patterns;
  • because it already passed the solar system's plane it is no threat.

That indicates we are back at the conclusions which were already drawn.

The rest of the analysis in this video is very weak, and can be dismissed as unreliable, since the object is floating around like a butterfly. That is not how massive objects behave. It is still very interesting though.

Remember this; our fate is most likely in our own hands, your hands, my hands. And ignorance is no bliss.

Stay safe and make the best of it!

© 2016 by Buildreps


Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on September 12, 2017:

So where are we in the 28 million year cycle? Can you add a timeline?

Write a script for a disaster move.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on September 10, 2017:

Thank you for your comment, Jay. The meteorite patterns are cyclic. Something massive seems to disturb our solar system every 28 million years, and we haven't figured out what it is.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on September 10, 2017:

Very good article. So, are the occasional meteorites disturbing the earth randomly or is there some sort of cycle? I am not talking about Milankovitch and ice ages.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on March 31, 2017:

Thank you for your comment, Anita. The most plausible explanation for today’s climate changes is the rebound effect of a series of latitudinal crustal displacements. Because CO2 lags behind on the temperature changes it cannot be responsible for global warming, but that is something that's never told to the big public - it's the elephant in the room.

Anita Saran from Bangalore, India on March 31, 2017:

Very interesting article Buildreps. I always thought Nibiru would show up, but maybe not. How would you explain the drastic climate changes here if nothing is actually affecting the sun as some allege it is? Surely it is not as simple as the Greenhouse effect.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on July 26, 2016:

Update: I added the first series of photos on the bottom of this article.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on July 26, 2016:

I don't know how the authors made these videos. I just snapshot the most hot videos on Youtube on this issue. There might be something genuine among them, but since they show different positions of this Nibiru, we can pretty safely throw them away as garbage.

No matter where you are on earth, if this object would be close to the sun, everyone would be able to spot it. Why am I not able to spot it then? I can put a solar filter in front of my camera; nothing... But I will try to catch it, the coming time. Just to be sure I am right in my conclusions.

Thanks for asking.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on July 26, 2016:

Thank you for your nice reply. Sincere question: Are those photos of an object "photographed" with our sun photoshopped?

Buildreps (author) from Europe on July 25, 2016:

Thanks MizBejabbers for commenting and catching me on possible incompletenesses. :) I decided to keep the Hub somewhat on the short hand. I have a tendency to write lengthy Hubs, and I think when it comes to this issue it might be too much for the audience where it was meant for.

The 3,600 year orbit that you mention might originate from the Sumerian Tablets as interpreted by Sitchin. Am I right? The number 3,600 is not verified by any astronomer. Astronomers are now speaking of an orbit of between 10ky to 20ky. That might change though.

It is very likely there are many more massive objects orbiting our solar system, than just this alleged Nibiru. Our solar system is missing so much angular momentum that just one distant rogue planet is not going to solve that. That is where the 24,000 year orbit comes from. And it comes from ancient records, but I think more reliable records than the ones as interpreted by Sitchin - the ancient Vedic records as they are passed on by Yukteswar. This 26,000 years you mention are derived by the squirming movements of the earth over the past centuries. They are very likely not very accurate yet. That's why I prefer to rely on the ancient records.

There is as far as I know no planet spotted yet like you say. Its existence is distilled mathematically, though not spotted. They have no idea where it might be now.

I think I showed compelling proof for the absence of something significant that might endanger the Earth, otherwise would Milankovitch not be able to relate so tightly the eccentricity of earth's orbit around the Sun to the ice ages. That is very crucial to grasp. But most people haven't heard of Milankovitch, and certainly not that he discovered patterns in earth's movement that relate so very tightly to the ice ages.

Thanks for your contribution!

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on July 25, 2016:

I really agree with you that we just rediscover knowledge that the ancients knew. I am confused here. Babylonian records speak of a 3,600-year orbit for Nibiru. I follow you through your logic except for one thing; two things, actually. I follow the, you say, 24,000 year cycle, (most say 26,000 years, but close enough), but there is no mention in your argument of the 3,600-year orbit of the so-called Nibiru in the Babylonian records.

No. 2, a mystery planet has been spotted by our scientists. What then can explain these two things that are well publicized by scientists, astronomers, and astrologers? I think they should have been included to make your argument stronger. This doomsday stuff is only a few years old, but over 50 years ago, my 7th grade teacher taught us about a mystery planet that couldn't be seen by astronomers. Something was around then. I'm not one of the doomsdayers, but I think you left out some evidence.

Please don't get me wrong. I think you researched and wrote a great hub, but some things aren't explained.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on July 25, 2016:

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Alicia. I am glad you appreciated it.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on July 24, 2016:

This article is indeed very interesting. It's also very thought provoking, like all your articles. You give your readers so much to think about and consider. Thank you, Buildreps!

Buildreps (author) from Europe on July 24, 2016:

It is, Larry. I was also caught for a very short time by the Nibiru virus, until math rescued me from this illness. Thanks for your comment!

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on July 24, 2016:

Very interesting.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on July 24, 2016:

Thanks for your loyalty, Bill. I got on the track of this alleged imminent disaster because a friend of mine was worried about it. There are videos out there who seem so genuine that you're easily deceived. It is almost as if we are looking the wrong way of what is really going on under our hands.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on July 24, 2016:

I'll be long dead by the time this happens, but still very interesting. Thanks for a great article, my friend.

Buildreps (author) from Europe on July 24, 2016:

Thank you for your kind comment, Jodah. Nibiru isn't coming anytime soon, if it even comes at all. Doomsday profits have been proven wrong all the time. And when doomsday was imminent no one had seen it coming.

Take care, and I believe you live at a great spot no matter what happens!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on July 24, 2016:

Buildreps, thank you for making me aware of this. It is all very interesting and a little disturbing but there isn't much w e can do except be prepared. Good hub.

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