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Is College or University Worth It?

Is College or University worth it

Is College or University worth it

Well, today we will be uncovering this often asked question, especially by young people. But first, let's talk about why it was such a big deal in the past.

Importance in Past

All over the world education has changed dramatically since the days of the invention of the internet. But Thirty years ago the situation was completely different.

At that time If you had the luck to study at a university, you were pretty much guaranteed a job in your field of study. Moreover In the 50s-90s only the middle class and affluent families could afford to send their little children to higher education.

So if you got decent grades back then, your future was secured and a well-paid job was almost guaranteed


Story Today

Things have changed today, On average 49% of children are now able to attend college or university worldwide, but only half of university and college graduates get a job in the years following graduation, and most of them which have nothing to do with their major.


Is It Still Needed?

Well, unfortunately, if your dream is to be a doctor, dentist, accountant, or engineer you will have to attend university since they are strictly regulated, after all, would you want to operate on by a surgeon who got their diploma from the University of the internet?

Reason Why You Are Better off a Degree


1) It's NOT EASY

Let's be real, it's not that easy. If you currently are or have been in this situation yourself you will know how horrible it feels.

Spending two to five years at university studying hard, sitting through countless lectures with a hangover, those boring assignments, exhausting group projects, and living off nothing but cheap food like instant noodles and other necessities.

2) Waste of Time and Resources

For many students attending university could be one of the most expensive and biggest mistakes they ever make. We can see this mistake in a typical college or university’s syllabus. As most of the majors not to mention classes are a waste of money as well as precious time.

Paying as much as $100,000, along with different sets of government loans, Studying hard for impressing sounding scholarships plus investing four years of your life, and receiving pretty much… nothing except a piece of paper.

Due to these massive student loan debt often results in students moving back in with their parents and working multiple jobs.



Over the years the real value of a university degree has been faded away to become increasingly worthless.

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Seriously, how much of what you've learned in college or university helped you in the real world? To be honest most of the subjects they teach have little or no meaning at all. Students don’t even use these so-called ‘Additional subjects ‘in their practical life.

Also, our world is shifting as most of the big companies including Google, Bank of America, Tesla, Norstrom, Apple, have no longer degree as a hiring requirement.

They know now that they need talents, they need good people, and just because you have a degree, doesn't make you a great employee. It doesn't make you a high-performance individual.

The education system on the other hand not caught up to what's going on, how fast things are changing. That's the biggest issue. If this trend continues, in the near future companies and organizations will be solely recruiting people on the basis of practical skills especially creative ones

4) Not Designed for Financial Freedom

College and universities themself, are not designed to teach you how to be financially successful. They are not even designed to teach you how to be successful in life. Because college and universities are designed for one thing and one thing only. Do you know what that is? That is to create more employees.

Because if you study the history of education, you will notice that during the Industrial revolution big companies worldwide needed to expand their businesses’ but they were short of labor so they with the help of governments created a system that could produce and create an infinite amount of workers that will work within their companies.

They are factories constantly making workers showcased by their grades or we can say product quality. That's how basically the education system was created and still running.

Even today no such changes are made.

5) Not Only Key to Success

If you think by having that certificate, by having the diploma, by having that degree, you are guaranteed success, you are absolutely delusional. believing that college is your golden ticket to success is just an illusion. Nowadays It’s not enough to just, have a college degree.


Let's take the example of America.

America is #1 in, scientific citations issued, Nobel Prizes awarded, in popular entertainment, and #1 in technological advancement. In short, America creates almost everything. Even most of the time an American is behind in manufacturing or inventing around the globe. Which is why its also the #1 economy in the world—by far.

And who made all this possible? Well,

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Ray Kroc, Colonel Sanders, Micheal Faraday, Walt Disney, Michael Dell, Evan Williams, Henry Ford, Amadeo Peter Giannini Jan koum, Travis Kalanick, Paul Allen, Larry Ellison. (And the list goes on)


More surprisingly, not a single one of them had a proper degree or even went to college/University. But do you know what they had?


2) Ambition




6)Positive Attitude

7)Strong Communication

8)Big Dreams


10)Good character



13)Ability to Keep learning from mistakes

These qualities almost guarantee success. A college degree doesn’t.

Sadly, higher education doesn’t teach us any of these. As most of these qualities come from self-education.


6) Gives Us Only Formal Education

Formal education is a basically structured and systematic form of learning that our educational system offer to teach us.

Vs self-education

While self-education is learning by yourself through personal experiences in real life. If you want to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or even an architect. Then you require a degree, in short, formal education.

But if you want to start a business or become an entrepreneur then formal education is not enough for you as innovation and entrepreneurship require people who think differently. As it's said;

‘‘Formal education makes you a living but Self-education makes you a fortune’’(Jim Rohn).

Look, I am not completely against formal education. It is necessary for learning some basic skills like socializing at a small level, Learning theoretically, analytical thinking, etc


Should You Drop out of College?

After reading all this I am sure you be thinking this question but the answer to it is not that simple especially if you are like me and coming from kind of a traditional Asian family where education is very important.

I remember when I was about to take admission in a university, my father would say to me, ''hey son I want you to be whatever you want to be, pursue your dreams and be whoever you wanna be as long as a doctor or accountant or government officer, one of these three you can choose from".

So yeah, that was my story and as you can see it's not easy to just drop out but in order to answer the question of whether you should drop out of college or not, you should first ask your self Do you really want to?

Do You Really Want To?

If you really want to drop out then I want you to not use this as an excuse.

An excuse because you are lazy, a bad student, distracted, afraid of the world, and simply want to escape. Or maybe you are confused or lack direction.

Maybe you don't know what you want, and you just wish that you're successful, and you see all these different people having this great life on YouTube, Instagram, or making online money. So you think you're gonna be rich or successful that way.

If you think this way then basically you're naïve. You have to know what you are jumping into as there's no going back. I am not discouraging you but just saying that if you are going to dive deep at least you should first know how to swim or have the willingness to learn how to swim.

On the other hand, if you have a clear mindset, if you're honest with yourself and want to move away from the traditional path to archive your dreams with the willingness to sacrifice or even want to become a successful entrepreneur then I can say, yeah, you can drop out.

But you need to have a plan or a goal before you do.


Let me put it this way, every successful person out there today had a goal and a plan. Without it nothing is archivable. Also, you should probably have a clear answer to these question;-

What kind of results are you looking to produce? what kind of education do you require? What kind of skillsets do you need? What kind of mindset do you need to get the desired result?

You need to be outcome-driven. Then your path will be clear.

When you have total clarity of where you want to go in life, you will have clarity of what you need to learn to get there.


Today, with the internet, the opportunities to do what you love are limitless, and literally, the only thing stopping you from doing what you love is your willingness to try along with your ability to never give up until you succeed.

The only thing stopping you from achieving your dream is your passion. The most important thing you can do in your professional life is to follow whatever makes you happy.

Whether you’re University educated or not, there’s only one person that can make you successful, and it won’t be your college or university diploma that’s responsible, it will be your determination to make it happen


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