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Is BA Liberal Arts a sought-after degree in India

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Table of Content

  • What is Bachelor's in liberal arts
  • Future scopes after BA Liberal Arts
  • Why Bennett University is best for BA in Liberal Arts
  • Conclusion

In today's scenario, the person who has maximum skills is the most demanded one. You can not study every course at once to enhance your skills, but you can surely get a degree that will get you to attain many important skills within three years of graduation. BA Liberal Arts open up many doors for you to enhance your skills and gain knowledge in the popular domains.

What is Bachelor's in liberal arts

The three-year program of BA liberal studies provides a platform for the students to explore the various fields of subjects including arts & humanities, and languages & social science. This program offers education related to subjects of philosophy, linguistics, literature, political science, sociology, psychology, logic, and history.

Bachelor liberal arts gives you exposure to learning many new things in one course and provides you with many interesting and demanded job opportunities in the future, by making you ready for the industry.

Future scopes after BA Liberal Arts

Bachelor's in liberal arts is actually a sought-after degree in India. It has many benefits for you in the future, which makes the BA in Liberal Arts worth pursuing your graduate degree. Below are the reasons why BA Liberal studies are the best option,

  • Develop your skills - One could develop many different skills all in one program while pursuing a bachelor's in liberal arts. The program enhances your skills in multiple fields like journalism, marketing, advertising & PR, philosophy, psychology, sociology, business, etc, and makes you perfect for the profound sectors in the world.
  • Prepares you for higher studies - Knowledge has no limit, hence, it never ends. After successfully completing your bachelor's in liberal arts, you can opt for higher studies, by pursuing a master's or even a post-graduate diploma in the related field of subject.
  • Numerous career options - Bachelor liberal arts offers you a wide range of career opportunities, that you can go for in your future. Upon completion of the program, you can explore the job opportunities in the domains, like a journalist, editor, speechwriter, anchorperson, PR personnel, Social services HR officer, Customer services representative, politician, lobbyist, policy analyst, and other demanding jobs in the field of advertising, public relations, financial analysis, design, journalism, publishing, corporate communications, marketing, etc.
  • Develop a cultural understanding - The graduation program helps you to develop a strong skill of cultural understanding, through the education provided in terms of interdisciplinary studies, including subjects like sociology, philosophy, cultural anthropology, international studies, etc, that helps you to be a better person.
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  • Prepare you for the office environment - the course makes you career-ready, and for the problems, that you may face in the future during your working hours. It develops and enhances your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are some of the important skills, one should acquire before getting into the job, and makes you the main character by polishing your writing, public speaking, presentation, and collaborating skills, which are responsible for taking you to the higher level in your future.

Why Bennett University is best for BA in Liberal Arts

Bennett university is one of the top universities to pursue your graduation program with specializations with state-of-art infrastructure and experienced faculty, that will help you to successfully complete your degree while enhancing your skills and knowledge, thereby supporting you in getting a good job.

The program Bachelor Liberal Arts at Bennett University, focuses on intensifying the critical thinking of the students and helps them to be confident in communicating effectively and taking the best decisions in life, thereby developing the qualities of a good leader in them.

The curriculum designed for BA liberal arts at Bennett provides real-time experience to the students through the pedagogy-based academic research method and wisely designed BA liberal arts subjects, thereby strengthening their skills.

This program comes with a great range of major subjects, that you can choose from, for pursuing your graduation. The specializations of BA liberal arts subjects offered at Bennett University a school of liberal arts for BA liberal studies,

  1. Psychology
  2. Philosophy
  3. Business Studies
  4. Marketing
  5. Journalism
  6. Advertising & Public Relations
  7. Economics
  8. Political Science
  9. English Literature
  10. Finance
  11. Computer Application.

Apart from this, what makes BA liberal arts the best graduation program at Bennett, is that it has highly qualified faculty members, that provide you the education with deep learning and provides you exposure to interact with both national and international industry experts so that the students can learn and develop more.

Under this program, Bennett offers its students the fellowship program, which has a duration of one year after your graduation, in which students are provided with the platform to raise critical questions, and prepares them for the right solutions. Upon completion of this fellowship program, the students are awarded post-graduate diploma certification.


BA Liberal studies is considered one of the best and most preferred graduation programs, which has many advantages and opens up many doors for you to explore in different fields of job sectors. It provides you a plethora of opportunities that you can use to be a better person in your life, both in your personal and professional life, by developing ethical values and cultural understanding in you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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