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Iowa Crazy Laws and Fun Facts

I love to travel and I also love finding new and interesting information about the spots I visit. This is all in fun and need not be taken

Inside the state capital located in Des Moines, Iowa

Inside the state capital located in Des Moines, Iowa

Crazy, Loony Laws In Iowa

  • It is illegal to accept a gratuity or tip in Iowa.
  • In Marshalltown, Iowa, horses are forbidden to eat fire hydrants.
  • One armed piano players must perform for free.
  • All boxes used to pick hops must be exactly 36 inches long.
  • Kisses may last for no longer than five minutes.
  • It is illegal to hunt from an aircraft.
  • It is illegal to have a running tab in Iowa.
  • A man with a moustache may never kiss a woman in public.
  • The Iowa Legislature once passed a resolution ordering the state cafeteria to start serving cornbread.
  • Within the city limits of Ottumwa a man may not wink at a woman he does not know.

John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa

John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa

Iowa Triva and Fun Facts

  • A whole 90% of Iowa's land is devoted to farming.
  • Iowa is the only state that begins with two vowels.
  • The film Hoosiers, made in 1986, was based on the true story if a small town basketball team the won the 1954 state championship over a much larger school with what was thought to be a stronger team.
  • Indiana is the home to the world's tallest woman, Sandra Allen. She is 7 feet 7 inches tall.
  • Iowa is the only state whose east and west borders are formed 100% by water. They are bordered by the Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers.
  • Iowa State University is the largest land grant college in the US.
  • Herbert Hoover, our 31st president of the United States and a Iowa native, was the first president to be born west of the Mississippi.
  • John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa. He began his life known as Marion Robert Morrison and grew up to become one of the most popular actors of our time.
  • Cedar Rapids is the home of Quaker Oats, the world's largest cereal company.
  • More than 90% of Iowa's citizens can read making it the state with the highest literacy rate in the US.
Wlcome to Amana Colonies enjoy.

Wlcome to Amana Colonies enjoy.

Places to visit in Iowa

Iowa has several places of interest that draw a crowd. One of the most popular is called Okoboji. So what exactly is Okoboji? It's a large area filled with fun and attractions centered between 5 of the Great Lakes in Iowa. It is filled with little shops, museums, quaint spots to eat, walking trails, water fun, and so much more. It is one of those spots that has something for everyone.

Another spot of interest is the Amana Colonies. This historical site is actually up of seven colonies dating back to 1714. They were originally colonies built by Germans who were seeking freedom in Iowa.

If you liked the movie Field of Dreams you will love visiting this site. It's called the Field of Dreams. There you will see the same farm and baseball field that was used in the movie. How often do you get to visit the actual place that a movie was made?

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There are many more attractions that will keep you busy while in Iowa. I only mentioned three of my favorites. Go ahead visit Iowa you will love it. There is camping, hiking, museums galore, and there is also haunted place for those who enjoy be scared.

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