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Invention of the Wheel

Why Is the Invention of the Wheel So Important?

The invention of the wheel is probably the most important invention of all time. Without the wheel, the world simply wouldn't exist as we know it. The invention of the wheel was at the root of the Industrial Revolution, although it would take a long time to get there.

It is a mystery as to who invented the very first wheel. Credit is given to the ancient Mesopotamian culture of Sumer in about 3500 B.C. This is where the oldest known wheel has ever been found. It is believed to have been invented much earlier, however.

The very first wheels were used for potter's wheels. A potter's wheel seems like an unimportant invention. However, the creation of pottery was very important in the advancement of mankind. Pottery vessels allowed humans to transport food and especially water. This made them not as dependent on living right next to a water source.

The Sumerians improved upon the wheel by using it as transportation on their chariots. Later, ancient Egyptians also used wheeled chariots. The spoked wheel was a huge advancement in the development of the wheel. It is still used today.

Improvements upon the wheel continued to be made. Wheels started being used as gears during the Middle Ages. This allowed for the invention of mechanical devices such as clocks, water wheels, cogwheels, and astrolabes for sailors to navigate.

The wheel is at least part of the concept in most modern inventions. There are many modern inventions that came into fruition with help from the ingenious wheel. Without the wheel, there would be no automobiles, no airplanes, no space launches, and no turbine engines.

The invention of the wheel helped bring about the Industrial Revolution. Because of the wheel's invention, steam engines, railroads, and factories were able to be built. If the inventor of the wheel were alive today, he or she would receive a Nobel Prize.

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