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Introvert And Shy As Two Different Things

Some things that make me believe why introvert and shy are so different.

Introvert and shy are not the same thing

Introvert and shy are not the same thing

Misunderstanding these personality

There are a lot of people who misinterpret and can't tell the difference between these two characters. In fact, not a few people feel that they are people with introverted characters when it is possible that they are the type of person who is shy or vice versa. The fundamental thing that distinguishes these two characters is the issue of courage. Introverted characters still have courage because they can interact with others even in a small scope. It's not that they don't dare to talk to the crowd, it's just that they sort out the interlocuters that if they can exchange ideas so that the interaction becomes an interesting and weighty conversation. While shy, this type of person arguably lacks courage, both in terms of interaction and behavior. Usually, people with shy characters are always afraid to make mistakes when talking or doing something in front of others.

In addition, the reason why many people misunderstood about these two characters is because they have the same characteristic, which is quiet. However, the quietness of introverts and shy people is very different. Introvert types look quiet because they will first analyze the situation and think before interacting. While the silence of shy people was more because they did not want to take risks that could later make them make mistakes.

At first glance, introverts and shyness do bear similarities. However, when we examine it more in deeper, these introvert and shy are in fact opposite. The easiest difference is by definition. According to psychologist and Director of child emotion laboratory, McMaster University, Louis A Schmidt, he said that conceptually, introvert and shy are two completely unrelated things. Simply put, introverts are one of those personalities that describe a person's characteristics. While shy is a trait that is characteristic for a person.

Behavioral reason and social background that different

Different reasons of being alone

Different reasons of being alone

If we dig deeper, we will know that people with introverted personalities tend to prefer and feel comfortable in a quiet and quiet atmosphere. They often avoid crowded and crowded places on the grounds that it is tiring to have to meet crowds. As for shy people, they tend to avoid crowds for fear of being the center of attention from people. However, as long as they are not the center of attention, being in the crowd is not a problem for him.

According to research, the inherent shyness in a person is caused by external factors, in this case it can be from environmental factors or factors from past events. The environment can be an influence on why a person has a shy nature. It may be due to discomfort from the environment or even a mismatch. In addition, past events are also a big influence of a person's shyness. Embarrassing past experiences can be traumatic for them resulting in a collapse in one's confidence. As for introverts, this personality is an inherent thing in a person because of internal factors that mean it is innate from birth. According to a psychology professor from Indiana University Southeast, he said that an introvert can be studied biologically through his brain so it's no wonder that introverts are indeed a personality carried from birth.

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Actually, an introvert doesn't always become quiet. Basically they are brave and able to do an interaction with others but in a small scope. The reason they become quiet when they are in a large scope or gathering is because they feel anxiety when in the presence of many people. In addition, not knowing each person's character is also the reason why introverts sometimes become quiet. On the other hand, shy people tend to be quiet because they are confused about what to say so they prefer to withdraw when there is interaction. Not a few shy people actually have a lot to say, it's just that they lack the courage to express it on the grounds that they are afraid of being wrong in their speech.

Could these personality type impact their life?

As discussed earlier, introverts are the personality of a person who has been attached to a person since birth so they must have become accustomed to his personality. One of the most important things is that introverted personalities have become their own comfort. From this we know that there is no need to worry about introverts because it is who they are. As long as they are comfortable with the way they live their lives, we don't have to worry about them.

However, the thing to note is the impact that will be caused by shyness. Unlike introverts, the appearance of a person's shyness does not close the possibility because of the bad experiences that have befallen them so it is feared that it will cause anxiety for them. If this anxiety is constantly growing, it can make shy people withdraw from their environment and experience social phobia can even trigger the presence of depression. In addition, a person's shyness can hinder their life especially in terms of interaction with others. Therefore, this shyness must be overcome at least gradually so as not to result in further adverse effects.

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