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Basic Introduction of Civics for the Kids

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What is Civics?

Civics is the study of “how people living in a society make their decisions”. In civics we study how the government performs its duty in securing the rights of the citizens. “Citizens” are the members of the nation or city who live together in peace to built a community. “Citizenship” is defined as “the state of being legally authorized to a country”. Civics include the rights and responsibilities of the citizens to each other and to the government.

For better understanding of “Civics”, it can be broken down into three main units;

1. Government

2. Politics

3. Law


1. Government


“A group of people who make laws which are to be followed by the citizens to maintain peace and harmony in the society”.

The government has the power to make laws. It is a duty of the government to make sure that those laws are being followed by the citizens.

The government has a power to make laws but it is limited and is not all powerful. The government can only perform those duties that people have given it the permission to do.

What is a Federal Government?

The federal government has a full command over taxes, foreign affairs (e.g. trading), defence, and criminal law.

The federal government has more power than the provincial government of the state.

What is a Provincial Government?

The provincial government has the authority over the civil laws, education, and health.

Types of Governments:

There are three forms of governments;

1. Autocracy – When the ruling power belongs to one person.

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2. Aristocracy – When the ruling power is in the hand of a small, entitled ruling class.

3. Democracy – When the government is chosen by the people.

Duties of a Government:

The role of a government is to provide protection to its people, maintain peace, establish justice, provide services, and give people their basic rights.


2. Politics


A simple definition of politics can be “the way people living in societies or communities make a decision”.

In politics people who live together in societies make decisions and rules, so that peace can be maintained without any trouble or fights. The word “Politics” can also be explained as a world of networking (communication), relationships, views, and ideas.

Who are Politicians?

Politicians are people who study political sciences. They make decisions for the people so that they can live in groups.

What are the Political Parties?

In most countries people have formed political parties to put forward their ideas. They work together to bring peace in their country.

What is the purpose of “Politics”?

The purpose of politics is to guide the nation in a positive direction. In order to do that the politicians and the political parties help people to get their basic rights. They show people what their goal should be and help them to achieve that goal.


3. Law


A set of rules made by the government of a country that is meant to be followed by the citizens of that country.

Why is making “Law” so important?

It is important for a society to follow Law. It guides the society towards peace and harmony without bloodshed. Law, in a way, helps us to survive in a society by maintaining the balance.

Who is a Lawyer?

“Lawyers” are people who study law, and guide people about their rights and responsibilities. Lawyers also represent people in court.

What are “legal” and “illegal” acts?

Following the rules of the society is to do the legal acts and not following or going against the laws made by the government is to do the illegal acts.

What is a “Constitutional Law”?

Constitutional law deals with the important rights and responsibilities of the government and the relationship between the people and government.


  • The study of civics is about educating the citizens and making them aware of their rights.
  • Civics is a wide field of study because every country has its own government and political structure.
  • Civics education is important because it shows the citizens how important it is to understand their place in the society.
  • It involves all the matters related the citizens and citizenship.
  • Being a citizen learning civics is important to have a better understanding of the economic system and political system.
  • A citizen has a responsibility and duty to vote in order to choose the government.
  • A citizen is a supportive and sincere member of a community.

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