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Should You Consider Online School for Your Child? - A Parent's Review

Maria Garcia Lopez is a parent of two young & energetic kids. She wishes to inspire parents with helpful insights into her own experiences.

A good online school would always be transparent with its positive and negative features, and must be recognized globally.

A good online school would always be transparent with its positive and negative features, and must be recognized globally.

Online School Parent Review - International Schooling

I’ve been hearing a lot about online schooling, and a couple of my friends have already switched to 100% online schooling for their kids. Off late, I decided to check out different schooling options for my 13-year-old daughter who’s an introverted child. For this, I shortlisted International Schooling and scrutinized its offerings.

My first impression of the school was positive as seem serious about prospective parents. The academic counselor connected with me right at the selected time. She was friendly with my daughter and broke the ice with some casual questions.

After a general introduction of the school and its Cognia accreditation, internal hierarchy, etc. the representative moved on to the offerings of the online school.

Advantages of Online Schooling Can Give You an Edge

As expected, she started with the importance of flexible learning, self-paced advantages, etc. but I was more interested in knowing what’s beyond all this flexibility thing. I interrupted to move on to more school-specific offerings. She moved on to how they deliver instructions.

This platform claims to deliver instructions through a wide range of online content and resources. And the counselor told me about the idea of engaging students through this mix of resources. She mentioned some theories that are about the student types. And time and again highlighted how all this appeals to the human senses. I did view some sample resources for middle school.

It did kind of make sense to me, but again I interrupted to know how my child could use all this on her own? What about the teacher? Do they have online classes? The batch size? And if these teachers are trained to teach purely online?

Synchronous Support

I got to know that they do have online classes also called doubt-clearing sessions in their internal terminology. The duration was not very impressive, just 40 minutes each for a single session. But then again, it’s at least better than homeschooling your child, all by yourself.

The batch size is kept smaller than regular schools on purpose. And they assured that they hire teachers who are trained just to teach online.

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The counselor pinpointed that my daughter can do away with collaborative assignments. And this is something that I liked about online schools. For supervision and assessments, they told me that they have features like instant feedback through automated mechanisms and their online teachers add their feedback along with it.

Is It an Affordable Option for Online School?

The representative also elaborated on the payment part, as mentioned on the website. And reiterated the options to make online fee payments.

With all this, they seemed transparent.

The options of one-time and installment payments also seemed fine to me. And It did not seem sky-high either. I mean, if I consider the quality of resources, session facilities, teacher handholding, and weekly progress reports, etc. I couldn’t find any negative reviews about these offerings, so then they seem promising in comparison to regular schools.

Towards the end of this session, the counselor explained a valid point as to how an online school can offer more advantages within the typical education system.

What If the Committed Classes Are Not Enough?

I did agree that there are some great advantages of online schooling over the traditional pedagogical approach. But still, I doubted if my daughter will be able to perform with a 40 minutes session alone.

I pinpointed that some of the parents have complained that there is no session available for students over and above these regular ones. And I was told that the school has addressed these challenges and now there is a feasibility for extra session as well.

For my views on enrolling with International Schooling, it can certainly be considered as a full-fledged schooling option. Most of the parent review feedback matched with the offerings of the academic representative. And if you compare it with the other online schools, it’s kind of better than the others. Many other online schools have just a teacher response feature without any virtual classes.

But this one seems better in terms of structured teacher support for a better academic handholding. You can get options like credit transfer, online classes, a variety of courses, in a reasonable fee.

All in all, I think it’s good enough as an online school.

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