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Interesting facts about humans


There are many things you do in life that you rarely think about because you do them often, so often that you don't even realize how often you do them. The average number of times you do certain things, and use certain things in a lifetime is amazing. Some of the things are weird, some of them are unbelievable, some of them are bizarre, all of them are interesting.

I have put together some of the most interesting and strange things you do over a lifetime for you to enjoy. They are mostly facts that someone has spent many hours determining the averages of what people use and do, then determining the number of times used or done over your average lifespan.

The average person will pass approximately 7000 gallons of intestinal gas in their lifetime. That is equal to farting non stop for 8.7 days.

The average person spends 9 minutes per day reading. Close to 179 days of your life spent reading.

The average person will lie around 57,000 times in their lifetime. It’s estimated that ⅓ of all human conversations include some type of deception.

Just a cool view

Just a cool view

Some eating facts

The average person will eat 7,300 apples in their lifetime. I have eaten a granny smith apple every day for the past 10 years, so I'm probably ahead of the average.

The average person will eat 518 pounds of salt in their lifetime.

You will see close to 29,000 sunsets in your lifetime if you live the average of 78.7 years.

The average person knows 290 people at any one time in your life, and will know about 1,980 over your lifetime.

Fingernails grow an average of .12 inches per month, or 6 ft 8 in over your lifetime.

The average person will eat around 1000 pounds of butter in your lifetime.

You will pee around 7,900 gallons in your lifetime, and spend about 22 days of your life peeing.

your body is made up of around 100 trillion cells, the scary part is, there are about 10 times that many bacteria on your body.

You will catch around 237 colds in your life, that comes to around 3.5 years you will spend with a cold.

More Eating Facts

You will eat approximately 2200 chickens, 9 whole cows, and 63 turkeys over your lifetime.

You will also eat around 117 pounds of insects in your lifetime.

You will eat around 13,800 chicken eggs in your lifetime.

You will eat around 113 gallons of ice cream in your lifetime.

You will eat about 8.3 tons of potatoes in your lifetime.

To digest all that food, your stomach produces around ½ gallon of hydrochloric acid each day, enough to fill a bathtub every two months, and around 14,200 gallons in your lifetime.

Your heart will beat around 3 billion times in your lifetime.

Your hair will grow about 31 feet in your lifetime.

You will make on average 314 trips to the doctor in your lifetime.

You blink around 11,500 times per day, or about 331 million times in your life.

You shed around 1.5 million skin cells per hour, about 40 pounds in your life.

You will spend about $59,000 on clothes over your life.

There are approximately 18.5 million people that share your birthday date around the world, and about 160, 000 people that will die on the same day you do.

You will lose about 296 gallons of blood, 557 gallons of sweat and 16 gallons of tears over your lifetime.

You will speak around 440 million words in your lifetime.

You will laugh around 1.3 million times in your life, which on average means you will spend about 2800 hours laughing in your lifetime.

You will use 114 miles of toilet paper in your lifetime.

You will eat 4.4 tons of frozen food in your lifetime.

The average person has around 75,000 miles of blood vessels in their body.

You will have close to 130,000 dreams over your lifetime.

More Strange Facts

You will drink on average 13,000 gallons of water in your lifetime, and around 1500 gallons of milk.

You will eat around 13.5 tons of vegetables in your lifetime.

Your body will produce about a wine bottle full of saliva daily, about 25,000 wine bottles worth of spit in your lifetime.

The average person will eat about 75 total tons of food in a lifetime, that's 150,000 pounds of food you body will process in your lifetime.

All that food will come to nearly 60 million calories in your lifetime.

You will use around 61,000 gallons of oil in your lifetime, including for gasoline, oil for many things and hundreds of things you wear, use and eat that are made with oil.

You will spend about 10 years of your life at work, and about 1 year of your life getting to work and home from work.

You will throw away about 63 tons of trash in your lifetime.

You will eat close to 15,000 sandwiches in your lifetime.

You will spend about 26 years of your life sleeping.

Human Facts

You will watch around 5600 movies over your lifetime.

You will go through around 860 batteries in your lifetime.

You will spend about 8 years of your life watching tv.

You spend around 82 minutes per day eating, which adds up to 4.5 years in a lifetime.

You will live for around 41.3 million minutes.

Your heart pumps 1.2 gallons of blood per minute, enough to almost fill an olympic size pool over your lifetime.

You will eat about 10 times your body weight in chocolate over your lifetime.

You will travel on average just under 450,000 miles in a car in your lifetime.

You will spend 336 hours kissing in your lifetime, about 2 weeks total.

You will eat 1.7 tons of cookies in your lifetime.

These are some fun facts to read, and some good things to impress your friends when you need that that perfect piece of trivia to impress them. Most people don't know these things, and they will be amazed that we all go through some much, so spread the knowledge around.


GLENN PEASE on June 06, 2012:

These are amazing statistics,and quite funny-especially the farting for 8.7 days.Thank heavens it is spaced out over time.

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