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Interesting Planets in the Universe

The universe is a magical place. Just when we start to think we have seen it all, we realize there is more than we can ever imagine. There are so many phenomena that we still cannot explain and there are many planets that so interesting they boggle your minds.

Read on to know more about these planets.


The first rocky planet ever found outside of our solar system, this planet is so close to the star, that its surface is practically molten lava. The temperature goes up to 2600 degree celsius, which results in clouds that actually rain lava. This magma rain often turns into rocks before landing on the surface.

Gliese 1214 b (GJ 1214 b)

Holding the nickname of "the waterworld", and a size larger than that of the earth, it is an exoplanet that is believed completely covered in water. It is also believed that the temperature on the planet is so high that life may not exist on the planet.

Gliese 436 b

Known to be one of the smallest exoplanets, Gliese 436 b is about 30-light years away from us. It is literally a planet of ice on fire. That is because of the high temperatures that can go up to 440-degree celsius (as it orbits very closely around its parent star) but the gravitational pull of the planet is so strong that the water vapor compresses to form ice. This does not allow the water vapor to revert to its original form. Due to its uniqueness, this planet is often known as the Planet of Burning Ice.

HD 106906 b

Another startling discovery was made when scientists found this planet. Located around 300-light years away from Earth, HD 106906 b is interesting because it orbits its host star at a whopping 97 billion kilometers distance. This defies everything that we think we know about planets because according to theory, such a planet cannot exist.

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There are some theories which partially explain the formation of the planet, but none of them exactly explain how this could even happen.

HD 189733 b

Located around 63 light years away from us, the winds blow up to 5,400 mph (2 km/s) on this planet. This speed is seven times the speed of sound. It practically rains glass on the planet, and that too sideways, due to its winds. This planet is truly deadly.


Unlike the earth which has only one primary light source, this extrasolar planet actually has two. It is a planet that orbits two stars. This means that a person standing there would observe not one but two sunsets and also experience two shadows as opposed to what we have on earth.


This mysterious planet is too hot to even exist according to astronomers. This planet is similar to Earth is terms of its radius and mass, only around 20% bigger than the Earth. The surface temperatures on this planet maybe as high as 2827 degree celsius. Yes, you read that right. This is because the planet is so close to its own sun, that technically it shouldn't even exist. It is said that the sun was once larger than it is today. Which means that the planet would have to be inside of the sun. So, its origin continues to baffle many.


Often referred to as the darkest known planet, TrEs-2b reflects only less 1% of the light that falls on it. It is 750 light-years away from our solar system and black acrylic paint seems to reflect more light than this planet!

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