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Inside Modern Day Archetypes: Dissecting The Spiritual Seeker


Who Is The Spiritual Seeker?

Also known as the mystic and the healer, the archetype of the spiritual seeker describes a person who trusts their intuition, constantly seeks insight into who they are, gives priority to spiritual understanding and wants more out of life than material success. Everyone of us has this archetype within us, some people are just much more in tune with their spiritual seeker side than others.

The majority of us are entry level spiritual seekers, while some people reach the level of the mystic archetype, leading a deep and spiritual driven life.

Behavior patterns and characteristics of the Spiritual Seeker archetype:

  • You feel unsatisfied and want more from life
  • Your highest priorities are happiness and good health
  • You are seeking a new direction in life
  • You are curious about other dimensions beyond the material plane
  • You attend workshops or seminars on spiritual topics

What Is Their Life Journey?

Believe it or not, we are a more inward-driven society then ever right now. We have developed an appetite for a firm understanding of the human psyche and and the purpose of life. The spiritual seeker archetype describes people who are on a journey to find the purpose of life.

Note that the name of this archetype is spiritual seeker, not spiritual finder. The seeker describes a person who continues to look for more. For the spiritual seeker, the quest for the meaning of life is not a question but an invocation.

The mystic is the most complex and intriguing member of this family of archetypes. Mystics have been awakened to find their inner compass through deep spiritual reflection. They work constantly to withdraw themselves from the physical world.

The life journey of the spiritual seeker and the mystic centers on a commitment to live in the conscious mind, body and spirit. They seek to live in harmony with the truth. Spiritual seekers say what they mean and mean what they say. They pride themselves on their integrity, but are extremely humble people.

Motivations, Mottos and Desires of Each Archetype


Their Universal Lesson

Each archetype has a unique lesson they must learn if they want to be able to utilize their traits and personality to their benefit, if they want to achieve their highest potential. The universal lesson for the spiritual seeker is that the truth shall set thee free.

Truth is an agent of change. One potent truthful sentence can, and often does, shift the direction of lives. That is how powerful the truth can be, and why it is essential for this archetype to live a congruent life that is true to who they are as a unique individual. Otherwise, the mind will be filled with one agenda and the heart will be filled with another. The truth can be uncomfortable for many, but for the spiritual seeker, the truth sets them free.

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The Unique Challenges For This Archetype

The unique challenge today's spiritual seekers face is creating a life that blends their spirituality with their mental and physical health in a positive way. The spiritual seeker and the mystic live a life lead by questions that shatter the bounds between the ego and the soul. The challenge they face centers around committing to a life where the body, mind and spirit work in unison.

Well-known individuals who fit the archetype of the mystic are all people who managed to find the balance between the mind and the spirit: Saint Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avile, Joan of Arc and Mother Theresa.

The path of those who fit the spiritual seeker archetype is to look deep within themselves and discover the multitude of reasons they are on this planet, then mustering up the courage to explore their gifts and talents so they can fulfill their purpose.

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The Inner Shadow of the Spiritual Seeker

The shadow of the spiritual seeker archetype is rooted in arrogance. It can be easy for those who fit this archetype to stray from their path and begin to believe that their spirituality makes them special.

Fitting this archetype does make you special, but if you act as if you are above others because of your spirituality, you abuse your power and act in a way that isn't congruent to your inner truth. The spiritual seeker is a humble soul, who knows that pride comes before the fall.

The role of being a spiritual seeker isn't to enable you to transcend the natural order of life, but rather to help you go with the flow of life, and enable others to as well.

How To Recognize This Archetype

There are certain behavior patterns and characteristics to help you identify the spiritual seeker archetype. They include:

  • being unafraid to hear, speak and act in an honest way
  • speaking truthfully all the time
  • valuing the quality of your inner self above all else
  • trusting your intuition
  • acting in a humble way
  • enjoying activities like meditation, yoga, or prayer

If you have identified yourself as a spiritual seeker, you can utilize this information to improve your life and find your true calling. To step into the true identity of the spiritual seeker, you must be willing to change, be committed to being honest and maintain unity of the mind, the body and the spirit.

The spiritual seekers gain more power when they focus on their inner-selves and listen to their inner compass. They lose power when they mistake the spiritual path for the route to material success.

The world needs spiritual seekers and mystics. If ever there was a time to pursue a path to spiritual truth, it is now.



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