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Inside Modern Archetypes: Dissecting the Artist

I am a Creative. I am a Jester. I am a Sage.


The Creative Archetype - The Artist Archetype

The Artist Archetype is also known as the Creative Archetype and describes those who live a life committed wholeheartedly to realizing their creative dream. Their defining grace is their creativity and their life mission is to cultivate their imagination and explore an infinite number of ways to express their creative freedom. They fear the idea of not being able to support themselves off of their creative pursuits, thrive on stage, but tend to stick to themselves when not performing.

Who Are You? Finding Your Archetypes

The Life Journey of the Artist Archetype

The archetype of the Artist describes someone who is unique and innovative - possessing a large imagination capable of evolving the human psyche. The mission of the artist is to help others see only what they can see. The archetype of artist doesn't only describe painters, photographers and sculptors. The modern day creative applies to innovators, creators, engineers, architects, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, graphic designers and more.

Ultimately, the journey of the artist archetype is one of self-exploration - exploring the depths of one's own creativity and its profound power to transform everything in one's life.

The Artist is Often Associated with the Cancer Sign on the Zodiac Chart


Challenges that Face the Artist Architype

Regardless of the medium the artist uses, all of those that fit this archetype share a united fear of not having a distinctive vision or voice. The artist is constantly striving to be original, unique and special. The biggest challenge facing the artist is finding their own voice, their own outlet so they can express themselves. The artist has the ability to continue to the next level with any creative pursuit - their only obstacle is their own mind, telling them they can't.

The Inner Shadow of the Artist Archetype

One of the most curious human traits is the disdain for being ordinary. Almost everyone in the world would go to extreme lengths to be exceptional. For the creative type, the fear of being ordinary is their biggest fear in life. They seek acceptance from others for the creative work they produce, and they don't take criticism well.

For an artist or a creative type to thrive, they need to acknowledge their talent, then own their talent. They must seek internal approval rather than external approval and they need to foster and nurture self-confidence. This is the only way for the artist type to thrive.

Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

The Defining Grace of the Artist Archetype

Creativity is the capacity to see the potential in an idea, in a landscape, in the use of color, in the angle of the light, in others' words. Creativity is the grace of the artist archetype. This beautiful quality relies on and thrives off of the creatives ability to live in the moment, for imagination can not do anything for those who live in the past. Creativity thrives off of positivity, optimism, and encouragement.

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Stereotypes and Myths About the Artist

There are many myths and stereotypes surrounding the archetype of the artist. Many think of "the starving artist" as the stereotypical creative type, others associate this archetype with the "hippie"or "bohemian artist". These stereotypes can stifle the creative type - making them feel like they must fit a mold that they were never meant to fit.

A down-to-earth portrait of today's artist type or creative type might be a stay at home mom who has always enjoyed painting, and finds solace in her art studio, or a band recording their first demo. This archetype also applies to the solitary blogger who captures the attention of thousands of people through the use of words.

Don't let stereotypes pertaining to this archetype stifle your creativity. If you are an artist, you were put on this earth to create - so release your inhibitions, block out the negativity, and do what you were born to do - create.

You Know You're Creative When....


The Creative Archetype...


Behavior Patterns and Characteristics of the Artist Archetype

  • The artist sees beauty everywhere - the nuance of a shade of blue, the way the sunlight hits the cement, ripples on the water
  • The creative comes alive in front of large audiences, and tends to shy away from others when not performing
  • The artist feels most connected when they listen to or play music, paint, sculpt or do tasks that utilize the imagination
  • You are an innovator - you thrive off your ability to see things as possibilities that others can't see

Recognizing the Artist and the Creative Archetype

Once you recognize that you are an artist type or creative type, the next step is finding a channel for your creativity.

Advice for the artist archetype:

  • Listen to yourself
  • Consult your creative childhood
  • Browse, research, then browse more
  • Get a job that allows you to express your creativity

Developing the artist type and the creative type to the fullest is a challenging feat, requiring a knowledge of and an acceptance of the things that empower the individual and the things that hold them back.

How the Creative Archetype Gains their Power

There are many ways for the creative or artist type to gain and foster their innate power, here are just a few:

  • Conscientiously perfecting your singular artistic vision
  • Sharpening your artistic eye
  • Surrounding yourself with creative people
  • Trusting your creative instincts completely
  • Remembering that you were born for artistic expression
  • Plugging into the culture to open your mind to what is new
  • Feeding all of your senses
  • Cultivating your intuition
  • Maintaining a positive outlook

Ways the artist can lose their power:

  • Comparisons to other artists
  • Rejection from the art community
  • Craving acknowledgement outside themselves
  • Wallowing in regret
  • Equating success with financial gain


Kathleen Odenthal (author) from Bridgewater on April 19, 2014:

Thank you both! Yes, finding your own voice is crucial for writers!

Audrey Howitt from California on April 19, 2014:

I wonder if most writers see themselves this way--certainly finding your own voice is important to writers

Arnica Kala from India (Mussoorie) on April 09, 2014:

Loved Each n every bit of it.

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