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Infection of the Hazara Community

In the last 15 years, more than 2,000 members of the Hazara community have been killed in sectarian terrorist attacks. However, according to Hazara organizations, the number of people killed is much higher. The next day, eleven miners were abducted and brutally murdered near Quetta. All of them belonged to the Hazara tribe. A statement issued by the Islamic State militant group said it had carried out the attack.

Allah knows best how authentic and truthful such statements are that no one can confirm them. Any group or organization can issue a statement in the media under a pseudonym. Hazaras have long been targeted by suicide bombings, targeted killings and bombings. An explosion at a vegetable market in Quetta in April last year killed 20 members of the Hazara community. This massacre has been going on since the time when ISIS did not even exist in Afghanistan. Fifteen years have passed since this terrorism started but the state has failed to stop it completely. This is the failure of our intelligence agencies and security agencies.

The Hazara community is ethnically Mongol. The hostile relationship of the Pashtuns with the Hazara community is historically very old. Hazaras live in significant numbers in Afghanistan, although they are in the minority. It is estimated that their population is about 3.5 million. The areas where most of these people live are called Hazarajats, which include Ghor, Bamyan and Daikundi. In 1893, the Pashtun king Abdul Rehman conquered the then-independent Hazarajat and massacred them.

Historians write that Abdur Rehman slaughtered half the Hazara population. A large number of Hazaras migrated to Iran and Balochistan to save their lives. The Hazara people have long been enslaved in Afghanistan. Even when slavery was abolished, they were practically given the status of lower-class citizens. They worked as scavengers or did things that Pashtuns considered self-defeating. They were also subjected to significant persecution during the Taliban's five-year rule in Afghanistan (1996-2001). A significant number were killed. The Hazara community sided with the Northern Alliance against the Taliban. However, until twenty years ago, the people of the Hazara tribe in Pakistan have always lived in peace and prosperity.

Even during the Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union, the Hazara tribe has never been a target of terrorism in Pakistan. Their total population in Pakistan is said to be around eight lakhs. They were not discriminated against. Quetta's Hazara community has a higher education rate than other castes and tribes. A large number of them are prosperous and own considerable property in Quetta. These people also held high government positions. Terrorism against the Hazara community in Pakistan entered through Afghanistan. In 2001, when the United States invaded Afghanistan and overthrew the Taliban government, the killing of Hazaras in Quetta began intermittently. At the time, the blame lay with the Taliban or with banned sectarian organizations.

In today's power struggle between the Taliban and the Kabul administration in Afghanistan, Iran's support is with the ruler of Kabul, Ashraf Ghani. The Hazara tribe is an ally of Ashraf Ghani. Terrorist attacks on Hazara religious sites also occur in Afghanistan. The causes of this terrorism are understandable in the context of Afghanistan's civil war and its historical background. But the question is why this bloodshed is not stopping in Pakistan? Why is our country falling victim to the war in Afghanistan? We helped our Afghan brothers for their independence and freedom. We are being rewarded for destroying the peace and order of our country. Some people are of the opinion that ISIL and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are currently being used by the Indian Intelligence Agency to start a series of sectarian killings in Pakistan. Pakistan should be destabilized. It is also in the interest of some countries that relations between Pakistan and Iran deteriorate on sectarian grounds so that they do not come close to each other. These explanations may be correct, but foreign agencies are using the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan to do this heinous act. Why are our people climbing into their hands?

The fact is that some organizations have created such a religious ideology and have inculcated in the minds of their followers that killing people of the opposite ideology is a reward. Our failure is that we have not been able to make an effective effort to disprove this ideology and convey the pacifist message of Islam to misguided people. Organizations that believe in this bloodshed have already destroyed Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. They are after us now.

The Hazara tribe of Balochistan has suffered a lot. A corpse has been picked up from every other house. He complains that whenever his people fall victim to terrorism, the position of their representatives is not broadcast in the media. Local Hazara leaders are not invited to talk on television talk shows.

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Fed up with constant terrorism, members of the Hazara community keep trying to leave the country and migrate to another country. Thousands of these people have migrated from Pakistan to Australia. Apart from this tribe, there are two minority communities in Pakistan from which well-educated and prosperous people have been migrating and settling in Europe, Australia and Canada for decades. He also complains about unfavorable conditions and discrimination in Pakistan. Is our destination a country where no minority feels safe? The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam, had never imagined such a state.

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