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Indigo Children in Gifted Schools

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Religious prophecies

A new race of evolved human beings appeared for the first time in China (during the seventies) and from that moment on, thousands of similar infants have been born in the world, being the object of study in many countries, by renowned scientists, who have informed that his DNA is different from that of a normal human being.

This event was announced in religious prophecies for centuries. The emergence of indigo children happens gradually and as time goes by, the number of births increases at a rate of eighty percent, worldwide today. The term "Indigo Child" was used for the first time, by a writer named Nancy, in the book entitled: "Understanding your life through color".


Professions of the future

From the vision of the future and the argument full of hope of the "Current of the New Era", the indigo children are located as evolutionary members of the new human race, which will be modified even more, in the course of new births.

The defenders of this hypothesis, assure that the mental and spiritual improvement of the human being is manifest in this class of children, who thanks to their emotional and mental intelligence can reach leadership through the different professions they choose (spiritual guides, inventors, scientists, and others.) standing out as leaders. All based on the scale of peace and well-being of themselves and their peers.



The indigo has the power to see spiritual beings with whom he sometimes interacts, but when he wants to relate the fact in the family environment, or in the circle of his schoolmates, he is rejected. Indigo children have often been misunderstood, due to their nature (rare for many). They tend to withdraw from the other children, seeking more the company of adults. They have a wide vocabulary, they love art and they almost never get sick . Their attributes lie in the psychic energy they possess, which endows them with paranormal powers.

The detectable characteristics that differentiate them from other children are the following:
• They do not accept authority, therefore, their innate rebelliousness stands out.
• They know what they want.
• Hypersensitivity in their five senses and even more, the sixth sense, being able, thanks to this gift, to perceive the emotions of other people.
• They are very creative.
• They get bored easily.
• They isolate themselves when they are rejected and when they do not feel identified with others.
• They communicate with each other through telepathy.
• They are located in the frequency of love and have a high level of consciousness.
• His aura is blue.

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Human evolution

In some countries there have been some associations and special schools for this class of gifted children for years. "It highlights the fact that the level of talents in these children is varied, depending in some cases on the inheritance determined in the characteristics of their parents." In these educational institutions they are oriented to obtain an optimal balance and emotional and intellectual use, so that they achieve the positive channeling of their potential as an evolved human being.

The indigo race is the living proof of the evolution of the human being, because they have extrasensory faculties (they have the sixth sense manifested in psychic gifts such as: clairvoyance, a high degree of empathy, bilocation, and telekinesis) that makes them different from others members of humanity, even being able to communicate with spirits, angels and all kinds of spiritual manifestations, provoking the skepticism of many.


Spirit guides

The birth of indigo children has increased in humanity. And according to scholars, the number of indigo human beings will be greater, these being the essential link for the fulfillment of the prophecies announced in ancient times by various religious movements.

All predictions have the same purpose: peace and happiness on planet earth. The new era emphasizes the encounter with dormant senses in the human being and that are now latent, they are the object of study in many countries of the world.

The mission of the new race is the rapprochement with reason, other senses and true intelligence (emotional and spiritual) that leads people not to commit negative actions (hate, murder, suicide, envy, theft, and others) that do not benefit humanity.

Bad actions attract bad consequences, both in social relationships and in human life (divorce, dismissal from work, nightmares, setbacks and others) and the response that the earth gives; earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, droughts and other natural disasters) by perceiving so much imbalance.



In the future, the human being will be able to develop (based on the new human race) more genetic codes in his body, enhancing new senses that will lead to new conquests and new purposes through: peace, love, understanding (principles morals based on the Holy Bible) and care for mother nature, coupled with knowledge of other dimensions, hitherto hidden, which will undoubtedly reveal unimaginable secrets.

The primary basis is the proper guidance of indigo children, both the social and psychological aspects, in the hands of schools for the gifted.

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