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Incorporating Knitting and Crochet Into Your Interior Design

Mary is an aspiring interior designer. She runs a personal photography blog that focuses on unique architecture of London.


The mid 16th century gave the purl stitch a whole new decorative meaning. Since then, knitting, crochet, sewing and embroidery became mainstream sources of creating practical and decorative accessories for our interiors. Art movements and stylistic preferences come and go, but the practicality and charming aesthetic achieved from handcrafted knitting have never gone out of style.

In fact, recent years have seen a surge in the popularity of the craft amongst younger generations, who have revived the DIY mentality. This mentality, combined with the much sought after homely and creative aesthetic has filtered through to professional interior designers who have reinvented the use of these craft techniques. By extending their use and application from teapot cosys to wall art and tapestry- a modern twist on knitting and crochet is an essential staple of modern interior design.

The use of knitting can help to add personalisation and uniqueness to your home. Not only because you get to chose what to make, in whichever colour, size and shape- but also because you made it. Decorating your home with bespoke pieces is a sure way to uphold your personal style. Textured wallpapers and knitted fabrics feel and look interesting and help to create stylish and unique living spaces.

Whether your home is designed and inspired by DIY shabby chic furnishings and aesthetics, or by modern sharp lines and shiny surfaces, there’s always a place for hand-craftsmanship. Create spectacular accent wall designs and furniture decorations to transform a room into a unique living space with knitted inspired details.

Increasingly, people want to express their individuality by moving away from mass-produces items and are turning to handmade furniture and decor. This year alone, 60% of home improvement publications have referenced artisanal and handmade decor items. And there’s been a 1718% increase in Pinterest searches for textile art including Macrame and knitted murals. Last year, Etsy, the platform for homemade items and craft supplies made sales of $3.93 billion (Statista). It is quite clear to see that the importance of and demand for hand-craftsmanship isn't going anywhere.

Knitting and crochet in 2019 are set to feature heavily on the design scene, as the proliferation of unique, long-lasting and sentimental pieces have been created with style and decor in mind. It would seem that nothing has escaped this ongoing trend. From rugs, cushions, throws and furniture, to lighting, storage and wall hangings- needle craft this winter is set to take centre stage in the atelier of the interior designer.

Knitted Interiors

With 32 million sheep in the UK, each person essentially has half a sheep- or half a sheep's worth of regenerating wool. This combined with the rejuvenation of the ‘DIY mentality’ amongst the young has piqued the interest of designers.

Take Dutch designer, Christien Meindertsma - designer of the Urchin pouf. The hand-knitted in the Netherlands pouf’s are the perfect simplistic first step to introducing knitted furniture to your home. Emitting comfort and earthy charm, they do well to illustrate how knitted textures can invite sentiments of warmth, cosiness and character into a room.

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We all want warmth, security and comfort in our homes- especially in those bitter winter months soon approaching. Knitted inspired interior design can achieve just that. Cosying up on soft, warm handcrafted furniture like Melanie Porters stunning knitted chairs, is practically impossible to resist.

Within 2018’s London Design Festivals tent shows, Naomi Paul put on a striking display of knitted lampshades and authentic handcrafted products with a retro modernist twist. Interior design is all about creating a space of inspiration to enhance lives and manipulate our moods. If what you’re seeking is classic comforts with unique twists, these textile furnishings will help to bring together the overall vibe of organic, quality living.

Rugs and carpets have been fundamental to interior design strategy since its inception. Decorating floors and walls with warm, detailed and handmade tapestry can draw together a room and help to perfect the style you’re seeking.

Knitted carpets made an impressionable resurgence in today's age of bespoke interiors. The entwined ropes of wool form interesting patterns and take levels of comfort to new heights.


It’s improbable that anyone could live through their life without encountering crochet in some form. The fine loop-like construction, vibrant colours and charming patterns is an interesting way to break the mould of everyday interior design and living. French for ‘small hook’, crochet is the perfect way to incorporate that French chic feeling into your home.


Tel Aviv brand, Lota has introduced a collection of petal-like crocheted poufs and rugs. Iota works with traditional craft techniques- crochet in particular- with contemporary forms to create bespoke objects with unique tactile structure.

Italian designer Loredana Bonora covers every item in her collection with crocheted yarns. She sues the traditional technique to create different crochet patterns in each piece of furniture. From simple and common circular tabletops to intricate flowers and designs on upholstery.

Led by the diverse collective group of knitters and creatives, this trend has been picked up on by designers who have professionally included knitting and crochet into interior design. Whilst it’s become a successful professional design strategy, there’s no reason as to why it should be left to the professionals. The beauty of this trend is that anyone can make unique and personalised items to adorn their homes.


Linda Chechar from Arizona on November 01, 2019:

These are great interior ideas! Knitting and crochet creates a beautiful texture in a room. These chunky yarns are very trendy that are fun to make cozy blankets and Boho wall hangings. :)

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