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"In The Beginning . . . Our Story"

The role of Star Visitors to Earth and human evolution is the next step in mankind's development as a species, Full Disclosure is necessary

The Five Cloistered races were our true ancestors, a group of practically immortal humans that formed the basis for all racial mixtures to come on planet Earth.

The Five Cloistered races were our true ancestors, a group of practically immortal humans that formed the basis for all racial mixtures to come on planet Earth.

Ashayana Deane

Sphere Of Amenti

In my previous article Planet Earth, Our Story, I described how our solar system was formed in the Harmonic Universe One (HU-1) essentially to allow the souls trapped in the morphogenetic grid of Tara that were transported to HU-1, a means of returning to HU-2 and Tara. To do this, these trapped souls, would have to re-evolve on Earth and Ascend to return Tara. But they would need a portal system to achieve this Ascension process. In this article "In The Beginning . . . Our Story, I will describe how this "rescue mission"/Ascension process began and ultimately the race of humans on Earth.

Prior to the cataclysmic event on Tara in the Second Harmonic Universe 550,000,000 million years ago (YA), known as "The Fall of Man", three peaceful races of Tarans, the Ceres, the Ur-Tarranates and Lumians devised a plan to rescue the souls that would become trapped in HU-1. Because the Ceres were very skillful in the sciences of portal mechanics and inter-dimensional travel and had already anticipated the results of the cataclysmic explosion on Tara, they along with the other two races (mentioned above) and other supervising groups such as the Elohim, Sirian Council and HU-2 Pleiadians formed an alliance known as the The Covenant of Palaidor.

Other HU-2 races were involved in this agreement or rescue mission such as the Lyrians and peaceful Alanians and all of these groups became known as the Paladorians. This group also petitioned the help of even higher dimensional beings such as the Breneau Rishi, a race of pure consciousness energy and the entity known as Ra or sometimes referred too as the Ra Confederacy. The Ra Confederacy is essentially a gestalt of higher dimensional souls, that supervise lower dimensional beings as they evolve and Ascend to higher dimensions.

To implement this rescue plan a group of Ur-Tarranates from Tara, time travelled back to HU-1 Earth after the cataclysm on Tara and transmuted their body forms into pure energy to form a gestalt energy field of consciousness, which served as a morphogenetic field for the 12-strand DNA Turaneusiam race prototype (Earth Humans). With the help of the Ra Confederacy, this gestalt of consciousness and genetic imprints was combined with the remaining morphogenetic field of Earth through higher dimensions.

Energetically this field formed into a sphere, which later became known as the Sphere of Amenti. The Sphere of Amenti was placed in the core of the Earth and essentially became a "wormhole" or stable portal to the higher dimension that Tara existed in, which would allow souls to Ascend through. This created a bridge through which Tara's souls from the past could Ascend or reunite through and return to Tara's future, through an Ascension process of evolution.

Many races of the Second Harmonic Universe were opposed to this "rescue mission" as well as races within Harmonic Universe One, for a variety of reasons, the least of which would be the control and domination of the vast resources of planet Earth. This opposition has lead to many difficulties for the human race in their evolution and even now we are feeling the full affects of events and decisions made by powerful ET races millions of years ago.

To get a better understanding of some of the difficulties the human race on Earth have endured because of the competition and opposition of the Covenant of Paladior, one should read my article Giza Pyramid & The Sphinx Their True History and Purpose, which describes the many events and wars of planet Earth as well as the reason for the creation of the Giza Pyramid and Sphinx.

The Five Cloistered Races

This evolutionary rescue mission was not immediately set into motion 550 million YA, as the planet Earth had to gain a higher vibrational frequency in order for sentient beings to begin to incarnate upon it. For 300 million years various HU-1 ET races used the Earth to incarnate on in various forms such as plant and animal life. It is my own personal thoughts that for all sentient souls to experience the full gamut of existence, we must experience life through one and two dimensional elements, such as rocks, bacteria, plants and animals.

Other etheric ET beings were also allowed to exist during this time span on or around the Earth. For a better understanding of what these life forms without density might be, I suggest you read or listen too the current Gaia TV show known as Cosmic Disclosure, with guest Corey Goode and host David Wilcock entitled Plasma Beings and Etheric Entities, which explains how these beings exist.

Although, In The Beginning . . . Our Story, started around 250 million YA on Earth with the incarnation of what is known as the five Cloistered Races. But because this group possessed neither gender nor the degree of matter density we are familiar with, most people would not consider them third dimensional beings. However because they carried our original DNA imprint and are the five root races from which all other races evolved on Earth and eventually over the course of 250 million B. C. and 25 million B. C. evolved into denser vibrational body forms they must be considered our true ancestors.

This group is known as being members of the The Second World, the First World, of course would be those souls that evolved on Tara. These five Cloistered races or Palaidorians combined to become the many different races of humans on our planet now but left no remnants of their civilizations behind. They in fact had a high Ascension rate and many of the lost souls of Tara were able to return. Those that did not simply returned to the Sphere of Amenti to be reincarnated at a later time period.

The Five Cloistered races were:

  1. Ur-Antrians-brown skinned
  2. Breanoua-red skinned
  3. Hibiru-white skinned
  4. Melchizedeks- yellow skinned
  5. Yunaseti- black skinned

The morphogenetic field of these races were drawn into the Earth's own morphogenetic field and became the basis for the next evolutionary stage of mankind. I am giving the reader a shortened version of events and information in this article because it is a very complex story. In a nutshell the human race was created to allow the trapped souls of Tara, that originally lived in the 5th dimension of Harmonic Universe Two, a chance to re-evolve back into a future timeline of Tara, so that the entire planet could also evolve into a higher dimension.

What is important understand, is for all practical purposes these ancient original humans, were immortal in the sense that they would only terminate their third dimensional existence by choice or Ascension. They did not die nor were they subject to disease, old age or any of the other frailties of modern man. Theirs was a spiritual existence geared towards evolving, transmuting and Ascending, which usually took at most, 12,000 years. However if they did not evolve, they would often terminate their existence and reincarnate as a means of starting over.

The original human body was designed to be immortal and transmute or evolve through cycles, becoming lighter and lighter until they could pass through the Sphere of Amenti and transmute again as a lighter version of themselves in the higher fifth dimension of HU-2 and begin life on Tara. This is important information to consider because essentially, even though the human race has made great strides in many areas, spiritually we have been de-evolving for the last 25 million years.

Randolph Winters

De-evolution & Enslavement

The next step in the Covenant of Palaidor rescue operation was to create the Third World of humanity from the Five Cloistered races. What this involved was a fission replication polarization process that divided each individual soul from the Palaidorian morphogenetic field into one male and one female entity. A total of six males and six females from each of the Five Cloistered races were placed on various parts of the planet Earth, for a total of sixty. This gene pool of (Adam and Eves) were the original ancestors of the physical incarnations of modern man on Earth 25 million YA.

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Although the original seeding took place around 25 million YA, various other root races were added over the span of 20 million years to enhance and diversify the population. Without going into specific detail on time periods and root races, suffice to say that these populations were seeding in a staggered pattern for 20 millions years as a way supplementing the already evolving human races.

Originally all of these five root races possessed immortal bodies or vessels, the human body is designed to be immortal, make no mistake.

Now let me stop right here and make something perfectly clear to my readers, the human body is designed to last forever, dying was not part of the original program.

The process of dying had to be rewritten into our DNA and conditioned into our psyche and this conditioning exists to this day. Everyone reading this article can probably remember the experience of realizing (usually as children) that we will at some point in our lives die or cease to exist but it wasn't always that way. We as a race only began "dying", roughly five million YA, this is a very important consideration to recognize and accept.

During the seeding of the Third World on Earth all went well, for about 20 million years and many souls were able to Ascend back to Tara's future. This was a time of incredibly rich diversity on Earth, as developing races began to grow spiritually while creating technologically advanced civilizations that began to trade with many Extraterrestrial races. However this trade with other races throughout the local Galaxy also lead to some unexpected consequences as new technology and sciences allowed some members of the Earth races to begin to experiment with DNA manipulation and new power sources.

Perhaps humanities naivety and inexperience with Extraterrestrial races coupled with their curiosity for new sciences and power sources allowed them to become complacent in their dealings with new ET races or perhaps such emotions as fear were simply unexplored and lead to greed and lust remains unclear. However around 5 and half million years ago the human races on Earth began to embrace the darker side of their Law of One teachings, through interactions with Extraterrestrial races that were deceptive in their intentions and interactions with humans on Earth.

Some members of these developing civilizations began inter-breeding with animals and other Extraterrestrial races and this mixing of their original DNA lead them to lose their immortality. I suspect this inter-breeding was promoted by some of the interfering ET races, as means to ultimately control and manipulate the Human Race. What needs to be understood is that not all of the Human races at this time were on parallel evolutionary tracks and some races were more advanced spiritually and technologically. The same holds true today, as there remains tribes of humanity in isolated parts of our planet that still live very primitive existences.

Consider the idea that more advanced Extraterrestrial races may have seen the planet Earth as a vast resource 5 and half million years ago, ripe for the taking and initiated programs to divide and conquer the various human races through subtly manipulations, evolutionary interference and force.

Electric Wars

The Electric Wars was the turning point for human evolution on this planet and is what created the genetic amnesia we suffer from to this day.

The Electric Wars was the turning point for human evolution on this planet and is what created the genetic amnesia we suffer from to this day.

The Seal Of Palaidor & Amnesia

The Sirian-Anunnaki race from HU-2 and various other metaterrestrial from higher dimensions wanted the Turaneusiam-2/12 Tribe experiment stopped, ostensibly because Earth humans had contaminated their genetics through inter-breeding with animals and ET races and the fear of further contamination of HU-2 races through Ascension was a concern but in reality they wanted the Earth and its vast resources for their own.

This lead to what is known as the Electric Wars, which raged for almost a thousand years between forces from HU-3, HU-2 and Hu-1, sometimes fought in the skies above Earth itself but mostly in space. The prize wasn't just the planet Earth but the Sphere of Amenti and its natural portal systems.

Most of the Earth's inhabitants were relocated to other star systems or retreated underground but many died on the planet surface, along with a wide range of diverse animal life. The Earth would have been destroyed if the higher dimensional beings of HU-5, the Breneau-Rishi, had not stepped in and negotiated peace. However massive damage was done to the Earth itself and during a period of 4,000 years Earth could not contain sentient life. A slow Polar Shift occurred during this time period ending in a sudden fast shift that created an ice age, which destroyed all life except for that at the bottom of the oceans and inside deep underground caverns.

Because of this the Earth's vibratory grid dropped swiftly and it could no longer hold the higher frequency of the Sphere of Amenti, which had to be removed from the planet's core to prevent the planet from exploding. The Sphere of Amenti was relocated and a seal put in place to prevent any contaminated genetic humans from Ascending, this seal was known as the Seal of Palaidor and has had long lasting affects on the human race ever since.

To give this event due diligence will require an entire article dedicated to the results of the Electric Wars but in a nutshell incarnation on Earth from this event forward would result in a complete genetic memory loss of higher dimensional awareness or from where the souls originated, no memory of past lives, any connection to the Earth and to each other. Complete amnesia of their purpose for existence or any destination through natural evolution.

This left the human body with vast amounts of DNA structure that had no purpose because of this genetic memory loss could find no linear sequential order. This phenomenon is what today's scientists and geneticists refer to as "Junk DNA" because they seem to serve no purpose. Also the genetic memory of the teachings of the Law of One inherent in all humans up to that point would be lost and would have to be taught all over again.

Another result would be the creation of a subconscious mind through soul fragmentation and dismantled DNA. To access this subconscious mind a dream period would have to be initiated, which would allow the humans multi-layered mind to begin to integrate information from each layer, in short the Human race had been severely handicapped mentally as result of this war 5,508,100 years ago.

The Seal of Palaidor placed the Earth in a frequency quarantine which disconnected it from the inter-galactic community. Humanity in essence developed tunnel vision a handicap that still exist today among the majority of the race. The planet Earth itself is a sentient being and all memory of its past was also wiped clean and to add injury to insult the geographical changes from this war created a flood that covered 85% of the Earth surface.

Painful Awakening

A rude and painful awakening occurs when you discover that things you have believed in for a very long time, things that perhaps you have built your entire life around, have never been what they appeared to be, but rather are an expertly crafted pack of lies created to harm and enslave you. When we desire to "know the truth" and then the truth is revealed, what do we do if it is not the truth we wanted to hear?

— Ashayana Deane

Dolores Cannon

Rewriting Our Story and Treaties

This has lead to an almost complete rewriting of Out Story of the human race that is only beginning to be revealed in the last fifteen years on our planet. There are some important information and events to be considered before continuing this article "In the Beginning . . . Our Story. Allow me to briefly outline some of the more pertinent factors for better understanding. However let's try to remember that the distinction between what we call 'good and evil' is really a matter choices, which occupies the gray area between dark and light.

  • What is known as the Guardian Alliance are really members of a far larger group of benevolent ET races known as the Guardian Emerald Covenant, that teach the Law Of One as means for all races throughout the many Harmonic Universes to embrace a co-evolutionary Christiac peace agenda.
  • There are two primary biological lines of the Anunnaki race, the pure strain of Annu-Elohim Anunnaki (Bipedal Dolphin People) of densities 2-4 Sirius A and Arcturus and the various race strains of Anu-Seraphim (aquatic-ape Fallen Seraphim-hybrid Anunnaki of Nibiru, Alpha -Omega Centarui, Orion and Andromeda.
  • All Anunnaki races were the original creation of a group of self proclaimed "anti-Christiac" Fallen Angelic collective called the Annu-Elohim. But what needs to be made clear is the distinction between Fallen Angelic Annu-Elohim and the original Feline founder race known as the Elohei-Elohim began 250 Billion years ago.
  • This original Founder Race known as the Elohei-Elohim created a Human Guardian Race, in reaction to this, the Annu-Elohim created the Anunnaki races 568 million years ago. The Anunnaki race was created to serve multiple purposes but essentially to destroy the Christiac Human Race, so the Annu-Elohim could take control of and dominate 11 different dimensions within our own Time Matrix.
  • For millions years the Emerald Covenant races have tried, sometimes successfully, to get the various Anunnaki races to defect as a means of promoting peaceful co-evolution between Humanity and the Anunnaki. What needs to be understood is the Anunnaki and Humans share the same evolutionary path but were created by opposing Founder races. Both species have been used as pawns in a Universal struggle that has lasted hundreds of millions of years across multiple dimensions and Universes. This is not merely a story exclusive to Earth and our solar system.
  • In the equivalent of our time period of 1992, an agreement was finally reached between the many various factions and races of Anunnaki Collectives (that have spent thousands of years of covert manipulation of Earth Humans and Anunnaki-Human-hybrid races) and the Emerald Covenant for these races to defect and join in a co-evolutionary agenda. This treaty was known as the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreement and effectively prevented the true nature of Our Story on Earth from being revealed. Here is a list of these Anunnaki collectives that entered this treaty, to show just how confusing and manipulative Our Story has become.
  1. The Jehovian-Sirius-A anunnaki that run the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command.
  2. The Archangel-Michael Nephite-Nephilim-Necromiton Anunnaki-hybrid collective of Orion, Alpha-Centauri, Sirius-A and Andromeda.
  3. The Anu-Seraphim Alpha-Omega-Order Templar Melchizedeks.
  4. The Thoth-Enki-Zephelium-(Zeta) Anunnaki collective of Nibiru and Sirius-A.
  5. The Enoch Jehovian-Anunnaki collective of Arcturus and Orion.
  6. The Anu-Seraphim Pleiadian-Samjase-Anunnaki of Alcyone and their Enlil-Odedicron and Marduke-Necromiton Nibiruian allies.

These groups initially entered into this treaty in an effort to gain support from the Emerald Covenant races in their stand against their own suppressive, competing and more powerful allies the Reptilian-Insectiod (Rigelian-Zeta-Zephelium, Omicron-Drakonian and Odedricon-Avian-Reptilians) Fallen Seraphim races of Orion. They wish to defect, only when it became blatantly obvious, that they were being used as expendable forces in the ongoing struggle and domination for supremacy in this part of the Galaxy, with the Emerald Covenant Guardian Alliance.

In the effort to promote peaceful relations with these defecting collectives, their role in the rewriting of humanities horrific story had been suppressed on Earth. The idea was to allow humanity to gain a stronger, more mature spiritual alignment and understanding before revealing the vast amount of horrific and diabolical agendas inflicted upon the Earth races and the Anunnaki-Human-hybrid races for thousands of years. While giving these Anunnaki defector collectives more time to demonstrate their "good faith", within the co-evolutionary agenda program.

Ahh . . . the best laid plans of Mice and Men and Emerald Covenant, Guardian Alliances, alas did not bear fruit!

The Emerald Covenant felt that newly awakening human souls on Earth would not have gained the emotional and spiritual sophistication to be able to forgive the role these Anunnaki-Human hybrid races had in the rewriting of Earth's Story and creating the constant wars and suppression of knowledge fostered by their Anti-Christiac agendas for last five million years of human evolution and rightfully so.

However what has lead to the revealing of this information now was that all of these collectives, with the exception of The Enoch Jehovian-Anunnaki collective of Arcturus and Orion, decided to abandon the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements and return to the Luciferian Covenant, Draconian Fallen Seraphim races and One World Order (OWO) Agenda.

What prompted this defection and breaking of the treaty was the Anunnaki Collectives insistence that the entire human race of the surface of planet Earth be put under the sole elitist dominion of the Annu-Melchizedek Anunnaki hybrid races of Inner Earth, the Emerald Covenant Guardian Alliance refused. This refusal also prompted these groups to refuse handing over control of the Solar Star Gate 4.

The Emerald Covenant Guardian Alliance based their decision on the past actions of this group of OWO elitists to initiate Polar Shifts as a means to eliminate vast populations of humans from the surface and wash their civilization infrastructures out to sea. They have used the artificial stellar body known as the Nibiruian Battlestar to force Earth to under go Polar realignments in the past and feared this was their new intentions, obviously the Emerald Covenant has thwarted their plans.

While this information maybe a lot too take in, it is important that we as a race recognize that for the last five million years, two opposing groups (the Founder races, Emerald Covenant and Guardian Alliance) and (The united Draconian Fallen Seraphim races and Lucifer Covenant) have waged a inter-dimensional and multiple Universal War for control of how Human and Anunnaki evolution will proceed, with the planet Earth caught in the middle.

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What I think is the most important information we all can get from this article "In The Beginning . . . Our Story is that we have been deceived not just for hundreds of years, nor thousands but millions of years. That when we gain any information that seems just a little too good to be true, we should be wary. In the groups of AA I have often heard the saying "If their is any doubt, there should be no doubt."

Meaning, if we feel intuitively, that we are being told what we really want and need to be told and accept this information without using discernment, critical thinking and an open mind, we are really doing ourselves a disservice.

Stop and think about all of the so-called enlightened websites we have all visited and often subscribe too and really focus on how the information is being presented and how the overall agenda often leads us to accepting a premise that stops us from collectively seeking other answers and avenues of information.

Yes, it can be very difficult to recognize the truth, especially when the messengers present it in a manner that seems genuine and honest. While I suspect many of these messengers honestly think they are doing the right thing, we really need to listen to the message and judge it on its merits not on the merits of the messenger.

I have often heard that we should never judge and to this I say, "Poppy-cock" (to be diplomatic), we judge everyday as a means of discernment and while it is important we not judge with prejudice or bias, we do need to judge information and to a degree people.

The reality of the situation here on Earth is that we have been deceived for so long that it is very difficult to know what we should accept and what we should discard as the truth. Without a doubt it is far easier to be a sheep and go along with the herd, than it is to rebel and question the narrative of Our Story. However we cannot undo knowledge or put the genie back in the bottle and although my life was far simpler before I awoke, I would not trade the view of my world on the path to discovery with the ignorance and bliss I experienced before.

In an effort to "soften the blow" and spare humanity from the harsh reality and trauma of our horrific past, The Founder and Emerald Covenant races decided (chose) to withhold or suppress the truth from humanity about the role the Fallen Annu-Elohim races have had with our Human race on Earth.

Ultimately this plan backfired on them and they are now scrambling to get the truth out in time so that we learn our true heritage and face the reality that has brought us to our present state of collective amnesia and painful limitations. We are faced with the daunting task of overcoming our collective deception, facing our worst fears and realizing the blatant manipulation of our species by forces we barely even recognize as real.

And we must do this in the short time we have before the gates to Ascension close and we must endure thousands of more years of suffering before the opportunity to Ascend presents itself again, gee no pressure there guys!

I hope you have enjoyed and found some truth that resonates with you in this segment "In The Beginning . . . Our Story, of my ongoing journey of discovery of humanities past and Our Story. I ask you to join me in my continuing evaluation of Our Story, so that we may all face and ultimately confront without fear, the truth of our Human heritage and find a way to heal our troubled souls on the path to Ascension, thank you for reading.

© 2016 somethgblue


pam jason on March 12, 2017:

Gosh Blue you really rocked this article it resonated deeply and profoundly with me.. TY for your efforts and that nice plug that you gave to CG and DW though they don't deserve it as you blow them away in truths accumulated with many hours of serious reading of great books many of which are banned or so expensive the JQ Public would never dare get ahold of the info contained in them. Cheers Blue this article is mind-blowingly good.. Really great! Namaste' Blue love's it

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