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Books on Brain Waves: Review of The High Performance Mind by Anna Wise

The High Performance Mind by Anna Wise



The High Performance Mind was written by Anna Wise in 1998. It discusses the four basic types of brain waves (Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta) in many different aspects. Not only does she provide information on the four brain waves, she also provides the reader with many, many different meditations in order to increase the brain wave activity of one or more brain waves or to exemplify their occurrence. Her ultimate goal is to describe the so called "High Performance Mind" which is the title of the book. A high performance mind is able to turn into the desired state of consciousness (of brain waves) at will and within seconds. This requires personal (psychological) development of the mind and Anna Wise's book provides the reader with such a way.

The book contains some illustrations which are very helpful to visualize the different brain waves. Moreover, there are some stories in each chapter.

Contents of the Book

The following is a list of each chapter and a quick description what these chapters contain:

  • You and Your Brain Waves: Introduction to the four basic brain waves.

  • Body Connection: How the brain waves can affect our body chemically and emotionally. The reader also learns about the term "Biofeedback", which is very important. Basically, it is the response of your body to a state (here: to different brain wave (consciousness) states) chemically, physically, emotionally and so on.

  • Meditation and Higher States: Brain waves in meditation and how to access deeper states of consciousness (e.g. The Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, Zen Mind and so on).

  • Meditation and the Material of Mind: Quite a psychological chapter. Where is our creativity stored, where traumatic memories of childhood? Such questions and more are answered.

  • Healing: How healing is linked to brain waves and how one can take advantage of one's innate healing abilities.

  • Creativity, Learning and the Awakened Mind

  • Brain waves in Relationships: Which brain waves occur in interhuman relationships? Such questions are answered. There is also a meditation to increase delta waves activity (it is not that easy to increase delta waves than the other ones) and the terms "Codependence" and "Detachment" are described.

  • Anna Wise's Conclusions

  • Epilogue

  • Appendix: on Kundalini

Positive Aspects

Easy Language: Anna Wise writes in a very easy manner to explain a quite complicated topic. You do not have to be a professor or especially smart in order to understand the book. It is written in a language that is accessible to everyone!

Meditation recommendations: In nearly each chapter, Anna Wise provides the reader with many meditations that are relevant to the respective chapter. These meditations are very accurate. It is a script that you can read out loud and tape and afterwards listen to it. So, you basically do your own guided meditations. Guided meditations are very good to tap into specific states of mind and consciousness. At the end of the book, there is a link to her website, where you can buy her recorded audio files if you are uncomfortable listening to your own voice, alternatively.

Stories: As we know from school, scientific text books can become quite boring, since they content is so dry. Anna Wise always gives some stories that had happened to her in her research. This is a nice change and it also exemplifies the occurrence of brain waves and illustrates their "power".

Illustrations: There are many helpful graphes to visualize the brain waves.

Interesting appendix on Kundalini: This is something I personally did not expect to read. At the end of the book, Anna Wise explains "Kundalini" and what its symptoms are and how to deal with the until they are gone. Kundalini is a process which is in a way a personal, emotionaly, physical and psychologial development of the being (read more in a separate article on Kundalini).

Many aspects are covered: The book is a really broad source for brain waves and their importnace and relevance in life.

Further literature: At the very end of the book, there is a list for further reading that I personally find very helpful, since the book sometimes refers to external topics that are only a little bit relevant to brain waves. In my case, she has aroused interest in me for other books too (for example, she provides interesting books on Kundalini).

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Negative Aspects

Honestly, there are no real negative aspects.

What I missed was that she did not talk about brain waves in chakra meditations. I would have found that really interesting. Moreover, she does not mention other brain waves like gamma brain waves at all. But that is understandable, because gamma, lambda, epsilon brain waves were discovered after the book was published. Do not forget that the book was published in 1998. That was 15 years ago!

Rate "The High Performance Mind"


In my opinion, The High Performance Mind is amazing!! I cannot think of another book that is more suitable for beginners in this topic than this one!

I must remark that the language in the book really is easy to understand. The way she writes is really natural what makes it to the ideal book to get into brain waves.

Also, it is purely scientific based. There are other books that tend to become esoteric at some point. This is not the case in The High Performance Mind.

Moreover, this book has a self-help character. It can bring profound changes in one's life if one was to follow all the advice and meditations for personal development. For me, it gave me more insight about my life and past that I most probably would not have had.

To come to a close, this book the perfect to start I recommend everyone to start with The High Performance Mind to learn more about brain waves!

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Slaven Cvijetic (author) from Switzerland, Zurich on January 13, 2014:

Hey Evan!

Thanks for your comment! You should really read this book as this can be a real life changing read. I don't want to advertise here, but you should put it really high up at the top of your list ;).

Evan Smiley on January 10, 2014:

Thanks for the book review! Definitely sounds interesting and I'm adding it to my reading list! Thanks for the hub!

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