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In Any Epidemic Patience and Awareness Are the Only Solution

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In this article, i want to give the information about diseases. This is knowledgeable article for everyone.


Know About Many Diseases

In all cases, we must not rely on the government to cope with the Corona epidemic. One has to set up one's own system to fight any disease. Only vigilance, traditional knowledge, patience, positive thinking, and observance of the laws of nature can keep us all away from the epidemic. If we succumb to such an epidemic, then the situation will be very bad.

This second wave of the Corona epidemic was extremely deadly. Now the third wave is coming back. When a difficult situation is not in our hands, we all have to compromise with that situation. In such a situation, patience and awareness are the two tools by which we can successfully fight this onslaught. Nowadays, we all have to find a way to overcome this crisis together.

If we look at human history, people have often been victims of natural and sometimes physical disasters in human history. Between 165 and 1980, a type of bacterial infection spread to Asia Minor, Southeast Asia, and present-day Turkey, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. It was known as the Antonian Plague. At that time, the plague killed 5 million people and destroyed almost the entire Roman army. Then, between 541 and 542 CE, the Justinian plague wiped out a large population in Europe. Also, the Black Death was spread from 1346 to 1353. Between 7.5 and 20 crore people were killed in the outbreak.

The third epidemic broke out in 1855. At that time, 1.2 crore people had died in India and China. According to the World Health Organization, the bacterium was active until the 1960's. There were also seven outbreaks of diarrhea, which killed millions. The history of the epidemic in India can be traced back to the British era. Among the epidemics that have been reported since 1900, the outbreak of the corona virus began in 2019. The epidemic originated in China. But in 2020, the epidemic spread around the world. Earlier, Nipah virus had spread in Kerala, India in 2018. The Nipah virus originated from bats. The outbreak of Encephalitis was spread in 2017 due to mosquito bites. From 2014 to 2015, swine flu started in Gujarat and later spread to many states.

The outbreak of jaundice had spread in 2015. Hepatitis started in 2009 in Gujarat. Dengue and Chicken Pox were spread in 2006 in Gujarat and Delhi. The outbreak of SARS was extremely dangerous between 2002 and 2004. In September 1994, the pneumonic plague entered Surat district of Gujarat state. Why did it spread together? What are the reasons for this? Because of the open drains in the city, the very poor quality drainage system, all these reasons were spread in this city. The measles outbreak was also rampant in India. The disease was brought under control with the help of the then Soviet Union. In 1918, the Spanish flu became the most widespread disease in the world.

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Strength Of Mind Is The Solution

Science has really made progress in the world and we have started to neglect the traditional thing by embracing science. But today we see that, in times of corona epidemics, traditional systems are only helping to reduce the lethality of the corona epidemic. We see a picture of people panicking in the Corona epidemic. Not every patient could get a hospital bed. But it can also be treated at home. You see, most patients are cured by staying at home.

The epidemic is now spreading to small towns, villages and street markets. This has increased the risk of infection in the entire village. If infection is to be prevented in rural areas, all amenities should be made available in the village itself. Currently, there is a huge shortage of resources in the health centers at the panchayat level. It must be properly fulfilled. This deficiency should be rectified immediately. All people must follow the principles of hygiene. Currently, hot water intake and steaming should be included in your daily routine. Basil, neem, and health plants should be planted around you.

Medicinal plants in Ayurveda should be consumed. A health center should be set up in every village to check the person coming from outside and if any infection is found in that person, the person should be admitted to the village only after checking. We should not depend on the government for anything. One has to set up one's own system to fight any disease. Also, everyone should be vigilant. Everyone should acquire traditional knowledge.

In such a difficult situation, everyone should exercise restraint. The most important thing is that all people should adopt positive thinking. It creates a kind of strength in the mind. Any disease can be overcome with positive thinking of man. It is also very important to follow the laws of nature. Whatever consequences we are experiencing now are due to non-compliance with the laws of nature. But no epidemic should be feared.

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