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Improve Your French - Advanced Vocabulary - 'Important' Vocab

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Improving Your French

Think you know French? Think again.

French, as with all languages, is a language that you can speak on different levels. To help you become more sophisticated and raise your level of French, here are some words and phrases to do with stating the importance of matters that you may learn to improve upon an already solid French lexis.


Vocabulary Portraying Importance

French English Translation



Un enjeu de taille

A big Issue

Un enjeu capital

A prime issue



Une étape essentielle

A vital Stage

Au cœur du débat

At the heart of the discussion

Le point de mire

Focal point

La pierre angulaire


Le principe directeur

Guiding principle

Une nécessité de premier plan

a priority need


To weigh/influence

Un facteur d'un poids décisif qui pèse lourd

A factor of decisive significance which weighs heavily

Phrases to do with Importance

FrenchEnglish Translation

Il faut

We must

Souligner l'importance de ...

Emphasise the importance of ...

Prendre au sérieux

Take seriously

Tenir compte du fait que ...

Take into account that ...

Insister sur le fait que ...

Emphasise that ...

Quelque chose de notable

Something noteworthy

Un événement marquant

An important event

L'essentiel de l'affaire

Crux of the issue

Le point crucial du débat; le noeud du débat

Crucial point of the discussion

Le débat tourne autour de ...

The discussion hinges on ...

Poser un problème crucial

To pose a central problem

Être pour beaucoup dans l'affaire

To count for a lot in the issue

Le plus frappant ici c'est

The most striking thing here is ...

More phrases to do with importance

French English Translation

Il est utile de s'attarder sur

It is worth dwelling on (...)

Plusieurs points forts se dégagent

Several important points emerge

Il ne faut pas banaliser le danger

We must not play down the danger

Il ne faut pas passer sous silence; il ne faut pas tirer le rideau sur ...

We must not draw a veil over (...)

Désigner les sources du mal

To pinpoint the origins of the ill

Remonter de l'effet à la cause

To work back from effect to cause

Jouer un rôle primordial/prépondérant

To play a major part

Vocabulary to do with the extent of consequences

French WordsEnglish Translation

L'ampleur (f)


L'ampleur des conséquences

Extent of the consequences

Des conséquences d'une grande portée

Far-reaching consequences




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Lina on January 12, 2015:

My preolbm was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

quicksand on March 02, 2012:

It' good to know such phrases too. Certainly valuable even to someone who already has a working knowledge of the language.

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