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Important Things To Remember While You Are In College

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When the last year of our school life arrives, we start to feel the vibrations of an exciting college life. Most of us has experienced this special feeling in our lives because some of you might be still studying in school and are yet to experience this.

College life is way too different from school life. For some it may be their golden phase of life or for some it may be a confusing phase because a lot of students think that they have chosen wrong course and they should have opted for some another interesting course.

College is going to be nothing less than a roller coaster ride and it will teach you things you never thought you’d learn. College may be a place where nearly everyone’s new one another, you'll easily shed your past image and be anybody.

College is the time you lay the foundation of your career. So it is important to keep certain things in mind so that you don’t regret it later. So I have figured out some of the top things you need to keep in mind while you are in college.

1. Start A Gym.

Starting a gym as soon as you go to the college can really help you. As we all know First Impression is the Last Impression so your first impression in your college on your colleagues, teachers or anyone should be a spot on. Don’t forget being fit makes you look good and attractive to others.

2. Use Second Hand Books.

A lot of students are excited about their new life in college so they buy brand new books. Many colleges offer their students to issue books from the library or they can buy second hand books from a nearby book store.

3. Explore.

Many students take a lot time in mixing up with the college environment. I want to tell you college gives you the freedom to explore yourself as much as you can. It gives you a wide range of opportunities like debate competition, dancing, singing, acting and many other co curricular activities which can help you discover yourself or let you find your passion or interest in a particular thing.

4. Be Open.

College is the place to talk, to communicate with different kind of people and make a lot of friends. So don’t be a meek. Try to be open to others. Go to them, have a nice conversation and understand the perspective of your college world.

5. Your Surrounding.

This is one of the important aspect many of us realize when we graduate. The people with whom we spend our time makes a lot of impact on our overall development. Directly or indirectly we get lot of influenced from their behaviour. So be wise and choose your circle wisely. Make sure you don’t regret it later in your life.

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6. Learn a new Language.

A language helps you to connect with different people. It widens your thoughts and enhances your knowledge. Knowing different languages always make you stand out from the crowd. People see you having a high intellectual identity.

7. Express Your Talents.

You have to express yourself while you are in college otherwise you will regret it later in your life. Participate in activities that are being held to know yourself a bit more of your strength and weaknesses.

8. Internships.

Internships are an important part of our college life. They are always a special feature added to our CV’s. They give you much needed before hand experience for your career. It helps you to learn things from the big professionals of the industry.

9. Build Good Relationship with your teachers.

A healthy relationship with your faculty makes you feel comfortable and more relaxing. Don’t forget bad relationships with your teachers can also affect your grades. Building a good relationship enables you to be confident and more productive in that particular subject.

10. Live in the moment.

Living in the moment is a great stress reducer. No one knows where and what we will be doing in our future. The only thing we have with us is this present moment so enjoy your college life as it is not going to come back. Make new friends, go out, chill and travel with them.

11. Join a Club.

Joining a club in the college is definitely going to benefit you. It helps you to grow your connections with different people. While joining a club, you meet new people, interact with them you talk about new ideas. It builds your networking, Leadership quality, professional profile and sometimes even employment opportunities.

12. Be Career Oriented.

While pursuing graduation you should not forget about your career. Always keep your goals in mind and work towards them.

13. Make a Habit of Reading.

The powerful exercise to keep your mind fresh and healthy is by reading. Reading relaxes your mind and help you to be more informative, knowledgeable and specific about certain things. So if you want to grasp that upper hand in being knowledgeable so you must start reading from today.

14. Submit your assignments on time.

Well this point seems to be very normal yet it keeps a very important significance in college life. Undergraduates usually don’t submit their assignments on time and this affects on their overall academic performance. So if you don’t want to ruin your academic grades you should submit your assignments on time.

15. Time Management.

Managing your time is one of the key aspect in your day to day life. You should be aware of the things that are taking time unnecessarily because once gone time will never come back. So utilize your time wisely and be productive with your college schedule.


Yogita Sharma on September 20, 2020:

Thanks for your valuable content. Surely it will help students to manage college life.

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