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Importance of Knowing Your Personality

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Ever wonder why you react in a certain way when you’re in a particular situation? Your personality can be responsible for that. Most of the time, your personality allows you to do things that others can’t or vice versa. People with different personalities usually clash and have a hard time getting along with each other. That’s why you must learn more about your personality to have a harmonious relationship with other people.

There are many free personality tests all over the internet these days. You don't even have to have a hard time finding them. Even on social media, their personality test games are there for free, but it’s usually just for fun. If you want to learn more about your personality, you can look for the MBTI personality test instead to get more accurate results.

MBTI Personality Test

The Myers Brigg Type Indicator MBTI is one of the most popular personality tests. It’s a psychological assessment that many people find useful to live a better life. Most of the people who took the MBTI personality test claimed that they understood themselves better and helped them excel in their chosen careers.

The MBTI Personality Test was developed based on personality theories by Carl Jung. He’s one of the famous psychoanalysts, and his theories are still popular up to this day. This personality test was designed to assess psychological preferences. It includes how people see the world, how they interact, and how they make their decisions.

Personality Types

1. ISTJ - The Inspector

This personality type is often misunderstood. Since people with this personality can be intimidating to approach, people with ISTJ personality can look very serious, formal, prim, and proper. They are patient and hardworking, and they cherish honor, social, and cultural responsibilities. They can be reserved, quiet, and upright, which other people find intimidating at first.

2. INFJ - The Counselor

People with the INFJ personality are visionaries as well as idealists. They are deep thinkers, and other people find them very amusing or even odd. This personality is very creative and always has a bright idea in their mind. They don’t accept any explanations at a surface level and consistently try to find a deeper meaning behind everything.

3. INTJ - The Mastermind

Very quiet and reserved, people with INTJ personalities are also known as true introverts. They can be self-sufficient and prefer to work on their own. They are not very friendly individuals, as doing so can quickly drain their energy. INTJpersonality is excellent in developing a strategy and planning.

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4. ENFJ - The Giver

The giver can be a people pleaser. They always want to make sure that other people are happy. This personality type is extroverted, idealistic, outspoken, charismatic, ethical, and has high principles. They are living in the future and with their imagination rather than in the present or real world. This personality depends more on intuition and emotions.

5. ISTP - The Craftsman

They are often misunderstood because of their mysterious personality. They are rational and logical types of people. However, they are more spontaneous and unpredictable. The ISTP personality hides it from the outside world. It’s the most challenging personality to recognize since they don't even know what their reaction might be.

6. ESFJ - The Provider

Popularity is one noticeable trait of the ESFJ personality. Many people like them since they are extroverted and can blend in with others easily. These people want to make other people happy, making them the darling of the crowd. These are usually the cheerleader or the jock in school.

7. INFP - The Idealist

They see the world differently as they can get lost in their daydreams most of the time. The INFP personality is introverted and likes to spend their time in quiet places. They never share anything about themselves when meeting new people. Fascinated with the signs and symbols, they take them as metaphors.

8. ESFP - The Performer

The ESFP personality will always try to steal the spotlight since they were born to entertain. They are extroverts, but they observe, feel, and perceive other people. This personality often likes gathering people to share her thoughts and knowledge about everything. They are sympathetic and concerned about the people around them.

9. ENFP - The Champion

People with ENFP personalities are wise and thoughtful, but they will never be a follower. As the champion, they always find other ways and methods of their own. Although they are extroverts, they only enjoy the right company and are more selective. They are very individualistic and will hate to go outside of their comfort zone.

10. ESTP - The Doer

The ESTP personality does whatever they want to do and only fixes what’s wrong while doing it. They are very extroverted and live with social interaction. They are powered by their feelings and emotions and go with the flow. They are the happy-go-lucky type of people.

11. ESTJ - The Supervisor

They are the leader of the pack, and they live as a good example for everyone. This personality is often the kind of person who loves to assist people who need guidance and counseling. They value tradition, are organized, honest, dedicated, and keep their dignity at all times.

12. ENTJ - The Commander

The ENTJ personality is a true leader from the rest of the 16 personality types. They can’t just sit around and wait for something to happen around them. They will lead the pack at any given time and make quick but sound decisions for everyone’s welfare. Their main concern is to always manage with logic and discipline.

13. INTP - The Thinker

The thinker always comes up with brilliant ideas and theories. Since this personality is the most logical compared to other personality types, they can read other people and have a keen eye for patterns. Although, they don't care much about the usual daily activities as well as maintenance.

14. ISFJ - The Nurturer

This personality is the most generous of all types. They believe that if you are a helpful person, you will be rewarded because of it. They are philanthropists and selfless kinds of people who always like helping others. They are also sensitive about how others might feel, and they value harmony and cooperation.

15. ENTP - The Visionary

It’s a rare personality type because they are extroverts, but they don't like small talk. They are highly intelligent and knowledgeable and need to be mentally stimulated most of the time. They will seize the opportunity to discuss his theories and also expect a good debate.

16. ISFP - The Composer

Although the ISFP personality is introverted by nature, they are more sociable, that’s why they don't seem to be one. They can have issues when meeting new people, but they can be very friendly once they warm up to you. This type of personality is the best person to be with to do some activities.

How Knowing Your Personality Type Can Help You in the Future

1. Understand Yourself Better

Knowing your personality type will help you to understand yourself more. You will learn why you react differently compared to other people. It can also be an excellent way to know yourself more and learn to accept the real you. It will also provide you with which career path to take to be more successful.

2. Learn About What You Like and Not

You will discover and learn the reason behind the things that you like or dislike. The personality test can also determine if you are an extrovert or an introvert. That way, you can make the necessary adjustments to how you are living your life right now. It can also allow you to make better decisions that will play a significant role in your life in the future.

3. Learn What Situation is Best for You

If you learn more about what type of personality you are under, you can also find the best situation where you should be. It can help you to decide which career path you should take or if you need to change it. If you are socially awkward, it will be best to work in a place where you can work on your own instead of being in a team.

4. Know More About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Taking the personality test will point out your strengths and weaknesses. It’s better than guessing about it or just listening to how other people perceive you. It’s best to learn them firsthand so that you will also know what will be your next move. Being more comfortable with your personality will be much easier.

5. Learn How to Deal with Other People

Once you know your personality based on the test, you will understand that people have different personalities. There’s no better personality for you but your own since it will be more interesting to know that everyone is unique. Different personalities can make the world better and more exciting.


The MBTI personality test can lead you to your self-discovery. You can benefit from taking the free personality test since you can understand your personality better. Once you know what personality type you belong to, you can start from there to find the right career path that you should take. That way, you will not be miserable with your choice. You can have a better future and also be happier.

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