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Who Wants to Live Forever?

David Rosales strives to create meaning in a universe of possibilities.

Everyone, Probably

Immortality is a perennial topic. It has always been discussed and will always be discussed. In private, in intimate moments embracing loved ones, never wishing to depart from them. In public, knowing that the time required for society to change and progress exceeds the individual's lifespan.

And you can see how living forever is filled with the promise of happiness and pleasures everlasting. Visions in high definition have been presented to us in the form of movies in which the progress of technology appears almost like magic.

Despite being told that it is impossible, you can grasp how sure it feels that this body can be healed and rejuvenated by the art and touch of future doctors. You don't have to be surprised that the weight of the data reflects that humans are, on average, already starting to live longer and longer lives.

Although you may have heard a few stories about extreme lifestyle changes improving the quality of life into late adulthood, what you really need to hear is that modern medicine and its alternatives are already making this possible for most middle-aged people.

Everyone gets excited at the prospect of living longer and healthier lives. It is only the frustration caused by the appearance of lacking the means to do so. But this is quickly changing as science and medicine progress.

And as prospects change, more and more people are becoming aware of and excited about the possibilities of living longer and happier lives.


Young, fresh, and beautiful

Young, fresh, and beautiful

Why People Say Otherwise

Saying that dying is okay is the way in which we may avoid worrying. We have lived for so long under the material impossibility of extending life that, when presented with the option, we are still in the habit of denying its desirability.

The changes that have brought life extension and possible immortality into material possibility have happened so suddenly and so fast that philosophy, education, and culture have not had the time to adapt.

Society at large is still seeing things through the lenses of a decrepit morality that tells them they must accept death. In this context, death is mistakenly portrayed as a rest from the pains of life, as an ascension to unknown spheres that will rid you of the gift of existence.

Life is rejected as if it were not the wonderful and touching experience it truly is. And the only reason for this is that humans embrace what they think they know and are often afraid of venturing into uncharted territory, even if that means death and decay, and the loss of everything they have ever known.

Living Forever Sounds Awesome

Contrary to old legends spun by people who were afraid to live fully, living forever would be an amazing and fulfilling experience for any human being.

There are countless ways of handling this topic that present pictures, give us a feeling for, and describe the experience of living forever so that we can better appreciate it and accept it as desirable and necessary.

The territory has been charted. It is in taking the confident leap in the direction that science and reason have laid out for us that we can escape the chains that old fears have trapped us with.

Outmoded ways of perceiving the world continue to dictate what you should or should not desire, but you can sense in your heart the blossoming flower of hope and peace when the sound of the words "you are going to live forever" reaches your ears.

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And so, while the official narrative whispers submission to death, the will and genius of humanity are beautifully displaying their reach and strength as science tackles aging itself.

All the effort that is poured into this epic struggle goes to show that humans have so much to live for and should not be denied an extended life, even one that is indefinitely extended.

Indefinite Life Extension

The picture of immortality is simply that of life extended indefinitely, without an expiration date.

If you were to stand beside someone who was immortal, there would be virtually no distinction between you two while you remained alive and in good health.

That is, immortality is simply an indefinite extension of life in good health.

The beauty of indefinite life extension becoming the norm for our society will be that all of your loved ones can come with you if they so choose.

Two hundred years from now, you could be strolling comfortably down your garden, your feet feeling the soft grass underfoot, to join your children and grandchildren already grown. And in this scene, all of you are forever young and healthy.

Or, you could be on your way to Mars with your significant other, watching the solar system through the window in your suite on the international commercial spaceline. Your faces, forever young and beautiful, glowing with carefree satisfaction.

Getting Started

What can you begin doing in order to set yourself up for immortality?

As time goes by, more and more options will become available to you in which to stay healthy.

Not all of those will necessarily involve medical intervention and certainly, a large part of this will have to do with things we do in our everyday lives.

Others will involve setting up strategies to counteract threats or capitalize on the approaching horizon of technologies and treatments that the future will bring.

So here's a brief list of things you can start to do today to start your journey towards indefinite life extension, i.e. immortality:

  1. Regularly consult with your doctor regarding the state of your body, and attend to any instability as per their instruction.
  2. Eat a variety of food and supplements that covers the needs of your body as per current medical authorities.
  3. Regularly exercise but do not overdo it. Physical training should not deplete you but energize you.
  4. Introduce deep relaxation techniques into your routine to minimize stress.
  5. Practice breathing exercises and techniques to improve oxygenation of your body and brain.
  6. Get a cryonics contract to enable you to suspend your biological body and arrest the progress of physical degeneration until science has progressed enough to eliminate aging and find cures for what ails you: this will likely happen in the 21st century.

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