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If You Have Kids, You Need Kindle Unlimited

Chris loves to learn and explore things in life as well as in books, continue learning and enjoying new things - here are some ideas for you


Great Reading For Your Family

We will talk about how reading is great for children of all ages, but it is also great for you adults. This can be the convenience of reading magazines while waiting for an appointment or five minutes you have waiting for your kids to get around. So, let's dig into Kindle Unlimited a little and see the benefits to the family and most likely the future of your kids. I would suggest that anyone try it, especially since they offer a free 30-day trial and you can cancel your subscription.

Reading For Young Kids

We all understand that bonding with our kids is important, right? I'm pretty sure that almost everyone answered, "Yes." But reading with young children does more than only bonding with them. This is a time that helps them begin to create their social concepts and understand situations that they will encounter in life.

A kid's classic is, "Taylor the Tooting Turkey." This book ranges from $9.99 to $18.99 depending on digital to hardcover. But with Kindle Unlimited, you get to read it all you want with your child for free. This is a funny book, and I am using it as an example of the savings you can get from one book alone.

We agree that reading with your kids is a good thing to do. But let's break it down a little. Parents should try to read to their kids at least once a day, and we all understand that life can be crazy and that this won't happen every day. But it is a goal to chase after and not get discouraged when it doesn't happen - move on to the next day and do the next right thing. That is all we can expect of ourselves. Reading Rockets has some great general advice about young readers and basically, it says that reading helps make a bond with your child, is an opportunity to make learning fun, and don't be too worried about not getting this perfect - life happens and we need to understand that family is there to support each other.

There is a lot of information that talks about how important reading to young children is and there is an even larger list of the reasons why. Overall, I think we can agree that it helps children understand situations in life, have a more malleable understanding of situations, better focus, improve their cognitive skills through reasoning, and many children that are read to and read themselves do better academically.

Add more color to life.

Add more color to life.

Tweens and Teens Reading

Reading helps people understand more complex situations and handle them better throughout life. These complex situations that your child or children could handle better could be in their career or it could be in their everyday lives and relationships. This is one of those things that I want for my kids, to be able to handle life when life happens. I have struggled in plenty of situations and I want them to do better than me.

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The more you read the better your vocabulary is as well. This will help in being more accurate in conversations and communications as well as some college testing. The better one's vocabulary the more diverse their conversations and/or communications can be, allowing them to have more variety in their lives.

Through reading a person can also broaden their horizons and understand the plights of others more readily. We start to question if things are as black and white as many people view life, look at Les Miserables and put yourself in Jean Valjean's place, or view life through his eyes. These are also conversations that help people connect in everyday life oddly enough.

The Adults Including You

One of the reasons I am writing about Kindle Unlimited is because I do think people should add this service to their lives. I personally read several books a week. The topic depends on what I am interested in, passing time, researching, etc. But through Kindle Unlimited I have read topics from beekeeping, betta fish, entertainment, making mead, and I am still exploring.

With Covid-19, I have noticed the disappearance of magazines from waiting rooms, Kindle Unlimited has magazines for children to adults - these do change from time to time as of writing this. I appreciate this for when I don't want to be vested into a book but only want something to distract me while waiting.

The latest number of titles I saw was roughly 1.5 million titles that you can read for free with Kindle Unlimted. There are books in every genre that I can think of, and for the $9.99 a month I pay; I will take that all day long. Especially, since I do read so much and I don't have time to visit a library and I don't have to worry about dropping a book off.

This is a service that can be used by everyone in the family. And it is cheaper than buying the books or having to make time to go to the library or worry about returning books. I highly recommend it.

Free 30-Days and Cancel When You Want

I do know several people who subscribe and resubscribe when they have a list of books they want to read. This is economical for them, and I think a couple of them enjoy the binge-reading that they do while hibernating away from society.

I have had Kindle Unlimited for a couple of years. My family uses it and I don't think I would go back to anything else. It also has cleared up some of the stacks of books, after donating several hundred books to the local Goodwill my nightstand and desk are looking much better. I hope you will give it a try and get your kids reading with you. There are some great conversations waiting.

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