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ISRO: Smallest Rocket Made by 750 School Students Takes Off


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched the smallest rocket ever in space. It carries an Earth observation satellite from the spaceport at Sriharikota. The rocket, made by 750 school students, was launched to mark India's 75th Independence Day celebrations. A small satellite launch vehicle, called SSLV, carried it. Reportedly, it had some trouble during the flight. This is the first time that ISRO has sent a small rocket through SSLV in Low Orbit Earth, meaning, low earth orbit. The Small Satellite Launch Vehicle was built by 750 schoolchildren. Why 750 students? In fact, this year marks the 75th year of India's Independence Day. These 750 students are for that celebration.

The Small Satellite Launch Vehicle is 34 meters long. It is less than 10 meters long than the normal SSLV. Vehicle diameter is 2 meters, PSLV diameter is 2.8 meters. This SSLVT is capable of carrying 120 tonnes, while a PSLV is capable of carrying 320 tonnes. They are usually capable of carrying loads up to 1800 kg. India's first satellite was launched in 1980. It was capable of carrying loads up to 40 kg.


Incidentally, ISRO has made a rare event in the history of Indian space before. They sent a digital card version of the Prime Minister's name and Geeta into space. A Brazilian-made satellite was also the first to be sent into space. It was carried by Indian spacecraft. This was the 51st flight of PSLV-C51. It was known to have launched with 18 satellites. A photograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was placed on the top panel of the spacecraft. Space Kids India informed that this initiative is to make the Prime Minister's dream of a self-reliant India a reality.

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