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Input-Process-Output Model

The beginners in the field of educational research find difficulty in preparing, formulating, organizing, and writing the conceptual framework of the study. It takes them lots of time in doing such because they lacked knowledge and information. Individuals who are considered experts or have at least ideas in the field of educational research must share their knowledge to provide assistance to the beginners. Aside from that, reading finished research outputs through hard copies or electronic copies really helps the beginners in acquiring knowledge and skills they want. This serves as the best way to have at least the basic idea and information in preparing, formulating, organizing, and writing the conceptual framework of the educational research.

Most researchers used input-process-output (IPO) model of research in illustrating the conceptual framework of the educational research. The IPO model represents the summary of various related articles that explains the processes involved. This directs the researcher in coming-up with a series of action required in the entire duration of the given educational research. It considers the insights of the other researchers, their observations, and their findings on the subject of their educational research.

IPO model refers to the representation of all the factors that make up a process. In the IPO diagram, it includes all of the materials and the information that are required in the process, the specific details of the process itself, and the descriptions of all products and by-products anchored on the process that took place.

Furthermore, the IPO model is the commonly used approach by researchers in various fields. It is an approach in system analysis and software engineering for describing the structure of an information processing program or other process.

The input consists the profile of the respondents and the factors connected with the dependent and independent variables of the educational research. Usually, all the details specified in the statement of the problems are stipulated here.

The process involves the questionnaires used, observations conducted, the data gathering procedures, and the statistical treatment of data. It also includes the tabulation, analyses, and interpretation of data. It covers all the things done from the very beginning of gathering of the information or data needed in the conduct of the educational research and it ends with the conclusions and recommendations.

The output refers to the action taken after interpreting the results of the study. Action plan, intervention program, and proposed program, activities, modules, and other related things are taken for considerations. Likewise, the end results are also cited here such as the improved learning outcome or performance of the respondents, enhanced teaching-learning process, and other related things based from the study conducted.

By considering these things in an educational research work, the readers get the chance to browse the wholeness of the study. It gives a preview of what is taken in the input, the processes involved, and the output of the given study. So, if the reader lacks time to read all the details of the a study, the best way to understand the study was to look for its conceptual framework.

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Moreover, the beginners in the field of research will have established source of information regarding the preparation, formulation, organization, and writing the conceptual framework of the study. This serves as the first step in acquiring the needed information regarding this matter. It is hoped that through the ideas and knowledge share in this article, they will come up with a better idea regarding the preparation of the conceptual framework of the study.

It is also suggested that beginners in educational research need to consult those who have expertise in conducting such in order to consider the guidelines used by the school or the institutions regarding the preparation, formulation, organization, and writing preparation and presentation of the conceptual framework of the study. Always remember that every school or institution has their own style in the working with a research output and everyone need to abide to it. It is beneficial to follow the specified guidelines in order to avoid problems in the future.

Truly, if you want to see the gist of the study, refer to the conceptual framework of the study because it presents the targets of the study, the processes involved, and the end results of the study.


Sheila Magaling Esposo from Barangay San Rafael, San Felipe, Zambales, Philippines on November 11, 2018:

Thank you for sharing your insights about IPO Model. This will help me in the preparation of my research work. Continue to share your knowledge for the benefits of others.

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