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The Advocate: INFJ personality

Leadership skills can encourage you to grow within you company. Many are unaware of the difference in leadership styles.


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Leaders are needed for projects or goals to be completed. Many will never understand what it takes to be a good leader. Conscious leaders are people who understands themselves and curious to understand others (Kreitner, 2013). These are the leaders that will set their ego aside for the company. In a perfect world, many managers and leaders would be like this. Being in the clinical side of healthcare, I was never one to see myself as a leader in an actual role in the workplace. I tend to lead without being aware of it and curious to understand how I could use that to grow in my career field. After taking the personality exams, I learned I am an INFJ (introverted intuition with Extraverted feelings) personality type. Making up only percent of the population, I can now understand how I process information and handle situations as a leader in the workplace.

Being a INFJ, may results for emotional intelligence is interpersonal. This translate to understanding how other moods are without compromising my own feelings (Emotional Intelligence Test, 2017). I will want to allow people to discuss their feelings in hopes to help them. Being good with completing my responsibilities, I also love different things and tend to gravitate to difference in people and projects. This may be why I went into the healthcare field in the first place and why I love being a surgical technologist. I can be that advocate for a patient without effecting my personal emotions. Being a surgical technologist is a field that many are not aware of, this is one career where one must be confident within. Being able to work with a team, INFJ are more loners. This can explain, when being at work I am very outspoken and can hang with a crowd with out any issues, but when given the chance at being alone I will take advantage of it (INFJ IN THE WORKPLACE, 2017).

Seeing how well I can handle my emotions, sometimes being considerate for others can be a curse. Choosing not to connect with people often can pose problematic when in a large group. Being a manager, I am not one that looks down on people instead everyone is an equal. As managers, INFJs are often reluctant in exercising their authority, preferring to see their subordinates as equals, coordinating and supervising people, leaving the technical systems and factual details to more capable hands, and working hard to inspire and motivate, not to crack the whip. That’s not to say that people with the INFJ personality type have lax standards – far from it – as INFJs’ sense of equality means that they expect their subordinates to be as competent, motivated and reliable as the INFJs themselves (INFJ IN THE WORKPLACE, 2017).

Understanding my personality helps me in all aspects in life. In the workplace, I am aware of my weakness and can learn how to handle these weaknesses can assist me in the growth of my role now. Having a fear of leading, I understand that I do not have that fear of leading but instead have a fear of failing. Falling into the perfectionist category, I can sometimes loose site at the big picture (Kreitner, 2013). This is very important, because as a surgical technologist, one must be able to see the small things that have the greatest impact on the surgery. To manage a department, one must know how to see the big picture.

These exams are good for people to take, because it allows them to see their strengths and their weakness. When I am to interview for a job, I can see and understand my weakness to the company. I am also able to explain how to work on those weaknesses. When you can understand your weakness, and learn how to improve on them, many companies will see a leader (Emotional Intelligence Test, 2017).

In conclusion, understanding your own personality can assist in running a department smoothly. Being a conscious leader, can help the company and department you are running. Although not an easy task, when one knows thy self, they can work to improve on areas of weakness and understand when constructive criticism is given and why.

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Tiffany Payne (author) from Dallas TX on March 11, 2020:

Yes it is very common

Kathryn Collins from UK on March 11, 2020:

Why does it not surprise me that most people who took the test above are INFJ? :-)

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