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IELTS Speaking Practice Test (Part I)

 IELTS speaking test is the most difficult part for some people. In my opinion, speaking English on a regular basis each day is not difficult. We can talk all day and we have a lot of topics to talk about. People love to talk, but why don’t they talk in the same manner as on the IELTS speaking test? First of all, people think that the examiner is a stranger, so people get excited and nervous when they sit in front of the examiner. Second, we have no idea that how we can answer the questions. From my experience, when I have to answer a question that I never heard before, I tried hard, spending a lot of time to think about it. My friends who used to study IELTS in the same class as me had the same problem as well. So,  I thought to myself,  “why don’t I prepare answers for all of the IELTS speaking test questions and then practice with these every day until the big day come?”  I did and I was very happy with the result. I got band 7 on the IELTS speaking test. Why don’t you give it a try? Good luck!

 For the IELTS Speaking Test Part I is the candidate and the examiner introduce themselves. Candidates then answer general questions about themselves, their home/family, their job/ studies, their interests and a wide range of similar familiar topic areas. This part lasts between four and five minutes.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1

Part I

Examiner: Good morning, my name is...........

Can you tell me your full name please?

Candidate: My name is Ladda Boonmee

Examiner: Can you tell me where you come from?

Candidate: I come from Bangkok which is the capital city of Thailand. It is very convenient city because it has a very good transportation system, such as; sky trains, buses and sea buses. Moreover, there are many big department stores for people who like shopping.

Examiner: Can I see your identification please?


Let’s talk about what you do.

Examiner: Do you work or do you study?

Candidate: I am a student at the moment. I used to study with English tutors for 6 months. Furthermore, I have studied English with GV English centre for 1 month.

Examiner: How long have you been doing this course?

Candidate: I have been doing this course for 1 month.

Examiner: What do you plan to do in the future?

Candidate: I would like to be a nurse in Vancouver. Therefore, I have studied English for many years. Nevertheless, I don’t have a definite long term plan because I think my present plan is more important.

Examiner: What the most difficult thing about your course?

Candidate: In my opinion, I think reading comprehension is the most complicated. I had to study very hard and got up so early in the morning to practice before I could achieve my success.

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Examiner: Why did you choose to study this subject?

Candidate: I chose to study IELTS because I would like to immigrate to Canada and apply to be a nurse in Vancouver. Furthermore, English is very necessary for me which helps me to communicate with English patients in Thailand.

Examiner: Let’s talk about your eating habits:

How many meals do you eat in a day?

Candidate: I eat 3 meals a day which contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamin, minerals and calcium. However, I eat fruit and vegetables in the evening rather than meat and flour because they will not make me overweight.

Examiner: What kinds of food do you like the most? Why?

Candidate: I am keen on eating Thai food the most because it has balanced nutrition in one meal and it is very tasty. For example; our lunch that contains grilled chicken, sticky rice and papaya salad is nutritious, delicious and balanced.

Examiner: Are there any foods you don’t particular like? Why?

Candidate: I don’t like India food because it has a strong smell and it is too heavy for me. For example, Roti and Mussamon curry which is made from flour, sugar, coconut milk and beef.

Examiner: What are the advantages of cooking your own food?

Candidate: I think there are three benefits of cooking my own meal.

Firstly, I can save on my budget because I don’t have to pay for the restaurants’ services.

Secondly, I know exactly that my food is beneficial to health because I can choose the ingredients by myself.

Thirdly, I don’t have to worry about the quality and cleanliness of the food.

Examiner: Let’s talk about going out with friends.

How often do you go out with friends?

Candidate: I usually go out with friends on the weekend.

Examiner: Where do you and your friends usually go? Why?

Candidate: My friends and I usually go to see a movie at IMEX theatre because we are keen on watching comedy movies. Therefore, we always get in touch on Friday to make our plans.

Examiner: Do you prefer to go out with your friends, or invite them over to your house? Why?

Candidate: I would rather go out with my friends because it is convenient that I don’t have to prepare food for them. Moreover, I can explore many new places.

Examiner: Would you rather go out in a large group, or just get together with one or two friends? Why?

Candidate: I prefer to go out with a couple of friends because it is easier to get along with some friends than in the large group. For example, I went shopping with my two close friends who were very easy-going last week. We did not get frustrated with each other because we had the same taste. On the other hand, if we go out with a large group, we have to cope with different ideas of all the people.


IELTS Speaking Test - How to Get a Good Score

Examiner: Can you describe with place you’ve living now?

Candidate: Iam living in an apartment on Main Street and 6th AVE, which is very peaceful and close to nature. I am very comfortable living here because the transit is very convenient. Moreover, my neighbours are very warm-hearted.

Examiner: Do you have anything on the walls?

Candidate:    I have some flower pictures on the walls. I think these pictures make me happy and relaxed.

Examiner: How are the transportation services where you live?

Candidate: They are very convenient and punctual. I can manage my time which makes me happy and not be bad-tempered.

Examiner: Are there any sports facilities near where you live? 

Candidate:  Yes, there is one facility near my home. However, I have never been there because I have been very busy with my English lessons.

IELTS Speaking

Examiner: Now let’s talk about jewelry.

Examiner: Do you wear any jewelry? Why or why not?

Candidate:I wear some jewelry, such as; earrings and necklaces. I think earrings can make women more attractive and the necklace, which I wear, is from my father.

Examiner: What kinds of jewelry do people in your country wear?

Candidate: Many people in my country like to wear earrings and necklaces because it is convenient to purchase them. They are available everywhere. Furthermore, some of them are not very expensive which makes it easy for people to afford.

Examiner: Would you ever buy a piece of jewelry? Why or Why not?

Candidate:I always buy earrings because I am keen on wearing of this type of jewelry. There are many style, colours and designs.

Examiner: What kind of jewelry do you like to see on other people?

Candidate: Earrings, which I like to see on someone else, are the most attractive. In my opinion, I think men or women can wear earings j because some styles of them make people look more interesting.



Examiner: Let’s talk about libraries.

Examiner: How often do you go to the library?

Candidate: I always go to the library after school because it is a very good place to study and gain more knowledge.

Examiner: Do you ever study at the library? Why or why not?

Candidate: Yes, of course. I think the best place for studying is the library. I have three reasons to support my idea.

Firstly, it is a very quiet place and people respect each other.

Secondly, we can go pick any useful books right away.

Thirdly, we can use the complimentary internet.

Examiner: Does your hometown have a good library?

Candidate: Yes, actually we have one in Bangkok city which is the biggest one in Thailand. However, it is not as big as in Vancouver. I went there a long time ago. It contains any kind of books, especially books for young people who are studying in school or university.

Examiner: Do you think people should get a library card? Why or why not?

Candidate: Yes, I think people should have it because it has many advantages. Firstly, people, who are keen on reading, they can save on their budget instead of buying their favourite books.

Secondly, students don’t have to pay for very expensive books that they actually won’t use very often. Moreover, they can use the complimentary internet for searching useful information.

Examiner: Let’s move on to talk about television.

How often do you watch television?

Candidate: I usually watch TV only in the evening for about one or two hours a day.


What kind of shows do you like?

Cadidate: I am fond of the talk shows, such as Oprah. I think this show is very inspirational for many people around the world and this show can heal some people who have suffering in their lives as well.

Examiner: Has television helped you to improve your English? Why or why not?

Candidate: Yes, absolutely. It has helped me to develop my ability of English. For instance, listening because I can become familiar with English peoples’ accents. Furthermore, I can practice speaking while I am watching news or television shows.

Examiner: Do you ever watch movies on television?

Candidate: Yes, of course. I used to watch many movies on television. Such as; A Walk to Remember, Titanic and Music and Lyrics

Examiner: Now let’s discuss health.

Examiner: What do you do to stay healthy?

Candidate: For myself, firstly, I always eat a good diet because it is beneficial to health. Secondly, I always do yoga for exercising in the morning. Thirdly, when I have to face a miserable situation, I am fond of doing meditation because it can make me calm, relaxed not be a stressed person.

Examiner: What kinds of exercise are best for your health?

Candidate: I think yoga suits me the most because I can do it everywhere and I don’t need expensive tools. In addition, I am able to do it alone. Therefore, I don’t have to ask my friends, who have many businesses to deal with, to be my partner. I also don’t have to spend money going to the gym.

Examiner: Do many people in your country smoke?

Candidate: Yes, many people still smoke in Thailand. Even though the government tries to find many solutions to solve this problem, it seems to have improved a little bit. However, I think nowadays the amounts of people smoking are decreasing in numbers every year.

Examiner: Have you ever had to go to the hospital?

Candidate: Yes, I went to the hospital many times because my mother, who had a heart disease, she had to go and check her condition every month.

Examiner: Let’s move on to talk about history.

Examiner: Do you study history in school? Why or why not?

Candidate: Yes, history is a necessary part of our subjects in school because there are many historical places in Thailand. Furthermore, I think the studying of history is important for any generation because it can remind young people of their ancestors, who were fighting for their country, and how they lived.

Examiner: Do you think children should be taught about history? Why or Why not?

Candidate: Yes, I think young children should get to know about their countries’ history because they will be aware of the valuable historical places. They should be aware of the traditions in the past and keep them alive for the next generation so they are not lost.

Examiner: Do you think your country’s history is interesting? Why or why not?

Candidate:I think Thailand’s history is fascinating because our country has never been in any other countries control. Therefore, learning about our ancestors, who protect our country, is very exciting.

Examinar: Would you like to study history?

Candidate: Yes, I would love to know about Canada’s history because I have been living here for almost 2 years but I haven’t had a chance to learn about this country’s history yet.


Examiner: Now let’s discuss using cell phones.

Examiner: Do you have a cell phone? Why or why not?

Candidate: Yes, I do because it is the easiest way to communicate with other people and get in touch with them. Especially, when I have to live in another country, which is far away from my family, my cell phone helps me to keep in touch with them.

Examiner: Is a cell phone useful? Why or why not?

Candidate: Yes, I think it is very functional because we can use cell phones for many functions. For example; using the internet, calculation, setting an alarm clock and watching movies or even to remind ourselves of appointments and phone numbers.

Examiner: What are cell phones used for in your country?

Candidate: In Thailand, we used cell phones for many purposes. Such as; watching movies, surfing the internet, setting an alarm clock, reminding us of appointments. Nevertheless, the main purpose is that we can get in touch with people.

Examiner: Are cell phones expensive in your country

Candidate: It used to be very high-priced for many years. However, nowadays it is not very expensive anymore because there are many cell phone companies available. Therefore, they have to create effective products, which are cheap in price to compete.


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