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I Cannot Stop the Time; I Just Cherished the Moments that We are Still Together

This is a moment in the past that I cherish for a lifetime. This shows how happy we are when we are together.

This is a moment in the past that I cherish for a lifetime. This shows how happy we are when we are together.

Time is going so quickly, and no one can stop it from moving forward continuously. It's a fact that I've benefited from my life experiences. That's why I'm always in a rush to do some jobs, because maybe I'm running out of time to do all these things in my life.

For the past few years, I have been eager to take part in every trip, meeting, and moment of life that typically fulfills my happiness. I really take the time to be part of these live episodes because of the learning and knowledge I will gain. As a matter of fact, in every event or activity that I attend, I often discover life lessons that help me grow socially.

I learn from these episodes of my life to be close to other people around me. They're known to be my great fiends, and even my best friends ever, because they're the ones who stay through thick and thin. It's a fact that we've come across different people in our lives who leave a mark on our lives. Some can leave happy memories to remember forever, while others leave devastating encounters that leave us with realization in life. Often, it's easier to have questions about the people around us, because we didn't know whether they were going to make or break us.

When it comes to establishing relationships with each other, the toughest part that will challenge us is the time of adjustment. It's during this period that we're trying to get to know each other; the time to uncover the masks in our faces and to unveil the real of us. Usually, this process takes a month, a year, or even decades to get to know the actual person. In this life, we cannot easily recognize or identify an individual based on our first meetings. It takes a lot of time to be together so that we know who they really are. There are times on the same note that our close friends are breaking us. This serves as the biggest test in a relationship, because it lets us decide what to do next — forgive and forget the past, and continue the relationship that we have, or set aside everything, even the relationship that we have. This involves a big decision that will affect us in the coming days and we cannot go back to the past. After going through the process, the way we handle others is sure to be affected as well.

Based on my experience, I always want to stay with these people, but I don't have the power to influence them to stay with me. I let them decide on their own, and I choose to wait the right time to be together again, even this will take a lifetime. A situation that is always going to stay in my mind every time I experience the same thing and I meet new people in my life. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to educate myself to understand these things in life, so that I can recognize the reality behind me. And I believe that this is the true nature of love – the times when you let people go for what makes them happy. So that when time allows, when we see each other again, we can still exchange "hi" and "hello" with each other.

As I grow enough, I start to appreciate all the things that have happened in my life, and I still look at the positive side of it. Truly, there is a reason for all this. It is now up to us to look for the beauty of everything that happens to us. You ought to look at broader experiences of life in doing so. Don't concentrate on limited space, because at the end of these, you're going to say, "Thank God for making me experience these episodes in my life!” So, in the midst of life 's difficult episodes, remain optimistic. Still look at the other side of the scene. This is also the reason why coins are made on two sides, so they will still direct us to look at the other side of the coin. When it comes to life 's plans, that's why we have other choices or alternatives to see which one is most suited and best for us.

So, whatever happens, I don't have the power and the capacity to stop time from going forward continuously. I just take the time to be with these special people in my life, and I enjoy the times we're all together.