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Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control

Having researched disinformation tactics for the last five years, I am now publishing a series of articles on the subject.

Electronic Mind Control

All new electronic devices from refrigerators to smart phones and gaming systems have micro processors embedded in them to broadcast ELF signals directly into your subconscious mind.

All new electronic devices from refrigerators to smart phones and gaming systems have micro processors embedded in them to broadcast ELF signals directly into your subconscious mind.

Mind Control

Controlling The Masses

The mass media of digital technology, TV, Smart Phones, the internet (social media), radio, movies and videos are the most common tools used by The Cabal to manipulate public opinion. However in this article Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control we will also learn the many other lesser known electronic devices that are used to manipulate our thinking.

The digital age was supposed to make our lives easier, to give us more free time from work, less stress, less complications and less things to worry about. This article Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control will offer up a brief summary of the how and why mind control is done and some conclusions behind this nefarious agenda.

I originally began this article over two months ago, intending to tie it into my series of articles on disinformation however in recent weeks two events in my life gave me pause in finishing it. One was a conversation I had with a fellow employee that clearly illustrated how thoroughly the masses' thinking had been conditioned.

The other was recent information that has surfaced about a pending announcement and event that will affect every human on this planet. Consider the implications of The Pope, Putin and the Prime Minister of China, Xi, all being at the White House on the 23, of September 2015 and you have a setting for some sort of major disclosure event.

I will describe these important events below but first we need to recognize how thoroughly electronic media has been monopolized by The Cabal.

To begin with what needs to be understood is how public opinion is so easily manipulated and how a subject such as Mind Control can be so thoroughly misunderstood, misrepresented, censored and ridiculed. The simplest way to do this is to limit information on the subject, present so much confusing data and disinformation that the average human cannot possibly wade through it, while censoring the truth.

General Electric (GE), Disney, Time Warner, Viacom, CBS and News-Corp own 90% of all mass media and of these six corporations every single one of them have CEOs and major stock holders that hold majority shares in each others companies.

What this means is they have a monopoly on information and THEY decide what you hear about, read about and watch, not the public. They decide, what they want to become popular, what trends should be given air time and what topics, events or news is shared.

"Starting in the early days of the Cold War (late 40's), the CIA began a secret project called Operation Mockingbird, with the intent of buying influence behind the scenes at major media outlets and putting reporters on the CIA payroll, which has proven to be a stunning ongoing success."

Even twenty years ago around 50 separate corporations owned most of the global media but by absorbing or 'buying out' the competition these corporations have grown smaller but larger, essentially reducing the number of 'voices' the public hears. What keeps them in control of their monopolies is that they own numerous smaller subsidiary media companies such as newspapers, radio stations, magazines and companies that provide electronic consumer products. They also got into the internet on the ground floor and own such websites as Wikipedia and the popular Facebook.

They use common tactics to confuse and misdirect public opinion by blacking-out and censoring local events or news, smearing ridiculing or debunking information, labeling authors, insiders or expert and industrial professionals as quacks, nut-jobs or conspiracy theorists. They will often use two different 'experts' to present a conservative and liberal view that are both employees or 'consultants' of the corporation that owns the News Station.

When the public hears the words Mind Control, their first thoughts are of secret rooms, tortured bound victims enduring harsh lights, hypnotic indoctrination and cruel electronic devices. This is what popular movies, television shows and literature always describes and what the Powers That Be want the public to think.

Those that control the media want the public to make this connection so that they won't recognize that Mind Control is a much more subtle game designed to manipulate their thinking without them recognizing it is being done.

Mind control is often very subtle but also can be in your face manipulation designed to play off your most basic human emotion, which is fear. Fear of being wrong, fear of appearing unintelligent, fear of being conned or manipulated is the most common of these fear factors. It can be subtle by presenting just enough of the truth to seem reasonable but providing disinformation that plays on your subconscious fear, such as suggesting a sinister motive behind a story or event.

Socrates said, "Make a man think and he will love you, make a man think really hard and he will hate you."

The Cabal are the masters of Mind Control and manipulation, dividing public opinion and instigating public debate. They do this by owning everything you read and see, their monopoly allows them to dominate the publics perception of what Mind Control is and how it is implemented. The Cabal are the disinformation masters behind all of the conspiracy theories you read and hear about, they are the ones that actually introduce the conspiracies as a way of manipulating public opinion and controlling information flow.

A public that is divided is a public more easily controlled.

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Is the U.S. Media Owned by the CIA

Nothing To Fear . . .

Many people believe that because they have nothing to hide, they having nothing to fear from electronic mind control. This thinking may naively be true however this is not how Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control works.

Yes, it is true that intelligence agencies routinely eavesdrop on all cell phone conversations and monitor your computer emails, this is a fact but this is not the most sinister and manipulative aspect of mind control, just the information gathering part.

Listening to cell phone conversations and/or monitoring emails and conversations in your home are merely the information gathering process of mind control and DOES NOT actually control what you think.

The information gathering process isn't to protect the State from terrorist or criminals but to understand and process information that can be used to control the publics thinking. First you have to know what humanity is thinking, then you can subtly alter their perception.

In a recent article CIA HEAD: WE WILL SPY ON AMERICANS THROUGH ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES the director of the CIA, David Petraeus said that Americans are effectively bugging themselves when they buy any new (2005 or newer) electronic devices such as refrigerators, dishwashers, smart TVs (Google, Netflix), smart phones, tablets, cars, washers and dryers, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, computers, smart watches, smart meters and especially gaming technology and the list goes on and on . . .

What needs to be understood is that this is not new technology, this article was written in March of 2012. Every car produced after 2005 has On-Star technology embedded into it, meaning they cannot only remotely control your door locks, but your brakes, accelerator, engine, radio and steering wheel but also listen to your entire conversations in your car.

Petraeus comments came out the same week that ARM (Advanced RISC Machines), RISC stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computer, announced that a new micro-processor will be embedded in every new household appliance providing them with internet connectivity, so that they can be remotely controlled.

Ostensibly, this was being done so that your local power company could control the amount of electricity you use and prevent power blackouts, at least that is the excuse given to the public. However what it really means is that they not only can turn your appliances on or off but embed listening devices and broadcast low frequency radio waves into your home.

What this means is your refrigerator can tell you every five or six-seconds to not only eat but what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Because this technology works using the same frequency that your brain operates on, it can wake you up in the middle of the night and induce your to go on an eating binge.

Are you beginning to understand why your diet never works, are you beginning to grasp why you have such a difficult time controlling your own thoughts, desires and impulses?

So by listening to your conversations and accumulating knowledge about your likes and dislikes they then can begin broadcasting into your homes and cars subconscious signals that will implant thoughts directly into your subconscious mind.

In 2013 the NSA made operational a $2 Billion dollar data center in the Utah Mountains built and constructed like a monolithic super fortress to analyze and process all the data from their spy satellites and embedded micro-processors. This is how Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control works!

“The Utah data center is the centerpiece of the Global Information Grid, a military project that will handle yottabytes of data, an amount so huge that there is no other data unit after it.” reports Gizmodo.

“This center—with every listening post, spy satellite and NSA datacenter connected to it, will make the NSA the most powerful spy agency in the world.”

— David Petraeus - Director of the CIA

Have Smart TVs been embedded with micro-processors designed to broadcast subliminal mind control into you subconscious?

Have Smart TVs been embedded with micro-processors designed to broadcast subliminal mind control into you subconscious?

Are Your Thoughts Really Your Own?

What this means is that many of your thoughts are not your own and any time you are around electronic devices that have this technology embedded into it, you are subject to subtle mind control.

From the standpoint of buying or living in a money based society, you can be impulsed into buying things you have no intention of wanting or needing. Think about how many times you have gone into a WalMart to buy one specific low cost item and come out having just spent a hundred dollars on useless junk you don't need.

From a standpoint of eating or doing things that you know are unhealthy, such as smoking cigarettes or binge eating or even doing drugs, legal or illegal, this kind of subtle mind control could explain why so many humans seem helpless to prevent these types of thoughts, desires and impulses from controlling them.

Television is the Unequivocal Truth

Television began as just an extension of the movie, a way in which to tell a story and reach a large majority of the population. Commercials were introduced as a way for companies to advertise their products. In the beginning commercials were not regulated like they are today and everything and anything could be advertised. I remember seeing cigarette and alcohol commercials when I was a kid.

Because commercials were unregulated subliminal advertising was used to introduce ideas, products and stimulus directly into the subconscious minds of the public. This was the beginning of Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control and because it worked so well the idea was expanded on, even though on the surface it was made illegal.

Generation after generation has grown up with Television as a normal everyday part of their lives. I know men and have lived with women that cannot sleep unless the TV is turned on and murmuring in the background. I know people that get every bit of their information, news and knowledge from this device and have never read a book outside of school in their entire lives. These people accept everything that comes from their Television as the unequivocal truth, even 'believing' Reality TV is not scripted.

I have been told by some very intelligent people that the reason they enjoy movies and television programs so much, is that it allows them to turn off their minds and not have to think. When you meet people like this it becomes easy too understand how the public can be conditioned by the Mainstream Media (MSM), to accept a version of the truth that might not agree with reality.

Because their Televisions have told them that subliminal advertising is no longer used and is actually against the law, they simply accept that this premise is true. Because they accept the premise that everything on TV is the unequivocal truth, they fail to recognize when information is being censored, stories are being twisted and disinformation is being broadcasted.

A prime example of this is how the vast majority of American adults (75%) have never even heard of Building 7, a 42 story building that collapsed on its imprint, on September 11, 2001, because it has never been shown on the Mainstream Media. Here we have one of the greatest mysteries of 9/11 that a vast majority of Americans have never even heard of, let alone contemplated.

But what is of even more concern is how Television programs actually indoctrinate people into how too think. This is done by telling the same story, using the same plot or story line over and over again, regardless of the subjects, whether it is a dramas, action stories, documentary's, crime shows, court dramas, fantasy shows, science fiction or soap operas. Ultimately the conclusion is proved through action, evidence or proof, every programs ends the same way.

If you accept as true, only information that can be proven then it prevents you from practicing and learning to trust your heart or intuition.

The hero, regardless of whether they are male or female, discovers a mystery and tries to unravel it. Along the way they are provided help from other characters some good, some bad. As they near the truth they face obstacles that almost leads to their death but they are able to overcome them and escape. Eventually they recognize the truth, through a series of clues, evidence and proof (irrefutable facts). They win the day, the bad guy loses and they live to fight another day.

The viewing audience discovers and learns that if you follow the clues, facts and evidence provided that you too can 'know' the truth. What isn't recognized is the source and agenda behind the clues, evidence and proof being provided. What is recognized is that too accept anything as true you must have proof, evidence and facts. This story ingrains in the viewing public the need for irrefutable facts, evidence and proof and is supported and reinforced through our own court system, education system and economy.

By creating a paradigm in which you only accept information that can be proven either scientifically or through visual evidence, you have eliminated the element of intuitive thinking or spiritual deduction. Then by ridiculing any paranormal, spiritual or visual evidence that doesn't agree with the mind set foisted on the public through electronic Mainstream Media you have effectively eliminated an aspect of human intelligence that can decipher the truth without the need of evidence or proof.

Spiritual Mind Control

The New Age phenomenon of channeling could certainly be considered one aspect of Spiritual Mind Control, as could all major religions.

The New Age phenomenon of channeling could certainly be considered one aspect of Spiritual Mind Control, as could all major religions.


Let's take the movie Avatar , which seems on the face of it, a fairly entertaining, simply story of boy meets girl, unconditional love and commitment . . . but is it?

The premise of the movie is that new technology allows humans to inhabit and control an alien body, enabling first contact, interaction between species and better communication. Our hero crippled in his own reality is given a second chance on life in a reality that allows him to enjoy free movement, a completely new body and a fresh outlook, he is overjoyed.

My point is, how is this any different then what a soul experiences when it inhabits a human body?

A soul exists in an entirely different dimension with no physical reality, upon entering a human vessel it then becomes the controlling force or energy of that Avatar.

Movies often introduce us to concepts, ideas and technology that The Cabal want the public to subconsciously accept as true or possible. The public absorbs these concepts into their paradigm without even consciously realizing it. Then later when scientist or companies introduce us to new products or ideas we already have these concepts embedded into our thinking.

Spiritual Mind Control

Below is a list of tools or manipulation techniques designed by The Cabal to prevent humanity from using its God given gifts of insight, intuitive thinking and listening to your heart. This is the "why" behind the entire Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control matrix.

The Cabal knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if humanity learns to trust their hearts, use intuitive thinking and recognize the truth without the need for proof, that their days of absolute control are over.

The crimes they have committed against an unsuspecting public are so heinous as to be incomprehensible to the average human and will literally drive many people insane when they are finally exposed. It will require a large degree of patience and tolerance from those already awake to prevent many people from losing control. So strong is this deeply rooted belief system that many people simple do not recognize that it is all part of a Mind Control system.

  1. Fear is the number one tool of control by The Cabal. They use the fear or need of protecting your family from future 'events' real or unreal. From the fear of terrorism to global destruction and weather to losing your job and feeding your family are all too real for many people.
  2. Keeping humanity in a constant state of negativity, expecting the worst and privately preparing yourself and thinking negative events will always happen to you. This is part of the co-creative process of actually creating the future through the publics own thoughts.
  3. Teaching the public not to trust the herd mentality and that we all need to express our individuality, this teaches us not to work as a team and learn to ask for help.
  4. Suffering is a part of life and their will always be evil people. That only reality that can be proven scientifically is true and everything else is nonsense and fantasy. That we have to make the best of our current situation because no one person can change it.
  5. That only by being a responsible citizen that goes to work everyday, works long hours and does what they are told can you get anywhere in life. This kind of thinking ensures the debt slavery mentality and prevents you from pursuing and spending time doing the things you love or spending quality time with those you love.
  6. Creating the thinking that being an individual or that you have the right to act, behave and do whatever pleases you or benefits just you is freedom, is designed to reinforce selfish, arrogant behavior, not to think of others first and discourage cooperation and unity. It promotes a society of isolation and false independence.
  7. Being spiritual is idealistic nonsense that only hippies and conspiracy nutards engage in and is not for responsible, God 'fearing,' hard working people. That I'm far too busy in my important life trying to get ahead, to explore esoteric topics or information that might change my outlook because I know what is right. Besides I don't know anyone that I could talk to it about anyway, so why bother.

These are all concepts designed to prevent humanity from exploring new ideas and concepts, while keeping them entrenched in mind control techniques that prevent recognition that they are false paradigms. It goes back to the divide and conquer technique of public manipulation which has worked against the public for thousands of years.


There are many ways in which to block mind control without resorting to a tin foil hat, the most affective is through meditation.

There are many ways in which to block mind control without resorting to a tin foil hat, the most affective is through meditation.

Freedom From Mind control

So what is the solution, if everything we do, see or hear is Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control, how do we break free from this paradigm of fear and manipulation?

The answer to that is embracing the truth in all things, practicing the principles of self inspection and recognizing that our view of reality has been created for us but not by us.

What do I mean by this? Below are a few simple tools or techniques we can use on a daily basis to break free from The Cabals Matrix of Fear.

  1. Eliminate the fear or need to always be right, even when you know you are. Simply cease arguing with your fellow man. It is only your EGO (Edging God Out) that requires that you need to openly express your opinion. I do this by laughing and agreeing, without sarcasm another's opinion. Everyone has a right to accept as true their own thoughts without judgment or ridicule. Remember we all grow and learn at different levels.
  2. Try to remain calm in all situations, even when chaos and anger surrounds you. Try not to raise your voice or respond in anger, this will often diffuse the situation. I learned this from umpiring for ten years that any stressful situation can be reduced if you use calming soothing tones when speaking.
  3. Recognize that fear is caused by stress and anxiety, so take charge of your thinking and feelings by recognizing the truth of how situations or communication is making you feel.
  4. Learn to trust your intuition and heart by examining your inner guidance. Do not ignore what your intuition is telling you but recognize it, explore it and acknowledge it. This will lead you to begin to understand the messages you are receiving and help you to trust this God given gift.
  5. Constantly tell yourself the truth by examining your feelings at all times. How does this information make me feel? Do not shrug off any negative or hurtful feelings as being weak but accept them, explore them and acknowledge how they make you feel. This will make these experiences lose their power to control your thoughts and feelings. When you express yourself do not lash out or retaliate in kind but simple use terminology such as "this information, question or statement makes me feel . . . "
  6. Pray, I know this sounds incredible simple or naive but it actually really works. Learning to do this before speaking or reacting actually will calm you and others and the results are amazing when you begin to practice it without hesitation. It only takes a second or two but will provide you with the strength to endure many stressful and heated situations.
  7. Above all do not take everything so seriously or personal, learn to laugh and you will find that others really want to share in your laughter. Learn to recognize when you have made a mistake or error in judgement or thinking and laugh about it openly, others will join you and let me tell you laughing is contagious.

When you begin to practice these principles and ideas on a regular basis you will be amazed at how your problems and difficulties are diminished and you will see life in much more positive manner. Big problems become little problems, communication becomes much easier and positive energy seems to flow around you.

What you will also begin to notice is that good fortune begins to happen constantly and you might even think they are miracles but really it is you just co-creating your own reality.


Fake News To Incite the Public

Examples of Mind Control

For many seeing is believing and because of this often times visual evidence is the best way for The Cabal to convince the public of their version of events. Let's review some recent events portrayed in the News that visual evidence helped to convince people what happened when actually evidence clearly shows otherwise.

  • The events of 9/11 clearly showed the American people on TV that two commercial airliners flew into the Twin Towers, causing both to collapse in a pile of dust and twisted metal. Millions of Americans have accepted this version of events without question, despite enormous amounts of information and evidence to the contrary.
  • The aftermath of the Sandy Hook School Shootings were televised as the most horrific school shooting of the twenty-first Century, despite not one body being removed or shown to the public, no body of the shooter, no bullet holes at the entrance where the gunman shot his way into the building and no evidence ever shared with the public beyond what was shown on TV.
  • The Boston Marathon bombing was televised as well and even though it was publicly announced that there would be a terrorist bombing drill taking place during the event, many people still believed that the Boston Marathon Bombing was real event, not a drill. To reinforce this idea a mock trial of the perpetrators was staged for public consumption complete with full media coverage.

The difference in these 'events' is that 9/11 was real and many people died but did not happen the way our Media has portrayed it, while the other two were staged to look real without any casualties but portrayed by the Fake Stream Media as actual real time events.

What most people do not recognize or even begin to contemplate is that the perpetrators of these false flag events, The Cabal want and encourage the public to 'discover' that these events are hoaxes and not real.

Because the whole point now is about deception, confusion and distraction. They know that many people, perhaps even the majority no longer accept these events as real and because of this they no longer try to hide the deception.

However the biggest reason they don't care is that Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control is almost a complete forgone conclusion because the majority of the 7 billion people on this Earth have access to some sort of electronic devices.

Electronic Zombies


Deception Confusion and Distraction

In the 50s, 60s and 70s intelligence agencies learned the techniques that would allow them to control public perception through such programs as MK-ULTRA, Artichoke and Bluebird, through universities such as Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Johns Hopkins and Stanford. They implemented these programs on an unsuspecting public by experimenting on soldiers, mental health patients and the homeless.

In an article entitled US government ran chemical experiments on military veterans under operations MKUltra, Bluebird and Artichoke it describes a lawsuit filed by the Vietnam Veterans of America against the U.S. Army and Central Intelligence Agency for using veterans as guinea pigs in mind control experiments, without consent.

In the 80s, 90s and turn of the Century, they developed the electronic technology and pharmaceutical equivalents to these experiments so that they could actually make a profit from selling these Mind Control drugs and electronic devices to an unsuspecting public.

Now that mandatory vaccines are becoming State Laws and Big Pharmaceutical companies push mind control drugs through the Wealth Care System combined with all new electronic devices using micro-processors that transmit ELFs, the public is being bombarded on all fronts.

Now the entire point is about deception, confusion and distraction. To do this they must turn the public on themselves and this will be done by Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control and actually creating and supporting a truth seeker movements such as Occupy Wall Street, creating racial tension with various Police shootings scenarios and staged rioting. Websites such as Infowars and beforeItsnews deliver unmitigated fear porn as a means of spreading disinformation, distraction and confusion to an already compromised public.

They know that a majority of humans will merely accept whatever is shown to them on TV as real, without question. They also know that a growing number of the population will question everything on TV and any event. What both groups fail to recognize is that The Cabal simple does not care because the ultimate point of these exercises is to divide public opinion.

From a tactical and strategic standpoint, when confronted with a superior force the best way to defeat this force is divide, distract and confuse it.

They want the hoaxes to be revealed and that is why they devise them as transparent. What this does is make the public begin to question their own reality, their own paradigm. What it does is install fear, confusion and distrust.

By not revealing themselves or their agenda it creates a scenario in which the public doesn't know whom to blame, whom to point the finger at and they ultimately turn on each other to vent their frustration. This is known as Divide and Conquer and they use the Corporate Owned Media to dispense this farce, with the media's full cooperation.

The one thing that will ultimately defeat The Cabal is their own arrogance because they have not recognized the fact that a growing number of the world's population simply no longer pays attention to the Fake Stream Media, the obvious propaganda and false flag events.

Multi Ethnic Destruction In America

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

— – Malcom X

Multi Ethnic Destruction In America (MEDIA)


In the Digital Age of technology Electronic Mind Control is real, their can be no doubt but how subtle or blatant are the programs is only now being revealed. It seems fairly obvious to this writer that the human race has been hi-jacked by a nefarious group intent on complete control of our minds and bodies through the Media, drugs, food and social and economic enslavement.

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing the human race in the coming decades will be maintaining our sanity and yet in a world teetering on the brink of madness, corruption and pure unmitigated evil from a power intent on controlling our very thoughts this task seems daunting to say the least.

The sheer number of events, techniques and programs designed to control our human thoughts is truly staggering in scope and magnitude. From our earliest education right up until adulthood we are literally bombarded with Electronic Mind Control devices, indoctrinated with mind altering substances and imbalanced with unnatural foods and beverages.

Everywhere we turn we are prodded, manipulated and controlled to act, speak and behave a certain way. Freedom of expression may not even exist anymore we have become so programed and conditioned.

Until I researched this topic in earnest, I had no idea how thoroughly our societal paradigm had been manipulated. This program of disinformation, distraction and confusion has been literally going on for hundreds of years but now with the advent of electronic media it is truly taking a turn for the worst. Hypnotizing The Masses Through Electronic Mind Control is literally creating a hive consciousness and if left unchecked I fear humanity will no longer even think for themselves in the very near future.

© 2015 somethgblue


Pamela Jason on November 24, 2017:

TY Blue incredible post no stone left unturned as usul and you know these are the usual suspects and the game paalne is always the same for t Solar Wardens and TPTB who need the Slave go from Socialist educations right to work for the Old Empire which is disguised as the DEEP STATE covert governments all over this [planet on the surface worlds and below our feet in Agartha and on the nearby Outposts and Colonies on the Moon Mars Venus Saturn inside of the Sun and in the Solar System more towards the Center of the connected Universes or the navel of the Omniverse as I like to view this madness and control

NadineMay on January 19, 2017:

To read this article again after listening to the video from Jeromy Johnson, we now will disconnect our WiFi router at night from around 12 midnight until eight in the morning. I'm glad that I read this post again and it made it very real for me that our Intuition, creativeness, and feelings of gratitude for having an awareness about what is truly going on and above all find LOVE in what we do; those four points will keep most of us relatively save - for now...

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on September 16, 2015:

I'm already there my friend - all fear has been eliminated. All I feel is love, I feel on top of the world. I've honestly never felt so good before in my entire life. I don't know if that's because I'm in touch with my higher conscious or what but I feel high on life and I've never felt like that before and get this - I've been single for three-and-half years, the longest I've been single for in twenty years and for the last few weeks I've suddenly been having to fight the women off and every single one of them has been stunning! I don't know what's going on!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 15, 2015:

Whatever happens we need to remember to meet the news and information without letting fear cloud our perception.

We need to see and experience it with a positive mind set, we need to view anything negative from a completely 180 degree angle.

We must recognize any perceived obstacle as a challenge to overcome and a goal to reach for.

We must shed our fear and find the courage in our hearts to express joy and love in the moment.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on September 15, 2015:

There is so much disinformation surrounding this time period - Wave X, incoming asteroids, CERN, etc. All I know is something big is coming. I am expecting chemtrail activity to be stepped up a notch at this time. I feel something happening already. Wave X? Perhaps.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 12, 2015:

Wave -X or the Stellar Activation Cycle, is supposed to begin on the 23rd however a awful lot of people both friend and foe are bugging out and have already started so I'm not sure.

Everyone knows you have two latissimus dorsi, so you simply switch hands however for those of us that require both hands to wrestle the anaconda you may want to enlist the help of Marlon Perkins and his sidekick Jim.

I really suspect it will set a stage for the complete unravelling of the Constitution and put the Presidential Selection on hold.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 12, 2015:

Yes, Sparkster, I read it and believe it to set up a coming announcement in D.C. to the affect of trying to institute a One World Government, thereby dismantling the U.S. Constitution, putting on indefinite hold the next Presidential Selection by using a threat from space pretext, perhaps Nibiru Planet X.

We should soon see but things and events are definitely unfolding . . . ?!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 12, 2015:

Yes, Linancy it is the same technique designed to divide and distract public opinion by getting folks to argue amongst themselves to keep them from searching for the truth.

Manipulating your workers to compete amongst themselves might seem, on the surface, to increase production in the long run it prevents them from working together as a team.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on September 12, 2015:

Have you seen this? Pope Francis is calling for a one world government supposedly in order to combat climate change:

Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on September 12, 2015:

I first learned about mind control about 30 years ago on a job. I watched for years while the boss constantly manipulated and pitted all of the employees against each other. After about 10 years of service, I remember sitting in meetings and I could actually feel the misinformation and the mind control being thrust upon me. Then after watching the world newscasts, I realized its the same thing.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 12, 2015:

No, I'm not but I am wondering about the timing?

Nadine May has inspired me to put more interesting and aesthetically pleasing images on my Hubs, after all I do represent the graphic art industry.

Usually after I have written and researched for two weeks the last thing I want to do after working 50 hours a week is come home and do even more artwork but hey . . . it can be fun so why not.

What do you think the Sept. 23-28 meetings between Putin, Xi, Obama and the Pope are all about at the White House?

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on September 08, 2015:

Narcissism and psychological manipulation is the one topic I have written about more than any other. Nobody deserves to be treated like that and I am not exaggerating when I say it very nearly killed me. That was certainly an eye opener to how people can be controlled and manipulated outside of their awareness. It wasn't just that which got me interested in the human mind though. It was also the way I was being treated by the UK government also. Then when Derren Brown came to UK television with his Mind Control series that's what really opened my eyes and thats when I began researching the power of the human subconscious (in 2005). I have studied the human mind extensively ever since. I no longer read newspapers or watch television - they just contaminate the mind.

As for writing a book, I thought the same things before writing my first one - where do I start? Is anyone going to buy it? etc. You have enough information to publish an entire series of books. Where would you start? At the beginning! It just needs to be consistent and progressive. I'd be happy to work on that with you if you so wish.

Flat Earth theory? I've heard it mentioned a few times really but it doesn't seem very compelling to me but who knows? Perhaps Earth doesn't even exist and we are just pre-programmed to believe it does? Personally I believe the entire universe as we perceive it is just a projection of the collective unconscious, which is what psychologist Jung believed about UFOs. In other words, we live in a subconscious multiverse (see the latest post on my blog for an explanation of this based on quantum physics).

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 07, 2015:

Like graphic design? That is what I do for a living, sit at a computer and do artwork all day long. That is what is cool about HPs I can do all my own graphics and illustrations.

Now there not as good as Nadine May but I've done some decent stuff for my articles and am getting better with them, it just that I research so much for my articles and do artwork all day at work so sometimes I just like to do quickies for my articles.

Yeah, I haven't owned a TV for almost ten years but I do remember that vegged out state you'd get in after watching for long periods of time.

Thanks again for reading.

Niecey Docherty from Firth, Nebraska on September 07, 2015:

Right. I believe you go into a kind of alpha state when watching TV as well, which makes you extra vulnerable to suggestion.

Nah, I haven't written anything more yet. I am trying to get a design business up and running which is taking up my time. But I have lots of ideas floating around in my head...whenever I can find the time.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 07, 2015:

Back in the late 90s I told a IT guru if the CIA, NSA, FBI or DIA could listen and record our cell phone conversations and read our email without anyone finding out they would do it in a heartbeat and since intelligence agencies have technology that is at least 30 years more advanced than the public you bet your ass they're doing it.

He said no way, they don't have the computing tech or servers to handle it, out comes Wikileaks, Snowden and McGregor and viola they have been doing it for years.

He actually called and apologized to me even though I hadn't heard form him in years when Snowden came out.

They have been doing Mind Control for years too, all you need is a repeating signal to hypnotize someone subconsciously and TV can do that . . . think about it if you can.

Thanks for reading, written anything new lately?

Niecey Docherty from Firth, Nebraska on September 07, 2015:

Yes, this is scary, but I do believe it to be true. And when you think about it, it's kind of naive to think they *wouldn't* want to control our minds...

I also agree with prayer as a weapon of defense against it :)

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 07, 2015:

Considering your many articles on narcissistic behavior and the relationship you were in when I first met you online, I knew this would interest you.

I think maybe I should have provided more links and examples of mind control programs, rather than just assuming everyone knows how prevalent it is in our society but felt at some point you just need to show how it can be done so easily without the need for constant proof.

I have a friend that works for a well known intelligence agency and his only piece of advice ever about his job was . . . "whatever you do in life, get rid of your TV, like remove it physically from your house."

I never forgot that, he was talking about electronic devices at the time (this was back in the 80s) and basically said that even if you took apart every electronic device you own, unless you know what to look for you would never recognize the components that shouldn't be there.

I just think that unless you go completely off the grid, you really have no chance of escaping mind control devices and even then ELFs are everywhere, so . . .

As far as writing a book where would I start and what subject could I write about, the entire puzzle is so far reaching that manipulation is almost endless, almost the entire history of our planet is a lie.

Have you explored the Flat Earth theory that is getting a lot of attention, it is literally mind blowing?

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on September 06, 2015:

I hadn't thought of that either, but rather I was thinking that you're on so much of a roll lately and producing so much great material that you could easily write a book or two. Perhaps something to think about considering you can include a lot more information in a book? Personally, I am feeling quite discouraged and disheartened recently with the way things are going which is why I haven't been doing much writing or publishing.

As you know, this article is right up my street and mind control, mind hacks, psychology, human behaviour, etc are my real areas of expertise. Mind control is something which I know very well how to carry out myself, although I would only ever use it for positive purposes. You've presented some great information here and it amazes me how you can mention mind control to a member of the general public and they are of the opinion that it doesn't exist, despite the fact that each and every one of us are being controlled, conditioned and programmed every second of every day. Of course, smartphones come with GPS switched on so they can also track you no matter where you are.

I have also being doing some more writing and research into mind control lately. Of course, we both know how technology can be used for psychotronic mind control but there's also the fact that mind control can be carried out using the power of coherent conscious thought and nothing more (parapsychology) and that is a very scary prospect which I have already personally mastered but I don't want to say too much about it. What I can tell you is that I am experiencing a lot of supernatural activity lately and desires that I attempted to manifest over ten years ago using the law of attraction are beginning to show up. I can literally feel the quantum change happening around me and get intuitive visions and messages when things are about to happen!

It's so surreal yet so true!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 06, 2015:

That is a really good idea, I hadn't thought of that. I much prefer reflective light to light shining through letters to read from.

You know I recently got side tracked on the Flat Earth theory and let me tell you it is intriguing to say the least, but I have about 15 unfinished Hubs I'd like to get done before the end of the year and so I've been tackling those.

But three subjects seem to keep popping up, Wave-X (Stellar Activation Cycle), The September 23rd meeting between the Pope, Putin, Xi (from China) and Obama all in Washington D.C. and Full Disclosure, so I can't ignore the synchronicity . . . but Flat Earth is very interesting.

Thanks for reading.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on September 06, 2015:

Wow again a great post and a reminder that what we see, hear, or think we do is all an illusion. I still must re read your other posts. I have them all lined up and will print them out so I can read them from a paper rather than from a screen.

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