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How to Kill Flies

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Learn how to get rid of the pesky flies around your house.

Learn how to get rid of the pesky flies around your house.

It’s very irritating to have flies around your home. Flies are usually concentrated in certain areas such as manure piles, dustbins, and waste boxes. Killing flies is very essential for the cleanliness of your home, so do not overlook this important issue, or else the problem can get worse. Luckily, there are several easy steps you can take to kill them.

Use Bug Spray

The easiest and most simple method of killing flies is using bug spray. This will ultimately kill all the flies in your home; however, you can just spray the outside of your house so that they can’t get inside. The latter is preferable because lots of bug spray in your house can be harmful to you and your entire family. If you really need to spray indoors, make sure that the kids are not in the area where you want to spray.

Bug spray is very effective at killing flies.

Bug spray is very effective at killing flies.

Hang Some Fly Paper

Another simple technique to kill those irritating flies is to hang fly paper. These ribbons can be hung anywhere, but it is better to place them near the entryways of your home, such as the porch or garage. Try to hang them in a covered area.

You can also get Venus flytraps and place them in areas where there are lots of flies. This trap is perfect for catching flies because the fly is trapped inside the plant's mouth once the fly lands on it.

Put Up a Light Trap

Lights traps emit ultraviolet light that attracts flies. The best part about light traps is that they are easy to maintain. These traps work best at night, and they are especially good at catching flies indoors.

You need to be wary of where you place this trap. They work best in small areas compared to in large, open spaces such as lawns or porches. Just like fly paper, light traps also have a sticky bottom that catches the flies and does not allow them to fly again. It is advisable to put light traps near dustbins, kitchens, rooms, offices or anywhere indoors where you find a lot of flies.

Light traps emit a UV light that attracts flies.

Light traps emit a UV light that attracts flies.

Make Your Own Fly Trap

  1. Take a used jam bottle that still has a little jam in it and add some water.
  2. Cover the jar and stab few holes in the lid with a sharp knife.
  3. Set the trap in an area where lots of flies land.
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The leftover jam will lure the flies into the jar. However, flies will get caught in the water, as they cannot fly once they are wet.

Take Preventative Measures

It is more important to prevent flies from entering your home or office than to kill them. There are a lot of techniques to do this.

First of all, never leave food out uncovered. It is common to leave food out after we eat, but doing this is actually an invitation to flies to come over and have their dinner. This is a very untidy habit, and you should just clean your mess right away. After eating, check to make sure there are no crumbs or food scraps on the floor. If you find something, clean it up—otherwise, you will find a whole group of flies landing on it.

Removing your garbage is also critical to reducing the number of flies in your house. Take out the trash daily and don’t leave it in the kitchen overnight. This not only attracts flies, but it's also harmful to your health.

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